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Book pricing

Sarah, you asked about self pub book pricing. Here is my take.
I decided not to publish at 99p.There is a huge amount of dross out there and I did not want to be amongst it. May be wrong, but I want serious readers and not just folks who take it because it is virtually free. OK, the top authors can get away with £8.99, the standard paperback pricing in UK book shops.
I plumped for £2.99/$3.99 for Kindle and £7.99 for paperback. That way I get 70% royalty and a decent margin after print costs.
I'm selling in the scores, not the hundreds, but satisfied enough for my first attempt.
Also, don't let KDP set the price across markets other than your own. You need to do what is known as 'charm price' which means each should end in the appropriate .99 of the local currency.

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  • You make a good point, Iain. Best of luck with your sales! :-)

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