Will an agent consider an already self-published novel?

If you have already self-published does this jeopardise the chances of an agent picking up the same book for traditional publishing?
If not, then is it a bit like the TV show 'Dragons Den' ('Shark Tank' in the USA) where they are only interested if you can show a reasonable level of existing sales interest?
Iain C.

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  • From what I have read, the book needs to have sold well. That is, over 10k copies for them to consider it. The number varies but its high.

    • HI - in my limited experience with agents - yes they will if it is something they thinks still has some mileage in it - if they think they can pitch it then the fact it's done OK on a self-published basis might help - the problem might be with some of the big 5 publishing houses who seem to 'frown' upon self-published books being presented to them.

      • I’m just back from the Winchester Writers Festival where a publisher told us he publishes the print version of a book whose esales are doing well on Amazon.

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