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Archie and the Witch's Nanny

Chapter Two. If anyone has time feedback please.

Chapter two

It had been two weeks since the BBQ, and Archie couldn’t wait to see Green Eye. He’d had a fantastic idea. It was his tenth birthday next week, and he thought it would be really nice to take Green Eye, Ruby and Nanny Porshina to MacDonald’s for tea. He would have to spend his actual birthday with his aunt, uncle and his brother Felix and possibly grandad. His birthday was on Friday, maybe he could go out with his friends on the Saturday.
 Archie made his way to the market stall where Green Eye and Ruby worked, selling potions and creams which Ruby had made to cure most illnesses. There were bottles with green slimy gloop in, creams the colour of chocolate. Hanging from the roof were dried spiders on string and trinkets made in the shape of the moon and stars.  ‘Psst, Psst, over here’ whispered Archie, beckoning Green Eye to one side. with an impatient tone Green Eye replied ‘What? I’m working, you know how angry Ruby can get if I get side tracked’ Archie knew only too well that Ruby had a temper, when they had first met she had threatened to turn him into a pig for accidently bumping into her. ‘Yes, I know, but this is important, can you meet me at the ‘Rat’ café?’ Green Eye pulled a face raising his eyes to the ceiling, but said ‘OK meet me in ten minutes, I’m due a break.

 Archie found a table with two seats and sat down ready to order. ‘Hi Archie, what can I get you?’ said a ginger cat dressed as a waiter. He had a long curly moustache, was wearing a white apron, and had a pad and pen in hand ready to write the order down. ‘Hi Carlos, can I have an apple juice, please?’ Archie fondly remembered the first time he had visited this café, it was when he had first become friends with Green Eye. That was the most exciting day of his life. Cats were talking to one another, Witches sat sipping drinks and sharing snacks.  At first, he had thought he was hearing and seeing things, talking cats he thought, could not be real. He was wrong. Witches cats, he found out, can talk, and Green Eye could talk and talk, sometimes he went on and on without stopping. It didn’t matter to Archie; Green Eye was his best friend.

As Archie savoured these thoughts Green Eye appeared and sat down. He ordered an enormous glass of milk with added sprinkles and chocolate on top. ‘Well, this better be good, and be quick Archie, I only have fifteen minutes for my break’. Archie felt a surge of excitement. He stumbled over his words, but finally got them out. ‘It’s my birthday next week, and I’d like you, Ruby and Nanny Porshina to come to Macdonald’s with me.  You can have whatever you like, a burger, chicken nuggets, oh and I think they do Fish burgers.  Green Eye didn’t answer straight away and Archie was starting to think he didn’t want to come. ‘That’s gonna be difficult’. ‘Why’ said Archie. ‘Well unlike here, cats aren’t allowed in human restaurants’. Archie’s face fell in disappointment. ‘You could try and sneak me in?’ said Green Eye. Archie’s face lifted again, and he looked intrigued ‘But how?’ he said. ‘Nanny Porshina has a gigantic carpet bag she carries with her, she could put me into the bag and feed me from the top. ‘Do you think it will work?’ said Archie. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained, we can only try’ said Green Eye. ‘I’ll tell Nanny Porshina and Ruby and we’ll meet you there on Saturday at mid-day, see you soon birthday boy.’

 Friday arrived, and Archie jumped around the room in excitement. Ten, ten! Double figures! He felt very grown up. Now he was old enough to go out on his own, old enough to choose his own clothes, old enough to do the things he couldn’t do when he was nine. Running down the stairs he bumped into Felix his brother who started to sing happy birthday the ‘you look like a monkey who comes from the zoo’ version! Sitting down for breakfast a stack of his favourite pancakes was placed in front of him and a large glass of fresh orange juice. Presents sat on the table wrapped in some Avenger heroes wrapping paper. Archie kept looking at them in anticipation, but his aunt had said he had to eat breakfast first before opening them. The pancakes were very filling, and Archie rubbed his tummy trying to push them down. ‘Ok go ahead’ said his aunt. Felix had bought him one a game for his computer, kit was one that had only just come out. Archie went to hug Felix, but Felix moved away, he didn’t do sentiment. His aunt and uncle had given him thirty pounds to buy something with. Great thought Archie, that will help to buy the MacDonald’s. Grandad had bought him a West ham United football shirt, that was the team grandad supported. Archie guessed he would also have to support them now although he really liked Manchester United.

Later, in the afternoon, his aunt presented him with a cake, made in the shape of a number ten. Felix, much to the disapproval of his aunt and uncle, said ‘Archie you can have a sip of my beer if you like?’ Archie couldn’t contain his excitement; this was the most grown-up thing he had ever done. He sipped the beer, swishing it around his mouth to get the full taste. Suddenly he ran to the kitchen sink, spat it out and said ‘That’s disgusting, how can adults like the stuff.’ Everyone laughed and for a moment he blushed, feeling rather silly. ‘I think I’ll stick to my Apple juice for now’ and joined in with their laughter.

There was a loud knock on the door, and Aunt Lucy went to answer it. Archie heard a voice say, ‘Does Davey live here?’ Archie ran to the door, ‘Ah there you are Davey.’ Archie stared intensely at the woman. She wore a blue skirt and Jacket, she looked like any other grandma. Only she wasn’t! It was Nanny Porshina! Green Eye was standing beside her and quickly corrected Nanny, ‘She means Archie’ he said. Aunt Lucy was about to close the door, when Archie said ‘Hello Miss Porshina, how nice of you to come and visit me today, aunt Lucy this is one of my teachers from school’. He gave a little cough to cover his lie and glared at Green Eye. Aunt Lucy smiled and said, ‘Oh hello, would you like to come in'?’ Nanny Porshina was about to say yes, when Green Eye nudged her, making her wobble a little. ‘No, we can’t stay, I just wanted to have a quick word with Da….. Archie and give him a birthday card’. ‘Thats very kind of you, there aren’t many teachers who would do that, I’ll leave you to chat’. Archie’s mind was racing. He’d never seen Nanny Poshina look so, well, normal. He noticed however that she had her blouse was on inside out. ‘Archie heard singing from around the corner, a kind of croaky gravelly voice, ‘Haaaaaappppppyyyyy, birrrrrthdddday to youuuu, haaaaaapy birrrthdddday to youuuu’. heading straight for him was a singing goat! Nanny Porshina beckoned him to come closer. ‘This is Billy, the singing goat’ I hired him for a birthday gram. The goat got louder and louder, and Archie wondered if any of the neighbours could hear. He finished with a loud grunt and then did a bow at the end. Archie clapped enthusiastically. Nanny Porshina then reached into her large carpet bag and said ‘I also have a little present for you, but you musn’t open it until you are on your own, its very special. I wanted to give it to you because you were so kind to me at my party when I got a little confused’. She bent down and kissed him. This time Archie didn’t wipe the spit from his cheek. He felt honoured to have her as a friend.
 Later he sat in his bedroom looking at the parcel, carefully wrapped in gold paper. It said from Nanny Porshina and Green Eye. His hands trembled. He really didn’t know what to expect.

Felix, his brother, burst through the door. ‘Come on Archie, your missing all the fun, we are bowling on the Wi, I’m winning’! Archie looked longingly at the gift but placed it on the bed. He would look at it tonight when all was quiet.

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  • Nice suspense on the present. I’m certainly wondering what’s in it.
    I’ll ask my grandchildren at the weekend about this, but they still be too young to get it. I’ll let you know.

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    • Many thanks Georgina. I’ll be interested in any comments.

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      • Hi I have messaged you with chapter three if you wouldn’t mind having a loo. I have also messaged my email for your friend.

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