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What is the most challenging thing you've tried writing?

Or, are planning to try to write? How do you handle it? Do you try to find similar things or just wing it? Or do you prefer to play it safe?

I'll be honest. I am 100% winging mine haha. For writing, one of my MC's (that for the longest time was going to be a side character because I couldn't figure out how to write his POV) is a serial killer. And when he kills someone, the 'life that flashes before their eyes' kind of gets absorbed in his brain? So he has bits and pieces of their life, thought process, etc just stuck in his head and sometimes, especially when he pretends to be one of his victims for an extended period of time, he'll start thinking of himself as that person and forget bits and pieces of himself.

And that, I struggled with that. I could write it when he was in his own head, or in someone else's head but 75% of the time he has all the voices talking to him and it's one of his driving motives (and I am 100% unwilling to get rid of it. That's been in his character since he was created. I'm going down with this ship.)  and that's what I struggled with. So, originally his story was 100% in someone else's POV for simplicity sake. And now half the story is also in his and, well. That's a train wreck of a lot of characters in one tiny body (I use so many parenthesis, it is ridiculous) and it may or may not work.

And then for planning, I got a character that's a seer that just... gets stuck in cycles of the same period for extended periods, 'wakes up' and get's stuck in another period. Another one where I was planning on using an alternate POV because that'll be a nightmare to write I think. (Haven't tried, but her part is a while away so... I got time)

(Poems could be another thing I struggle with. But I also just don't write poems.)

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    • For me, it's simple.  Short stories.  I can't write them.  For the life of me, I can't do it.  I sit down, ready to write and one of two things happen.  The story dies and quick and ugly death before the first sentence is done or it bloats so bad it resembles a Stephen King novel.  My first story was supposed to be a short story account of my time at Job Corps as a teenager.  It finished at just under 194,000 words.  So, yeah, the short story is my bane.  And I have no clue how to solve it.  But hey, writing is fun no matter what so I'm not in a hurry to figure it out!

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      • Something I find that helps with short stories is just doing very brief scenes. Those are the only ones I can complete anyways and they could definitely be fluffed up to full blown stories; but I can at least keep them to less than 10k

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      • I love the sound of your cross-wired MC with incremental multiple personality disorder. As it's the core of your story - it is the ultimate "who am I?" - the only way to cut it is to write a different story. So, yeah, that's one darling not to kill.

        Writing your cyclic seer will be more interesting, and more challenging, especially if it's  in-POV; as you would be writing the same chapter at least twice, each iteration would need to see deeper details of the same moments to make it work.

        For myself, the hardest I've done was attempt to write for an alternate audience: I wrote something that was intended to be YA, as an experiment. It turned out that getting an appropriate authorial voice that is so distinct from my natural one is extremely difficult. I would need a complete rewrite or three to make it successful.

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