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Summer Festival - Little known writers

I'm interested in obscure little known writers. When I watched the thoroughly enjoyable film "Budapest Hotel", I discovered that the film had been inspired by the writings Austrian author Stefan Zweig. I bought all of his (quite short) books to read during my holiday at the sea. Very enjoyable. Does anyone else have a similar experience of a chance discovery of a lesser-known author?. 

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  • I once came upon a well-thumbed copy of The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Armin in a charity shop. Well-thumbed books are, for me, a sure sign of a good read.

    The book is a little gem of a story, written in an engaging & gossipy voice, with a perceptive eye. It was adapted to film, shot in the very same Italian castle that inspired the setting. Von Armin, an australian once married to a german husband, and cousin of writer Katherine Mansfield, wrote another novel Vera, that may have been the inspiration for the better known Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. She was a socialite with a colourfull life, and the lover of H G Wells. She led a very interesting and eventful life, some of which she incorporated into her novels.

    She was contemporary with the Bloomsbury Set and had close contact with some of them.

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    • Recently I read Afternoon Raag by Amit Chaudhuri after it was recommended on Radio 4's 'A Good Read.' I loved it and will be reading more Chaudhuri. Fortunately his novels are still in print. 

      There are too many lucky discoveries to mention 🙂 Dorothy B Hughes' LA noir In a Lonely Place is worth trying if you like that genre. Not funny like Chandler but still very well written and better plotted! Though it's not really obscure, being a Penguin Modern Classic.

      I think Phil Whitaker is underrated (sorry PW if you have a big fan base I don't know about). So, seemingly, is Georgina Harding even though she's won prizes (so has Whitaker for that matter). I think Janet Davey is wonderful although reviews suggest she could be Marmite.

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      • Libby, thanks for the information! I tend to read as broadly as possible. Enjoy the webinar!

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