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Hope this will motivate and inspire!

Hi All

Have been absent on the forum for a bit as went travelling round Texas for a while!

Just wanted to share some success with you all - in case anyone out there is thinking is this SP malarkey all worth it!

For the past five days I did a KDP 5 day free promotion on the first book in my series The Mystery Shopper & The Hot Tub - it finishes today. See results below!

Also, prior to this, I had managed to get into the top 50 Amazon paid best sellers on both my books in two categories and top 100 in both books in a third category - all at the same time!

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    • Sorry but not all the pictures got included in my post above, so I'll try and put them here!

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      • Well done Helen. I’ll try some of those when the second in the series comes out.

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      • Congrats Helen! Great result and very inspiring 🙂 

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        • That's great, Helen! Way to go!!

          Also, where did you travel in Texas? I'm in Austin. This is such a great time to be in central TX (well, aside from the oak pollen drops). I hope you enjoy the wildflowers!

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          • Hey Sarah

            Thank you!

            We travelled all over Texas: a week in Austin, a week in Hill Country, Dallas, Fort Worth, Big Bend National Park for 3 days, San Antonio and small town America East of Austin - Round Top, Smithville, La Grange etc.

            We absolutely loved it. I didn't want to come home and would love to buy a place out there. The weather in Jan and Feb was to die for given we come from UK 😂 !!!

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