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Share your March publication news!

Who has something coming out this month? It can be a novel, non-fiction book, short story, flash fiction, poem, essay... whatever! But share below and let us all celebrate (and hopefully read it). 

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    • This is a  from a book of 40 poems self published on Amazon,  by a fellow writer and I, in December 2020. The book is titled Lost in Transit  

      I’m not very good at posting so hope this doesn’t vanish into the ether before I can press ‘Post’ !

      Any/all constructive criticism appreciated  

      War Child

      by Gabrielle Burt

      Sad of eye and small in stance 

      She never really stood a chance 

      As close beside a bullet screams 

      And steals away another dream

      She doesn’t stop, she cannot stay 

      Another loss - Another day

      Afraid to think, she must not feel

      Her world so cruel seems quite unreal

      A child in war torn, troubled times

      Knows not the peace that’s yours and mine 

      But lives in dread and constant fear

      For those she loves and holds so dear

      With bleeding feet and throat all parched 

      She journeys on her poignant march 

      ‘Tward freedom’s promised sanctuary 

      From capture by the enemy

      So daily, she must hide – or walk 

      No time to cry, no will to talk

      In ragged clothes, with matted hair 

      Her broken heart beats in despair

      An orphan in a warring land

      With no one left to hold her hand 

      Or hold her close and tell her why 

      A loving mother had to die

      A little soul against the world

      Her mother’s joy - Her daddy’s girl 

      Man’s future hope, alone and lost 

      Her stunted life - Our shameful cost

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      • Hi Gabriella, I love your poem. It touched my heart. 

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        • Thank you Anne - I’m so pleased you enjoyed the War Child poem.
          And HUGE congratulations on the publication of your book. I’m off to have a read!  It sounds exactly my sort of read 

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        • Hi Holly, my novel - BOY PEELING FRUIT - came out on the 1st March. It's about a painting by Caravaggio which links the past to the present. A crime thriller, set mostly in Rome, but also in a small Cheshire village. It has a touch of the historical too, about Caravaggio's turbulent life. It's on Amazon as an e-book and paperback. Hopefully in all good book shops in the near future. Hurrah!

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          • Oh huge congratulations! I hope it does really well x

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            • Congratulations! 🙂

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            • Anne, I read the 'Look Inside' feature on Amazon and it reads well. Congrats and I wish you all the very best. I curious, the chapter headings, do other writers on this site use them, or just numbers?

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              • Hi Robert, the chapter headings are for showing Caravaggio’s timeline in between my chapter numbers, which you will see further into the book, and introduces the painting, I’ve also headed a section in 1924 as this section is crucial to the story. There is one other but you’ll have to read the book - ha ha. 

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                • Congratulations, Anne. My latest novel 'Lost Property' is available on Smashwords.com from today - 28 March. It is about a young woman who comes home from a Conference to find that her home and husband have completely disappeared. She is left to solve the mystery. One can read the first 20% of this book before deciding whether or not you want to download it.

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