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Are you a member of Jericho Writers? Then join this group and meet your fellow-members!

To kick things off - introduce yourselves. What do you write? Where are you based? What are you engaging with in the Membership so far? 


I'm still trying to find my around. One thing that hinders is... available time!

Time is a funny thing. We seem to find holes in it, every now and then... and in that time, as an opportunity, can then do the things that we had wanted to do, but had never found the time.

We are then ripped away... suddenly, and are thrust once more in the mad rush of the everyday-time: a busy work-day and all of the hassle of hectic obligations.

So at last, here, I have a moment. And with such moment, comes a good silence. In that silence... come ideas and... words.

I'm originally from the wilds of Northumberland. I now live and work in France, as a television documentary researcher, writer, and film-maker.

I am an earth-scientist, writer and artist. I have a book project emerging and ever expanding, developing within those short periods of time that one finds, as I say, but here and there.

I voyage, alone, inside Nature. I then write of my explorations into wildness.

I have seen her: Nature... that singular entity unexplained. I saw her fleeting in the guise of the ghoul of wind. The wind I saw at midnight. 

I also voyage, within these hills through time. I quest to meet the Neanderthals. And I have seen them... heard them. And was then lost upon the Great Plains where the grand fauna of the Palaeolithic roam.


I'm trying to find contacts for my written work... Contacts for publication.

Looking too for contact with writer-friends, be great to get some exchanges going: if you find the time that is!

Bien cordialement à tous!



Hi Everyone, 

I joined JW after the first week of the festival as I finally realised I've been missing out on something brilliant. I write my idea of psychological crime novels and short stories and am currently on draft 2 of my latest which I am hoping will become my debut. As it turns out, this novel has taken an entirely different shape to how I normally write and the detective (normally kept in the background) has taken on a bigger role than I'd anticipated. Perhaps all for the good and this is what will make this novel publishable? Who knows? I  say 'my idea of' psych crime because over the years the genre has changed and become more demanding in terms of twists and shocker tag lines. I'm not entirely sure I've kept up. Still, I'm clinging to the hope that what I write is different/unique in its own way. 

Just watched the masterclass on finding your voice with Sarah Juckes. Along with peer feedback on Townhouse it has given me a little lightbulb moment for my current work in progress. I realised I was writing as me and not as my character. Saying “I’m Jake and I’m nine” doesn’t actually make you sound like Jake who is nine (doh!). I am wandering around the house now trying to describe random things in Jake’s voice and I think he and I have finally clicked. So fingers crossed draft number 2 will be a lot less pants than draft number 1! Don’t worry, nobody is here to hear me😂

Hello, hello. I'm a short story writer who's also written three  - no, four - novels, one of which I'm doggedly rewriting and editing. This one's Historical Fiction, set in 1850's Denmark - the other three are set in England, the US, and France - my current home. This is all new to me...just joined a couple of groups, and I'm looking forward to learning more about the community - and meeting fellow writers. 


I joined Jericho Writers a couple of months ago, mainly to take part in the Summer Festival of Writing. I've loved it. Previously, I thought my writing was amazing but now, after watching the webinars, I realise there's still a long way to go! However, with the lockdown this year, I have managed to write a book and really enjoyed the process. I finished the first draft towards the end of July and now need to go back and use all the amazing information I've learnt this summer to edit it and put it out there.

I had a good one to one with an agent and her advice has given me lots of food for thought, including a major plot change. Apparently I write Commercial Woman's fiction, so that's good to know. And that's the next year of my life taken care of, I just need to find a way of earning some money at the same time!

I'm so pleased to be part of this community and look forward to getting to know some of you along the way.

I'm based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.


I've just joined properly after an amazing and motivating 3 months of the festival. I've been writing for quite a while, and had a few short stories published, but have struggled a bit with really knocking novels into shape. Lockdown has been great for forcing me to write/edit as it's removed all my distractions, like heading out to the pub after work to play music (I play guitar and fiddle). So now I have two novels at various stages of edits and another 2 in the planning stage - just deciding which one to run with. Looking forward to mining all the resources on here once the festival's over and keeping that motivation going, as well as hopefully keeping in touch with some of the great people from the chat bar (which I couldn't keep up with most of the time).

I'm based up in Glasgow.

Hi everyone,

My friend recently introduced me to Jericho Writers, and I'm very glad that she did. I have only just started to explore everything available here - there's quite a lot! - which has already proven to be immensely helpful.

A little bit about me: I have always wanted to be a writer but only began to actively pursue a career in it in 2014. Since then, I have had work published in Britain at War Magazine and Breathe Magazine. I also work as a copywriter for a local tea and coffee company.

A chronic lack of confidence is my greatest weakness - something, I know, many a writer has suffered from. This is now my fifth serious attempt at writing a novel and those feelings of unworthiness have surfaced once again. I like my basic story idea, don't get me wrong, but something is missing. Something I can't quite work out. It's making me quite despondent. And that's why I'm glad I was introduced to Jericho Writers when I was.

My hope is to write a literary fiction book told through the prism of a couple's date night every Tuesday. The setting is SOLELY a New York Restaurant, which I know is limiting, but I like a good challenge! The biggest trouble for me is that, rather than a concrete narrative, the story focuses on the life of these two characters as the years shape them. Historical events in New York, too, have a part to play, as do supporting characters such as the restaurant owner and the waiter.

My question to you is, is it okay for a novel to be shaped by character development instead of a clear plot?

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi, I'm Tracey Parris, I've been a member of Jericho for a couple of years now. I've recently self-published my first novel which will develop into a series of spy thrillers. Learning all (some!) there is to know about self-publishing. Open to writing in different genres in the future, when my spies are all done. 

Hi everyone,

After 20 years on my 'to do' list it finally took a global pandemic to get the first part (book) of my memoirs written: Memoirs of a 20th Century Gentleman published 8th June 2020.

Never having had anything to do with social media (clue's in the title!) or publishing I'm learning a lot very fast.  

Happy to share my work (currently available as a FREE E-book download on Prolific Works until end July), answer any questions or just say 'hi' feel free to DM me here or visit our site (link attached).

Hope everyone's having a great summer ;-)


James B. Hansom

Apologies I have accidentally clicked on report whilst looking at icons at the top of the page; accordingly please ignore this.

Apologies again

Helloo - I need to howl HEELLLP and hopefully one of you will be able to hand me a virtual gin and a short sharp smack to stop my mind-gremlins taking over.  You see,  I've my first 1:1 with a book doctor tonight... and I AM BRICKING IT.  

This will be the first grown up, knowledgable, non-friend, real life proper writer person to look at my work, and WHAT IF SHE SAYS IT'S CRAP.

What if she laughs, and not in a good way...

What if she says 'I don't know how to say this, but...' and follows that up with something horrific about my total lack of talent, how tediously poor my prose is, and how utterly bollocking stupid the whole premise of the book is.

See? A slap is medically necessary. Or reassurance. Or a hug. Have any of you had experienced eyeballs on your work? I have zero clue what to expect!

Thanks muchly in advance :)

Hi everyone. I am a new member. I felt a bit daunted at first thinking you were all "proper writers" whereas I am someone who has always daydreamed and sometimes written some of them down. It has been a pipe dream for many years to get something published but I never felt it could be real. I don't know the first thing about the industry, I have no time to write with a full time job and two very busy teenagers - the excuses were many. I hadn't admitted to anyone that I even thought about it. Then I realised that I was procrastinating because I was scared. If I said it out loud to other people then I had to go for it and then I was at risk of failing. I have found Jericho Writers so far to be hugely encouraging, inspiring and helpful. I have realised that trying to get published 17 years after first putting pen to paper is not that unusual. I have realised that whilst it is difficult, the "failures" are just lessons to help towards success. I have realised that rather than giving up at the first hurdle I should persevere and one day it just might be real. And even if it takes another 17 years it will still be an enjoyable journey. Thank you for welcoming me into your fold.