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Presentation Skills - Do you need help?

In my past life I ran training courses in Presentation Skills. If anyone wants any help in this area I'm happy to help. You may be presenting to a school, group or agent and finding it difficult to put together a presentation or feeling nervous. I'm guessing some people haven't done much in the way of public speaking but are great authors! I'm not a technical wiz but good at structuring presentations and helping with delivery. If you have something coming up and want help just let me know and we can work on it.  

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  • Hi Debbie, I thought I’d say hello. I don’t need help - I’m a trainer too, but it’s my current life, and it’s really getting in the way of writing at the moment!

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    • Hi Mills where do you work? Are you freelance? I have always dabbled with writing in the past but now retired I can take it more seriously. Don’t think I could have done the training and writing! Only another trainer knows how tiring it is!!

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