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Are you a member of Jericho Writers? Then join this group and meet your fellow-members!

To kick things off - introduce yourselves. What do you write? Where are you based? What are you engaging with in the Membership so far? 

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Warning - possible cliche ahead: At the start of my project, taking advice to jump into the action and wanting to introduce some key characters early, I had my protagonist meet a love interest in the first chapter.  I've had my first chapter critiqued in my writer's group, and on here, but only recently, did someone point out that bumping into someone is a dreadful old cliche.  I know that dropping your shopping is an oft used cliche to get characters to meet, but hoped that this incident would work.  Come clean - is it old hat?

(My protagonist, Jack is arriving at an address for the first time for a job interview)

'Curtains fluttered at open windows and typewriters clattered. The sound of telephone bells ringing, unanswered. This must be the place.

As I reached over a railing to a porcelain bellpush, the door opened, and all I saw, before she crashed into me, was a woman walking backwards, waving her hands, and shouting ‘Only five minutes for a fag.’

Her heel caught a flagstone. We collided, and thinking she was falling, I grabbed her.

‘Get off,’ she yelled, pushing my hands away, turning around as I backed off.

‘I’m sorry. I thought —’

‘Are you Jack?’


Her eyes were smiling, cobalt blue.

‘Hah! My fault. Wasn’t looking.’

A shrill voice from inside the building. ‘Maddy. Shut the bloody door.’

‘That’s our receptionist. Let’s go inside.’

I followed Maddy into a dark hallway. A trace of frangipani perfume mixed with Camel cigarette smoke, then a flash of her blond curls in the shadows as she leaned forward. A narrow hatch slid open and a pale beam of electric light framed her face in the gloom.' 

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Hi there, are there any other neuro-diverse people on here. I have ADHD and I’d love to hear your strategies to keep writing.

I use freedom to block out my time wasting websites (Facebook, Twitter, etc,) when I’m trying to write. You can start a session for, say, a couple of hours and you can’t visit sites like that, even if you try.

I have a sheepskin rug, a cow skin rug, and a foot massager under my desk so that I can get some stimulation into my bare feet.

Music is always on but it needs to be non-vocal otherwise it’s distracting.

There’s a ‘don’t do’ list on a cork board. Often I will be distracted by a job. In the past these sorts of thing have derailed me. Now I can put it on the ‘don’t do’ list and forget about it.

I also have a small ‘to do’ list. Only three things allowed on it. When something on the ‘don’t do’ list becomes one of the three most important things to do, I move it across. Only then do I spare some thought to that problem.

That’s about it for now. I’d love to learn about any of your tricks. 

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Hi, l am Claire based near Colchester, Essex UK. I have nearly finished my first book, Non-fiction Guide for Self-Care and currently planning my first novel, cross between Gothic Fiction and Psychological Thriller. I am thrilled to be here and am enjoying the membership. Any recommendations for groups, blogs/podcasts etc would be much appreciated!!! Xxxxx

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Hi. My name is Anthony. I write commercial fiction. I’m based in Canada. Sometimes I read my writing and consider it to be hideous. Sometimes I read my writing and figure it to be somewhat decent. Either way, my goal is to be published. And that remains my only objective. While it might be alluring to consider fame and fortune, I am not delusional. Should I be able to call myself a published author, I will consider that a success. It would also provide the opportunity to continue writing. But I rolled the dice on this thing. Failure is not an option. Anybody else in the same kind of boat?

How I've managed to download two files I'm not sure. The one for assessment is the second one. 1st 2 chapters.

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SYNOPSIS: Have just watched Harry's supportive and helpful session on how to construct a synopsis. So, I had a bash at my own. He points out that a synopsis is NOT the most important ingredient in an approach to an agent and at this stage, I'm not submitting anyway - but just like the pitch, a synopsis does help you to see your structure more clearly. At any rate, it's been a learning exercise for me, and if you care to give me any feedback you think is helpful (including 'this is a bad idea for a book,') then together we might even learn a little more about how to write the damned things.  



ps - the synopsis refers to the story being based in Islington.  That's because an agent in Islington is a little interested.

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How is Holly’s puppy? Just catching up with replays of members’ events and the latest one had an abrupt and worrying end. Hope everything turned out ok.

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Hi Everyone! I'm Sarah. I write paranormal romance and live in central Texas. Presently, I'm working my way through the Getting Published video course alongside doing a round of edits/revision on my WIP to prep for querying. This is my first foray into the Townhouse - glad to be here and meet all of you!

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Particularly to those who befriended me during last year’s Summer Festival, apologies for being absent and not inter-acting with you for quite some time. I’ve had a couple of hospital “interludes”  which, the surgeon’s work aside, was an interesting experience. On the two occasions, I was administered a significant number of drugs, probably the equivalent of one year’s supply for the typical Woodstock hippy but administered during a five-hour operation! As a result, I experienced quite a number of hallucinations in which some of my main characters visited me, including what I thought was a party around my bed! Unfortunately, the hallucinations and dreams have gone, including the ones for being scolded by one of the characters for cutting a particular scene. 

Do any other Townhouse people find themselves wondering what their characters may be thinking/reacting to a particular situation? 

I’m looking forward to inter-acting with you all during and beyond the Summer Festival.

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Hello, newbie here trying to find her way around! I’m based in Chester and have been writing short cosy mystery novellas under a pen name for little old ladies in America - they’re fun and have been a great start but not the kind of quality writing my heart wants to write under my real name.

I will be starting a Masters in Creative Writing at MMU in September which I’m very excited about. I know the book I want to develop during this program. It’s literary fiction and definitely has an experimental element about it. Topic wise, it’s very much to do with women’s issues.

I’m outlining and playing around with another novel idea at the moment which would probably fall under high end women’s fiction. However, I feel like there’s quite a difference between this and the experimental one and am starting to wonder whether it’s a good idea to write two novels that differ so much. Yes, they both cover women’s topics but should an author stay within one set genre and style?

In other words, I’m a newbie who’s already tying herself in knots!

Currently working my way through the video course. 

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Hi everyone! I'm Eli B and I write fantasy and contemporary romance novels with a focus on black women. I'm an American based in Hull UK. I'm still trying to engage more in the Jericho Community. I've had a membership for 2 months now and I haven't engaged very much here yet because I was consumed by finishing my latest draft to get ready for querying! Glad to be here and meet all of you!

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I'm starting to submit to agents and noticing that Query Manager asks whether we've previously had an agent. I have, for an earlier novel, and while I believe in honesty, I was hoping not to lead with that information. I thought I'd bring it up with a prospective agent if they were interested in my current manuscript and in representing me. I'm wondering why it's important, is answering yes perceived as problematic, or, am I overthinking this?