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Anyone had a bash at ?

Someone on Twitter asked if I was doing . Turns out its a quarterly thing - if an agent likes your pitch, it is an invitation to submit to them. Has anyone tried this? if so, was it a good or bad experience?

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  • I've not done pitmad, mainly because I think it's American agents and I'm based in the UK. Not that you can't have a US agent but I don't think my writing will be picked up by an American agent - far too British.

    I would say your elevator pitch needs to be extraordinarily strong to stand out. But if your have that well honed and fancy a go, why not? It can only be useful experience.

    I've done other Twitter comps and had some really useful feedback on my submission package, so they can be good opportunities.

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    • Thanks Lynn. I thought it was a US thing, but the person that asked me was a UK writer, so I'm not sure if Uk agents are getting involved. I hate writing pitches so it would probably be good for me to get the practice in!

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