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Why all authors should learn self-publishing skills

As you may have seen, we're in the middle of two big member events at Jericho: Getting Published Month (running throughout March) and Self-Publishing Month (running throughout April).

I joined the Jericho Writers’ team this time last year, just as they were preparing for the in-person version of these events and was asked to go to London to help out on-site (this was back in the times when we could hold events in real life!).  

At the time, I was desperately trying to get an agent, so was keen to attend Getting Published Day. I was less enthusiastic about Self-Publishing Day... I knew I wanted to follow a traditional route, so felt learning self-publishing skills would be irrelevant. 

Fast-forward 12 months and I now can safely say how wrong I was.

While I have vaguely followed the traditional path (my debut novel ‘All My Lies’ will be digitally published with Simon & Schuster next month, woo!) I can honestly say what has benefitted me most in the run-up to publication are the ‘self-publishing’ skills I’ve picked up through Jericho.  

Understanding things like how BookBub works, how to build a mailing list, why your book might end up in a seemingly bizarre and unrelated genre category on Amazon - these have been a lifeline during the rocky road to publication. Because whilst my publisher makes the decisions, at least I understand them.  

So, my tip to any writer wanting to be published - no matter the route - would be this: learn every skill you can. You’ll feel more empowered and generate greater writing success for it, I promise. 

If you'd told me this a year ago, I probably wouldn't have paid much attention. But would love to know what everyone else thinks.

Are you hoping to get a traditional deal but can see the benefit of gaining some self-publishing skills? Or think it's totally irrelevant to you?

And of course, whatever publishing route you're interested in, if you're coming along to Getting Published Month or Self-Publishing Month, do let me know!

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    • Congrats on your soon to be published book Sophie - I've pre-ordered my copy! Can't wait to read it 👏

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      • Oh, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it!

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      • I've self published two novels and it is hard work. There are far too many books out there and getting your novel noticed is very difficult. As we are approaching self publishing month thought you might be interested in an interview I did for the Manybooks website. It is one way to get your book noticed. I've also done blog tours, advertised on Amazon and done reduced price book promotions. 


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