An Empty Throne (ch1-2)

I'm looking for alpha readers…

The book - An Empty Throne (volume 1 of the Gods'Bridge Chronicles) - is a character-centric, epic fantasy tale. It runs to a little over 150k words.

The premise of the full series is: what would it take for a fairly normal person to become as evil and universally reviled as Sauron?

The sample chapters here are to allow members to determine whether the style is what they would be interested in reading; it wouldn't do to have alpha readers who don't habitually read in this genre/style.

There is a specific format of alpha reading annotation I will be looking for, which I will include in what I send to those who are interested.

Reciprocation is, obviously, on the table.

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    • I love the concept you have going!

      Do you have any more written?

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      • Hi Makayla.

        I do. The rest of book 1, and about three quarters of book 2. Would you like me to send it over?

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        • Please and thank you.

          Are you still looking for alpha readers?

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        • Update - no longer looking for feedback on this; the whole book is being restructured…

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          • Hi Rick, I note you are no longer looking for feedback on this version, but my comments are of a global nature that should maintain their relevance (if you agree they have relevance) in a restructure.

            Whatever you change, please keep the essence of: He did not crave adulation or recognition. He wished only for an opportunity at direction in his life. All efforts to claim a place on his own had seen him pushed away: rejected. Denied the right to even try. And: Time and again, people had shown him just how much less significant his life was than he thought.

            These are the words that connected me to the character – Marvelous ­– considering this isn’t my kind of story.

            For what my opinion is worth, my vote for restructuring this beginning, would be to have the first line of chapter one as: I beg you, my King, to allow me a life.

            All the best


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            • Thanks Heather.

              I'll have to cross-reference those lines with the rewrite… when I come back to editing that section.

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