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Antagonist verse Protagonist

Have you ever written or planned anything where the antagonist says basically nothing and is still in charge, based on the idea that he only wanted to kill the protagonist? Anyone who has read high fantasy, would know of this common cultural goal for the enemy to defeat the hero, without the hero having anything to his name other than the power to defeat. I was thinking of symbology for a while, after deciding how close Japanese anime got to representing heroes as beyond good and into the realm of altruism. It got to the point of being religious, as I thought in my mind, about how the Spirit of the Forest basically was the threat of Princess Mononoke, and Ashitaka with the curse mark, from the enraged beast with the iron ball in his heart. I wondered about Sauron, and how the ring seemed innocuous, but represented the all seeing eye like some kind of carnal marriage. Then I wondered about the other side, how an antagonist got their power, and what it meant to destroy the hero. The decision between the blacksmith and the wizard may represent a lot to a lonesome boy, but what would Fantastic Mr Fox think of the three farmers, or the Fool think of Fitz, when faced down with the decision of what to wear? It seems the closer one gets to antagonism, the further away they are from violence. Have you got any examples of this quandary in your readership or story telling? 

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  • I have been overviewing my decision not to write Science Fiction, in juxtaposition to the antagonist safety theory. There is the possibility that we shall all die from the coronavirus, from sheer stupidity, or "not wanting to live," but we are blinded to all the other problems out there, the conspiracies, the issues. When someone is offended, by impasse, violence or otherwise, an idea sparks inside the head, of all sorts of silly ideas that constitute to rubbish writing, or porn holing. I have come to the conclusion, that science fiction may even be the realm of the antagonist, in some sort of plight against its own will to live, despite the conclusion of paranoia. In all my time, my science fiction writing has been sillier and sillier, and instead of letting the blood flow, I take caution to write something legible, and hope to make an impact, whilst considering society, and writing between the lines.

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