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How to use your Community

Just created an account and not sure where to start? 

This post is designed to give you a quick-fire tour of your Community. However, we find the best way to learn is to engage. Take a look around, respond to topics and maybe even create some of your own. 

Please note that as this is a free service and the Jericho Writers team is busy adding awesome content for members, so we aren't able to offer IT Support to this platform. 

Navigation overview 

You can add new content to the Community via the 'burger' icon in the top left corner (three icon with three horizonal lines). 

  • Forums (Public discussion boards - this is a forum! You can create your own forum topic, or leave comments on others).
  • Blog (Your space to tell your followers what you've been up to).
  • Groups (Create limited spaces for discussion - perhaps privately with friends you already know, or publicly, as a way to make new friends).
  • People (Who is in the Community. You can add friends and follow people). 
  • Events (Keep up to date with the latest events on Jericho Writers, or add your own). 
  • Messenger (Send private messages to friends with this Instant Messenger service). 

If you click on your name / picture in the top right, you'll have access to your account settings, your friends and your current conversations. 

  • Dash (An overview of everything 'you'). 
  • Profile (Create your own profile, and set it to private, just for friends, or public). 
  • Settings (Manage your account from here, including your notification settings).
  • Friends (See a list of the friends you have made in the Community). 
  • Conversations (Keep track of all the conversations you are having in one place). 
  • Notifications (See who has engaged with you across the Community). 

Almost everything you add to the Community has the option to keep things private, to friends, to a particular group or to the public. 

We may add more things in times to come, so keep checking back for updates. 

Your profile

This is a great place to start once you've verified your email address via the link in the email you should have in your inbox (check your spam if you can't find it!) 

Here, you can upload a profile picture, cover image and write a bit about yourself. You can get back to this at any time by clicking on your picture in the top right corner of the screen. Here, you'll also find settings that will enable you to set your notifications (handy if you feel you are getting too many emails!). 


Forums are the heart of the Community. Here, you'll find public discussions on all manner of things in the categories: 

  • Peer-to-peer critiques (Where you go if you want public feedback, or want to help others out).
  • All about writing (Topics related to the writing process)
  • Agents and Publishing (Topics relating to traditional publishing)
  • Self-Publishing (Topics relating to indie publishing)
  • Ask Jericho (For anything relating to Jericho Writers)
  • Coffee and Cake (For anything else!)
  • IT Helpdesk (Please note that we are a small team, so please help each other out as much as possible)

When you're creating a new discussion, you can add a topic title, choose a category, add text (plus images, tables and links etc), attach a document (useful if you are looking for feedback) and choose who gets to see it. 

You can comment on other people's posts, and even comment to comments! Why not give it a whirl below. 


This is your space to write about whatever you'd like to write about! Add images, links and tables to your posts, and your blog will be posted publicly. Your followers will also be notified. 


Writing in a particular genre and want to chat to like-minded writers? Want to meet with writers in your local area? 

Groups are spaces where you can define who gets access to the content you post. You can create a Closed Group or an Open Group. 

Closed Groups

When you create a Closed Group, you become the Group Administrator. In a Closed Group, users will have to be invited by you (the Group Administrator) in order to join. Likewise, if you see a Closed Group you think you'd like to join, you will have to ask permission to join. 

Administration of a Closed Group can be granted to other users within the group too (so, if your group takes off and is more than you can moderate, you can get help!). You can also relinquish your admin roles after giving them to someone else, if you wish to later. 

If you don't want the awesome power and responsibility of being a Group Administrator, then look for the option to turn the 'Join Confirmation' off. This is on by default, so be warned!

As with most content in the Community, you can still control the visibility of your posts within a group.

Open Groups

If you do turn the 'Join Confirmation' off, then you have created an Open Group, which means anyone is free to join. Here, anything you post will be open for everyone to see. Likewise, if you see an Open Group you want to join, you can do so immediately, without waiting for permission to be granted. Simple!


Here, you can see who the latest members of the Community are, including those who are online now. You can also use this to search for friends, add friends and start following your favourite people. 


Go here for the latest events happening near you, or add your own. Perfect for anyone who has a book launch they'd like to invite people to, or want to get involved in more live webinars with Jericho Writers. 

Add an image, invite your friends personally, add a category and description, then enter a location, start and end date and timezone. You'll also have the opportunity to set this as a reoccurring event; as a Private or Public event (through the Join Confirmation toggle); set reminders and choose the privacy. 


Connect with your friends using our Instant Messenger system. Once you become friends with someone, you can send them private messages, including adding files, video and emojis. 

As with everything on the Community, this is a safe space, so keep all messages nice, friendly and constructive, please. 

So there you go. Why now try exploring some of the existing forums and groups to get started, or head over to your profile to personalise it to you? Remember - this is YOUR Community, and you'll get out what you put in. 

Enjoy! x

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Replies (38)
    • This is absolutely awesome and a wonderful idea! Thank you so much to everyone at Jericho Writers for putting it together! I can't wait to get started. 

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      • Yes, this is awesome cool. What a great idea and forum.  This is going to be fun. Thank you!

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        • Having just spent an hour setting up a post to a group I have hit the 'post' button and lost the lot with a message 'users not logged in cannot post'. I am logged in. Appreciate the you can't provide IT support, but is there a forum to capture this, and other, issues with the way the platform works? 

          The platform is a great idea but any implementation can be improved by taking on user experience. Happy to provide this if there is a place to do so.

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          • After having enjoyed many of the things JW has to offer, I'm finally here. I've arrived at the TH last because I'm a bit intimidated by the IT. Anyway, I'm going to do some nosing around now … 

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            • Hello, 

              I started a short story monthly competition group, which I envisaged transferring ownership of to the winner of the competition, who would in turn pass it on to the next winner.

              Could you explain how I should go about this first instant of transferring ownership?

              Thanks for your help,

              Poggle  :-)

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              • Thank you Sarah. Great to have all this info on how to use the TH.

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                • Sarah, any idea why the Forums home page purporting to show posts with 'latest' activity, does not in fact work properly?  I like to start here to see what is bubbling, but the first pages does not seem to pick up on several recent posts spread across the sub-categories.

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                  • I'm having difficulty making this all work...I keep getting 'this is private content' 

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                    • The welcome post suggested I introduce myself in the "Coffee & Cake" forum, but I can't see how to post. This post stops at that point!
                      I have spotted an "Add" option above the list of posts in the forum but this seems to create a new forum rather than a new post. How do add a post to an existing forum? Any clues?

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                      • Welcome to the obscurely counterintuitive semantics of this community. Forums is a mash-up section where you can post pretty much anything. "Coffee & Cake" is simply a categorisation within that - not a defined entity per se. So, it's the Add option, then select "Coffee…" in the Category dropdown.

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                        • Thanks Rick. That, kinda, makes sense.
                          Of course, notification of replies is also broken, and gives no clue what the reply is to. I had to hunt to find this thread again :(
                          I'm a professional software developer with time on my hands at the moment. Do you think JerichoWriters want any help with this?

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                          • The broken replies are a known issue with UNA, the underlying platform, which will be fixed in the next update. This one (and my pervious) should have a little back-arrow above my name, which would take you to the containing thread (top-level replies don't - that's a pain).

                            As for help, not with the underlying platform. For the custom enhancements, that would depend on your familiarity with UNA. If you know it, reach out to Holly Seddon .

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                          • Hi Frank Carver and Rick Yagodich! Yes, it's really frustrating and definitely one of the downsides to using a third party platform. Unfortunately we need to wait for the next full release of UNA which will hopefully, hopefully solve the issue. Thank you so much for your patience as I know it's a pain! 

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                            • It appears that the notifications error is fixed! Thank you for all your patience! 

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                              • First time here, but finding it all quite confusing at the moment. Expect I'll get the hang of the forum soon, though.

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                                • Also recently joined and trying to find the way around. But Holly, you give us a great welcome and, even though I live in New Zealand, it is wonderful to join a like-minded community the other side of the world. Keep safe over there!

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                                  • Just joined today. feeling a little nervous but hope to find a friend or two.

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                                    • I have just found my way into the Townhouse.  Looking forward to checking things out slowly, slowly.  Thanks for having so much on offer.  

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                                      • I am comforted to see that I don't understand a word of Rick's and Frank's replies to the question of navigation and response on Townhouse. Although technologically inept I can read English and neither helps with my navigation problems.  Rather than updating UNA, whoever they may be, why not junk them altogether and get a new one.  Sorry - !  

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                                        • Hi Sarah I have been looking for the group,of children’s writers so that I can post and get feedback but I can’t find it? Can you help me.

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                                          • Debbie, you're already a member: Children's Books & YA Authors.

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                                            • Thanks Rick, I couldn’t see how to get into it?

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                                              • My link. Or menu > Groups > (scroll down, further) (click on its tile/title)

                                                Unless something weird's happening with your browser, in which case…

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                                              • Hi,

                                                Having enrolled on the Summer Festival of Writing and already learnt so much (which is great) I thought I should now join Townhouse and continue/expand the whole enjoyable experience. Thanks for the helpful introduction above as I am new to all of this. I looking forward to exploring Jericho Townhouse and all it has to offer (although as a post above says slowly). 

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                                                • I've ended up with two profiles, my real name and writing name. Anyway I can merge these or cancel one of them?

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                                                  • I've enjoyed Jericho in many ways but am bowing out of Townhouse since the posts, including MS documents are visible if you google them. Not the way i wish to be published.

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                                                    • This is a bit worrying. Can jericho comment please?

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                                                      • Unless a forum is password protected posts always show on searches. I only know one writers forum that is password protected.

                                                        Personally I'm not sure what difference it makes people being able to see the posts on google or just signing for free and still seeing the same posts here. Also not sure why people would google to see post?

                                                        You can't copyright an idea so unless you post your whole book and someone copies and pastes it as it is there's nothing to steal. Posting an extract for comments/feedback is not the same as being published either.

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                                                      • We live in a digital world (even I do although I don’t understand it) so we have to accept that if we want to talk to helpful people all over the world then other people can google what we say to each other. It is the same with any forum from how to fix your washing machine to where to eat out on holiday. I can’t imagine that anybody outside of here has the slightest interest in anything I’ve written and if they accidentally find it in a google search they will likely soon move on!

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                                                        • Thank you guys so much for creating this wonderful platform! <3 

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                                                          • Hi, Townhouse Village Idiot here, still looking for the 'burger' so I can post a few pages for critique in Peer to Peer, but alas all I can do is read other people's posts or comment on them. As far as posting new content, nada. OK, some patient  saint, please enlighten me. In Poetry group it's easy to post a poem. In Peer-to-Peer there is no box to type or paste into that I see. Obviously everyone else can, so I am missing something and will be embarrassed as heck when you point out what it is, but help please!

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                                                            • Hi Cathy. When you're in the forums section, there should be an 'Add' option on the left of the menu underneath the banner pic at the top. Click that to create a new post (called, confusingly, a new 'forum'). Give your post a name (topic) and then choose 'peer-to-peer' from the 'category' dropdown options. Your message goes in the 'text' box (you can copy and paste into here, too, if you want to add a short piece of content to critique 'inline') . Or, if you want to attach a longer document, like a Word or ODT doc click the 'multiple upload' button where it says 'Attachments', which will allow you to browse your computer for the file. Then hit 'Submit' and you should be good to go!

                                                              Hope this helps!

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                                                              • Ah, yes it does. The 'new forum' thing was the stumbling block. Thank you so much, Jon!

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                                                              • That clarifies it for me too; I thought New Forum meant I was creating something for others to join! No! I'm a real beginner here.

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                                                                • I'm fairly pretty familiar with forum boards but I have to admit I am struggling to find my way around this one. I've joined one of the groups, but I don't see any discussion topics, just a post feed. Is that right? I am hoping to read and join in discussions on particular topics - is that possible or is it just a matter of scrolling through until I find an interesting post heading? :)

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                                                                  • Welcome to the pains of a not-fit-for-purpose platform.

                                                                    Scrolling is one approach, You can also go to various supposedly filtered lists (off the top menu, Forums and Groups), but there is little logic to the order of what shows up in Forums and Groups are nigh on unreadable due to how they format.

                                                                    The most effective approach I've personally found is to befriend good people and play off the notifications: you can navigate to the threads they are interacting with.

                                                                    The good news to all this is that the whole community section is due to be migrated to another platform in the not-too-distant future. And the only way is up.

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                                                                    • Thanks Rick, that's actually really helpful, I thought I was going a bit dippy! I'll stumble my way around and look forward to the eventual migration!

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                                                                    • Hi,

                                                                      Newbie here and I was wondering if someone could help me? I can't seem to find the dimensions for my cover photo anywhere - could somebody help?

                                                                      With kind thanks in advance!

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                                                                      Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.