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Beta Switch/Swap for Thriller/Action?


I've had good luck getting feedback partners on here before. I've just finished revising a draft after a developmental edit and I'm looking for someone who can read the whole book and offer their feedback. I'm happy to do the same in return. For this swap, I'm thinking less focus on the line-by-line and more focus on the story overall (unless you spot any glaring errors). More information below: 

The novel is 70,000 words (I may need to add some length) and is an action/adventure thriller set in Cambodia. 


Phnom Penh, Cambodia: When Boran Tompkins, trained by his CIA agent father, witnesses the kidnapping of his best friend Thomas, a struggling archaeologist, he tracks the kidnappers to the jungle pyramid of Koh Ker where he uncovers their true intentions—they have discovered an artifact that’s worth tens of millions. Enlisting the help of Thomas’s beautiful sister, Emma, Boran sets out to rescue Thomas, using his father’s training and his wits to outsmart the thieves. But every move pushes the trio deeper into the smuggler’s schemes. Boran, Emma and Thomas must face their own demons as they race across Cambodia and Thailand, risking their lives to stop the smugglers from stealing the most important Khmer artifact discovered in decades, and to protect the country they love.

A previous draft of the manuscript was a finalist in an adventure writing competition, but after a developmental edit I decided to make some story-level changes to hopefully fix some issues. 



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    • Hi Caleb, sounds interesting. Willing to give an overall impression, and pick any glaring errors. Like to swap. Just give you a rough idea of my novel. Historical fiction 84000 words. Set in Kansas/ Iowa during 1941/2. (No war yet). Seven years ago a German woman kidnapped Reinhard Heydrich's baby and fled to the states. Heydrich the mastermind of Hitler's assassination murdered her lover and she has waited patiently for revenge. With war looming she writes to Heydrich wife telling her she will kill the kid soon. The F.B.I. become involved can they stop her and Heydrich before events spiral out of control. Contact preferred through the messenger portal.

      Thanks Richard.   

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