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Bookbub Feature Deals and other ways to advertise

Hope this feedback is useful to some.

My book has been out for almost a year now, and enjoyed very modest sales.
Not surprisingly, when I do nothing to promote it....zero sales.

What did not work?
Amazon ads. Facebook ads. Yes, I got click throughs, but virtually no sales

What kind of worked?
As the aviation industry is integral to the plot I posted in lots of Linkedin Groups associated with airline people. That is free, and some of the groups are huge. A trickle of sales.

What worked?
Bookbub featured deal.
Pow!! Was lucky enough to snag one of these at my second attempt and the email went out yesterday.
In 24hrs I have sold hundreds. Yay! OK, only £0.99, but still SOLD, not given away free.
And a few moments basking in the glory of cracking the Kindle charts.

(No need to tell me about the missing apostrophe in the title. :( )


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  • Oh how fabulous, Iain, well done! I can only dream about how good that must feel :-)

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    • Yes, feels good. But fame is fleeting. Every hour the Amazon bots crawl over the data and start to kick you back down the greasy pole as others pile in.
      In fact Amazon rankings are cleverly based on 100% of todays sales, 50% of yesterday, 25% of the previous day etc etc. Then they total the number and then rank. So, at most, you have 1 calendar day of glory!

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      • Congratulations! What's a Bookbub Featured Deal? What button do I press to make it occur?!?

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        • You have to apply to be selected, and if you are among the luck 10% or so who do get accepted, then you pay them a fee that is dependent on two things - a)your selling price b) the territories you want to target.
          I chose to only do 'international', which effectively means UK, Canada, Australia and India. Also you must discount the book by at least 50%. That is not a big issue, as if you want to charge a decent amount then you can raise your price a bit prior to applying for the deal. But remember the basic law of economics - the higher the price the lower the volume.
          I chose to sell at £0.99/$0.99. Even although that means only 35% commission I wanted to go for volume. By selling hundreds of books in under 48 hrs, I more than broke even.
          As an author, you sign up for free and start learning about Bookbub here-

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        • I've only tried once on Book Bub and was not selected- it is expensive but I am told it is good. I must try again.  

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          • Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.

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            • Well done, Iain. I am placing a paid-for advert on BookBub myself this week. After a sluggish start on NetGalley and a rapid slide down the Amazon rankings, I've been so frustrated. Your post offers hope to self-published authors like me and, If I achieve half of your success, I'll be delighted. At the time of writing, your book is still high in the Amazon rankings so I took a quick 'look inside'. You've written a compelling prologue so I can see why your strategy has worked. Good luck with continuing sales.

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              • Thanks, Keith. I have just finished listening to a very useful chat on Bookbub. It is a bit old, but the key take-out for me, with which I agree, is that you should try pitching for 'International' as that is easier (and cheaper) to get in to.

                I have been encouraged by sales in Australia, and even more so, Canada.

                Best review so far, which sums my own honest opinion 'very good, but not outstanding' !

                Sales update: Now at day 5, and my total sales are 50% above that predicted by Bookbub.

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              • From what I gather, a paid ad on Bookbub can be marginal. It is the 'Feature Deal' that really pulls.
                Good luck, and let us all know how it goes.
                The more we understand about ROI (return on investment) for different options, the better we can promote our books.

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