Self-publishing platforms... what do people use?

I am still on the fence about whether to throw myself into self-publishing over the more traditional route, but was wondering what any of you self-publishers use and recommend as a platform or software for creating e-books.

I have just come across Designrr:   The cost is currently $27 for a lifetime license.

What do any of you with far more knowledge and experience than me think of this?

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  • Amazon KDP, as Harry says. The difficult bits are writing a good book and then marketing it. "Invent a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door" is simply not true. You have to sell, sell, sell, however distasteful that may seem.

    • What about if you want to self-publish to print? 

      The writing group I am part of is publishing a collection of works and I seem to have been nominated as the one to suggest which publisher to go with but there are so many and prices vary hugely - and I have no idea which is a good fit fir us etc. We all agree that we want actual books as well as e-books but I am really struggling to know what to suggest! Help anyone?

      • Amazon will print on demand - but I am not sure how that works.

        • Amazon is very easy for eBooks. Also if you're using Microsoft Word you can install the Kindle Create add-in that makes creating really professional looking eBooks.  Info here:

          You'll also need a cover or you can use Amazon's cover design tool to help with that. I've used 99designs for this. Not cheap but worth it. Info here:

          If you want to do print on demand, Amazon also offers that, but it's a little more involved and you need a cover design that includes both front and back.

          Good Luck.


          • Hi Chris, and thank you for these suggestions and links - really really helpful! :-)

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