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Does anyone else just come onto Townhouse, go through a bunch of forums, and think alright that's my weekly visit done. 

Even though this is a community, I'm struggling to actually interact with people. I just see names and comments but I've been too scared to actually text anyone or say hi. 

So I'll say hi here.


*Conversation opener.

My favorite movie is Avengers and my favorite book is Deception Point by Dan Brown.

What are yours?

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  • Hey Sibo! Don’t feel scared! We’re all lovely! 😀

    In answer to your question ... it varies according to my mood but if I was forced to plump for single answers, my favourite movie would be Blade Runner. Much more difficult to pick one book but it would probably be one of the ‘Culture’ Novels by Iain M Banks - maybe Player of Games or Use of Weapons.

    Really, my favourite book tends to be the one I’m currently reading! 

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    • Hey thanks Jon! Yes I have watched the Blade Runner sequel— and I was surprised too! The first movie gave me high hopes for 2019 haha. Alita Battle Angel was good too — although I didn't know the history of it. Oh and if you love Marvel then we can be definitely be friends! I love the DC comics, the movies— ugh not so much, I'll admit. 

      I think fantasy is cool too, I read a lot of it. I also love reading crime thrillers.

      What fantasy story are you working on now?

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      • I'm counting the days to the Black Widow movie finally coming out! 😁 

        I'm working on a novel that has been trying to get itself written for many years! 😀 It's about the desirability (or not) of 'perfection', and the seeming paradox that sometimes true strength and beauty is to be found in the imperfect and the broken. It takes place in a great city-state on the cusp between magic and science, and its protagonist has to learn over the course of the story that what she sees as her flaws and imperfections, and her adaptations to them, have actually contributed to the strong, resilient and ‘worthy’ person that she is and always has been, and that removing them - i.e. achieving ‘perfection’ - risks her becoming a different, and perhaps less self-actualised person. She comes to understand that imperfection has value and that perfection is a chimera. It is this that enables her to make the final choice she makes at the climax of the book.

        The 'elevator pitch' for the novel is: 

        When an ancient device is uncovered with the power to recreate the world anew without flaws or imperfections, a limbless thief must decide whether to sacrifice who she is now for the chance to reclaim who she once was.

        I put the draft first chapter up on the 'peer to peer critiques' forum a while ago, and you can read it there, if you're at all interested. 🙂 

        The Perfection Engine - draft first chapter

        If you do get a chance to take a look, I'd love to know what you think! 

        How are you getting on with your own story about Spark and her new friends / team-mates? I know you had a lot of feedback when you posted your chapter a while ago, which I hope wasn't too scary! I thought it had so much potential, and the ideas and characters were great!

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        • Thank you! I can't wait for the Black Widow movie too🔥

          Your sounds amazing— I'll check it out right now, thanks. 

          Getting on okay with Spark — thanks for asking. I'm currently working on adding more showing than telling. I've started acting out some of the scenes to help me visualize them. It's hilarious because I suck at acting, but the effect is great! It really opens my eyes 😂

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        • Hi Sibo,

          'Don't get comfortable with your fears' - good advice from Curtis 'Fifty Cent' Jackson.

          Probably Pulp Fiction and Nineteen-Eighty-Four.

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          • Thanks for the advice Neal, who doesn't love a Fifty Cent quote?😂

            Pulp fiction — awesome movie.

            I haven't read Nineteen Eighty Four but it seems good. You know, before dystopian was over-hyped. 🤧

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            • Welcome, Sibo!

               I'm often classified as an introvert and heavily criticised by my daughter for having a few screws loose. The people on Townhouse are very kind, helpful, diplomatic and knowledgable. This is not like a newspaper blog where people readily insult other participants. I suppose that we are all in similar boats. I won't say identical. We are at different levels of development, with myself being at the lower end. 

              Don't be afraid to jump in!!

              Favourite film? Difficult: 1900 by Bernardo Bertolucci, Fellini's Amarcord, Wake up Ned. Budapest Hotel (often criticism by my daughter. Can't make up my mind!!) But probably the first.

              Books:  Agree with Jon, probably what I am reading at the moment (which is not fiction but Mariana Mazzucato - The Value of Everything) Most of Le Carré, Martin Amis Money (he went downhill from then in my opinion).

              Enjoy Jericho

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              • Hey, thanks Roger! I'm an introvert too, I get it! 😊

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              • Haha, odd you should say that, Sibo.I've been a member of JW since day one and still haven't got the hang of The Townhouse at all.

                Film - The Blues Brothers is certainly up there.
                Book - What The Butler Saw by Joe Orton. It's a script, fair enough, but you can pick it up and read it like a book, it's that well written.

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                • Hey Rae, I love the fact that you chose a script 😂 Your unique 😆🔥

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                  • The Blues Brothers certainly up there amongst my favourite films

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                  • Yeah, I'm in the same boat.  I've never been much for the forums but have yet to really get my feet wet here enough to feel comfortable moving from forum entries to actually chatting.  I came to learn and grow as a writer and I feel I can only do that through interactive chat rather than a forum style.  It's hard to write something, then wait anywhere from an hour to a day for the response.  The conversation kind of loses any urgency you might need it to have.  Is there an active chat community here or is it just forum-style back and forth.  That's the question I ask myself.  If I find an answer, I'll be sure to let you know!

                    However, in keeping with the thread:

                    Favorite Movie: Fight Club (for cinematic and personal reasons).

                    Favorite Book: It by Stephen King.  It's the first book I read that wasn't an assignment for school and the first book where I ever related passionately with a character (Ben Hanscom).

                    Now, as Samuel L. Jackson says in Pulp Fiction (mentioned earlier): Allow me to retort.

                    Favorite band and/or musical style?  Also, what brought you here?

                    For me:

                    Band: Manowar

                    What brought me here:  Frustration over an inability to find a communicative community and my inability to write a proper query.  I hope to connect with people here and find both the skill and confidence to get my novel a good query and get it out there.

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                    • Hello Stephen. It can be tricky, and at times frustrating, but you can set notifications for when people respond to your comments. (They don't always work mind).

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                      • Already have those set.  I have the additional problem that I live 8 hours behind many of you.  Yes, I'm a sad old yank from across the pond.  Worse, I live on the far side near Seattle!  I get up in the morning, you're sitting down to afternoon tea!  Still, it's nice to be here.

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                        • Hey Stephen. I enjoyed both Fight Club and It. I read the book and watched both movies! Splendid. Favorite band or musical style, hmmmm that's hard. Pop music I guess, haha. My favorite music artist is Taylor Swift (yes, yes, more mainstream, I know). 

                          What brought me here? I finished the first draft of my novel, and now editing. I learnt a lot from Jericho Writers’ blog posts and newsletters and I became a member once I got the opportunity. What about you? What are you working on?

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                        • Hi Sibo!

                          I haven't really dipped my toes into the Townhouse waters yet either, but this is a good way to start! I also love the Marvel films, by the way... Favourite film might have to be Gladiator though - although I highly recommend The Fall, starring Lee Pace.

                          Really hard to choose a favourite novel, so I'll just say that recently I've been really enjoying Daphne du Maurier's books. I have a wide taste so I also really enjoyed the first book of the Culture series by Iain M Banks - Consider Phlebas. Got to love a bit of space opera!

                          While we're on Sci-Fi (and as I know you like SF) Ready Player One was good fun too, and I like The Explorer by James Smythe. Connie Willis's books are good too - they aren't so much about space travel, instead being time travel focused - they're great. Blackout is about time-travelling historians who get stuck in WW2 (if I remember rightly).

                          And Stephen, favourite band: Muse! Although I'm a big fan of 'world music'.

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                          • Yes I do love sci-fi! Glad you love Marvel — one day I'll conduct a superhero debate here 😂😂😂

                            Gladiator, Marvel, The Explorer, and Ready Player one— I love it! And I love your taste! I first watched the Ready Player One movie, before I found out there was a book. But normally, I read the book before the movie. 

                            What are you currently working on?

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                          • Hello Sibo!

                            I am very new to Town House too. Still figuring out how it works.

                            But people here are amazing! It feel so good to hear from other fellow writers how they are doing and going through. And so far, nobody hurt me, physically or emotionally. :D Everybody is amazing and supportive!

                            As for Avengers. I feel "betrayed". They killed some of my favorite characters. And they better make it write in the next movies. Of course I saw all of their movies. Many times. I love them.

                            I could not pick a book or a movie that I like the best. But the last movie that surprised me was "Jupiter ascending" and the last book that surprised me was the Shadowhunters series by Cassandra Clare.

                            Nice to meet you. :)

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                            • I am working on a fantasy novel. I want it to be a series. I am still working on notes. No first draft yet. I will start it when I know everything about my book. I am a planner. 😁

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                              • Cool! I'll admit, I'm more of a pantser. Hope to read your work one day 😊 (in print, not in notes 😂) 

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                                • Thank you! I am sure am I going to finish my book. At the very least because I am a stubborn person. 😂 

                                  I would also love to read something of yours. So, please, let me know when I could. :)

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                                • Hello Sibo. I know the feeling. I'm very much an introvert, so can go ages on here without being noticed. 

                                  I try to force myself to interact. To help if I can and to learn from feedback.

                                  I don't particularly have favourites of anything. My kids tease me for it. But my taste are very varied. Best to appreciate all things in life 

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                                  • Hi Sibo. I don't really do social media but I am enjoying noseying at what people put on here and learning as I go along.

                                    I am very indecisive or fickle. Favourite film and book depend very much on the mood I am in at the time and the company I am in. I watched Pretty Woman far too many times with my housemates at uni. 

                                    I am currently at a stage where my reading matter is required to be gentle and relaxing to unwind after work, nothing that makes my brain ache too much. So I am devouring Alexander McCall Smith books. 

                                    If you are pining for more instant social interactions I know some of the people on here connect on instagram. (I am a dinosaur and to me instagram is just something my kids use). I'm sure you will make plenty of friends.

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                                    • Hey Katie, thanks! I think Dinosaurs are awesome! I mean, the Jurassic movies are a sign of that 😂❤

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                                      • Ha ha! Thanks. I'll point that out to my children. 

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                                      • Hi Sibo and welcome. A friendly bunch here, never fear.

                                        Films - Pan's Labyrinth, though it makes me cry. Back to the future for a popcorn movie, Sean of the Dead for laughs.

                                        Books - I loved David Mitchell's Bone Clocks, anything by Sarah Waters, Kate Atkinson, Neil Gaiman (can't choose one!). Though the book I've read most is Dickens A Christmas Carol.

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                                        • You're doing awesome!! Full request? Pitch for a magazine? Look at you go🔥🔥

                                          I hope you get an offer of representation. I love supernatural mystery, I'm a huge fan of the show Stranger Things. I'd love to read your work someday ❤

                                          I've finished the first draft of my YA sci-fi novel, and I'm currently editing it. It's a tiring process but it's improving day by day— and I'm grateful for that. Thanks for asking!

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                                          • Thank you! Whatever achievements I've had are out weighed by the rejections, but I'm sure most writers will tell you the same.

                                            Love stranger things! Looking forward to it's return, whenever that might be.

                                            Hope the editing is going well. It's tough, you're right, but it's also kind of fantastic, crafting an early draft into something much tighter and just... Better. 

                                            You're definitely in the right place - there's a lot of great feedback to be had on here.

                                            All the best with your re write

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                                            • Thank you very much! And I hope Stranger Things Season 4 comes soon!

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                                            • Ah, Sibo, I thought you were more regular than that. Maybe it's just that you stand out from the crowd.

                                              As to favourites… I don't do favourites. I mean, really, there is so much context to consider. The film with the best script? The best acting? The best overall? (How does one compare even those two aspects?) The best twist? The most rewatchable? (Those two are often opposites.) I could list a dozen films that are brilliant, all highly recommended, and all for completely different reasons. But picking one from amongst them, that I couldn't do.

                                              The same, largely, goes for books. Except that I subscribe to the principle that if you are going to do something, you do it right, which means that my "favourite" book must be the one I'm working on at the moment. (Guy Gavriel Kay's Sailing to Sarantium and Lord of Emperors are, admittedly, a very tight second.)

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                                              • Stand out from the crowd? I'll take that compliment and pocket it. 🙌

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                                              • Hi Sibo, think I've seen you at some of the webinars.

                                                Favourite book equal rating no 10 (to get round Rick's strictures)

                                                The Bridge of San Luis Rey, hotly equalled by The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Smiley's People, Blood Sport (Dick Francis - yes I know), Mort,  Eleanor Oliphant is Just Fine, Do No Harm (Marsh), The Man who mistook his wife for his hat, The Blind Assassin,  Gaudy NIght oh and the next ten are These Old Shades, Notes on a small Island ....... 

                                                Favourite Film To Kill a Mocking Bird (Sad about the follow up), About Time, Pan's Labyrinth, Amadeus, A Man for All Seasons, Philomena, Casablanca (I love it that Humphrey Bogart gets Claude Rains at the end instead of Ingrid Bergman), Donny Darko, True Grit ...

                                                Back to Rick!

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                                                • Hi again Sibo - I'm actually Jenny from Leeds in disguise!  Enjoying the Festival no end and even more getting to see the amazing level of artistry amongst my fellow writers.  Also how supportive they are.  Have several books on the go at the moment - 1)A YA speculative/soft scifi set in Chile in the future, pitch - Grotesque genetic experimentation and planned slaughter in the High Andes - only two teenagers can prevent it USP deals with the Incas as well as the future, 2)a late MG cross-over school/fantasy genre, pitch - Lonely Mark's imaginary friend helps with bullies, drug dealers and family trauma USP written from the imaginary friend's point of view 3) Thriller genre Young woman wakes to find mad-man in her bedroom.  What does he know about her husband? 4) YA thriller set in the HIghlands, Finding an injured man leads girl into peril  USP theatre background (I've actually self-published that one but am thinking of new edition).  Oh it's all good fun.  Enough of me and I've still to look at yours - although it sounds as if you have to address the start! All the best - look forward to next draft   

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                                                  • Wow, you're so talented! I'd never be able to juggle all those projects at once 😱🔥

                                                    I've still got a long way to go, but I'm enjoying the ride 😂 so yea 

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                                                    • This is amazing!

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                                                    • Stray thought - perhaps it is the case that the Forums are so dispersed - a new thread every second - that when they notify me about someone I'm following and I'm not logged in at the time by the time I've logged in I've forgotten where the post was o rhow to find it!

                                                      Good thread, by the way.  Affords us all loads of fun


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                                                      • There is a bell next to your name in the top right-hand corner. There will be a red disk that shows the number of new messages in the fora you are following. Click on the bell and the list will pop up.

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                                                        • The whole notification system is a little flakey… It's almost better to just check in occasionally - or when you get a notification e-mail - and check the on-site list as Roger suggest. Of course, it would be better if those notifications could link to the item they pertain to in the discussion thread, but this is IT, and we all know that asking IT systems to do things in a way that makes sense is futile.

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                                                          • Indeed Rick!

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                                                          • Indeed they do - thank you Roger

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                                                            • Funny, I'm not really scared to post writing issues, but favourites of anything gets quite personal ;-)

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                                                              • Lovely Idea Sibo

                                                                My fave file when with my mates is Total Recall (the original version) when in reality it's a toss up between Notting Hill and It's A Wonderful Life or anything with Kate Beckinsale in leather.

                                                                Favourite book from way back Dombey & Son by Dickens - up to date From the Corner of His Eye by Dean Koontz and The Dead Series by RR Haywood or anything by Rowan Coleman.

                                                                I write novels as a hobby and also write and produce music (EDM mostly) as a hobby.

                                                                I work full time (not anything to do with writing or music unfortunately) and have a wife and two daughters under 11. (My wife's not under 11, just in case anyone gets any ideas and is a study in how NOT to structure a sentence!)

                                                                She's a full-time nurse on 12 hour shifts so life is pretty full on. I'm still working during the lockdown, or trying to combine with home-schooling. Their math's ain't coming on very well but they're getting the hang of mixing tunes on Logic Pro!!

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                                                                • Hey Danny! Sounds like you have an awesome family.😊 And writing novels is a cool hobby! What are you currently working on

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                                                                  • Currently writing a Rom com (At editing phase which I hate) and an apocalyptic type thing with some tongue in cheek humour - kind of a piss-take on apocalypse novels but with enough horror and gore to keep it from being too irreverent. Still writing this which is more fun than editing!

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                                                                    • I'm stuck in the editing phase too, haha. I wish I was working on another writing project, but my mind hasn't come up with any dazzling yet, and I only like to put my best work down.

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                                                                    • Love Total Recall (the original version) too! :)

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                                                                      • Hello! I am on here periodically, but struggle to find the time to engage. But welcome! My favorite movie is possibly Star Wars: A New hope, or Trainspotting. My usual answer to my favorite book is Crime and Punishment, but I also love House of Leaves. 

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                                                                        • OMG I love Star Wars!!!

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