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How to check and change your notifications

Hi everyone,

One of the reasons we chose to build this community on this platform, is because it's very customisable and community members have lots of options for how they receive updates and notifications. 

I thought it might be useful to share a quick guide on how to check or change the notifications you receive by email or on the community. 

Firstly, click on your name in the top right corner to bring down this menu:


From there, choose 'Settings'

You should then see this screen:


You can choose whether to receive 'site updates'. If you select to receive 'Site updates' you will then receive email notifications. You can choose which ones on the next step! You may need to put your password in again to confirm this change. 

There is the option to receive community newsletters, which we don't currently send out. If this is something you'd like us to send, do let me know. 

So, next up click on 'Notifications', which should see this screen:


Here you can choose which notifications you'd like to receive, and as you can see, you get a lot of options! 

'On Site' are the notifications you receive here, and that are accessed by clicking the little bell icon in the top right:


'Email' are the notifications that you receive by email, and if you tick everything there, you will receive quite a few so you may wish to play around and see what works for you. 

NB. Push notifications are not currently used. 

I hope this helps and do let me know if you have any questions about this or any element of the community.

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    • Thanks 😃 

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      • I've just been looking at this. I seem to get notifications for everything, except when someone sends me a message. Am i missing something obvious?

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        • Did you get an answer to this, Milla? I have the same problem. I get sent a notification but when I try to read it I’m told access denied. I’ve tried changing the settings but it makes no difference, I’m getting close to giving up.

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          • Hi Georgina, I just looked into this for you and it seemed there were two profiles under your account for some reason. One was blank and the other completed so I have deactivated the duplicate and I hope the fixes the problem but please let me know if not!

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            • Interesting. Ok I’ll see f I can still login and what happens. Thanks, Georgina 

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            • Hi Holly. Don't know if there is a technical glitch or if it is just me with my neanderthal computer skills. There doesn't seem to be a save or apply button when you make changes to your preferences. I have tried to turn off the email notifications but it just defaults back to having them all on so I am getting eleventy billion emails every day.

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              • Hi Kate, there isn't a button to save the changes - they should just stay the way you've set them. Make sure you don't use backspace to return to the previous page but instead use the menu along the top. I know we've sorted this already by email but answering here in case anyone else has the same problem! If anyone does, please message me and I can check the settings for you. 

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              • Hi Holly. Thanks for this. Have just changed everything. I suddenly seem to be able to move around the site better. Has something changed?

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                  • You can do whatever the heck you like Roy as long as it’s friendly and legal. Pop into the lounge and choose a chair, they’re all very comfy and the company is great!

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                  • Thanks for this! Coincidentally, I just found this page for myself and changed all my settings. I'd been getting so many emails and thought I'd have to stop 'following' people, so I'm glad i don't have to; I can just filter so I don't receive all their likes and votes :)

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                    • Hi Holly, I've just changed my notifications but I'm still getting them for things I've deselected. I keep going into Settings to check that my preferences have been saved and they seem to have been, but the notifications keep coming. Any idea what I should do?



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                      • Hi Alex, I'm sorry to hear this! I can have a look for you but just to confirm, is it email notifications or notifications on the site itself that you wish to stop? 

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                        • Hi Holly, thanks for getting back to me. I *think* it may have resolved now, so maybe it was just a case of the changes taking time to filter through. I'll let you know if it's still a problem.

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                          • Oh fingers crossed! 

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                          • Thank you, Holly. This post is very useful.

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                            • I never could figure out how this worked. I understand toggle buttons, USUALLY, but in this case I can't tell what is "on" and what is "off." It isn't self-explanatory. When I click a toggle button, it looks like I am turning it off, but  I haven't been getting any notifications at all, and all the comments are from last year, so I think it is possible that this site has been abandoned but, again, I can't tell. 

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