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A group for Sci Fi, Speculative and Fantasy authors to discuss the genres, and critique each other's work. 

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I only receive messages in email when someone has answered a post. How do I get messages when someone posts right from the feed?

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I posted my revision for the Xyancy Generation synopsis. No one responded. I'm curious. Did I send it to the wrong spot? I just posted it in the Sci Fi group feed.

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synopsis for The Xyancy Generation rewritten. Now gives the whole plot with no holes, using cleaner language. Word count: 557. Spoiler alert.

Xy has seen visions of Deyu his whole life. When he recognizes her at a social event, he has to meet her in person. He hears the voice of his daughter Poenivae in his head. She encourages Xy to ask her mother Deyu whether she wants a boy or girl. On Thix, girls are considered the weak gender. While pursuing Deyu, Xy finds out she's promised to another man, Ke'Niq. He was approved by Deyu's deceased father, and wears a tattoo of her family crest on his hip. 

Plot twist when the reader finds out Xy also has a tattoo. The family invites him over to their seich. Xy thinks he's there to pursue Deyu, though the family wants to set him up with Deyu's sister Angessa, who is unmated.  When Ke'Niq gives a presentation, Deyu whispers to Xy she wants a boy. Caught in the act, Deyu's family forces her to beat him with a cudgel. 

In his sleep Xy follows Poenivae's voice to the holding room. This is where his pre born children are spawned. They're called potentials. Xy has to pick one, but it's difficult because potentials are extremely jealous. Poenivae is the only one that can communicate with him telepathically. Together, they pick Jor and secure him on the cannon seat. 

Xy resumes duty as a diplomat, Deyu follows him. Jor is launched. Upon conception, Deyu drops unconscious.

After only a three month pregnancy, Deyu gives birth. There's some question whether the child is Xy's or not. They try to take samples of Xy's blood, but can't. It disappears when it touches air. Xy hires a bio vessier to uncover the anomaly. Turns out Xy is in fact, Jor's father. 

On Thix, if a child have parents that aren't mated, smuggler's abduct them. Xy has to find out where the smuggler's market is, and steal Jor back. Xy saves Jor, and immediately mates Deyu so the boy won't be abducted again. However, Xy must admit his mark was faked. 

On their betrothal night, Xy and Deyu are thrown out of their hotel because the controversy around his mark. The Traditionalists think Xy should have gotten permission from Deyu's father first, while the Xyancy thinks people should mate out of love. The hotel guard makes a stand, gathering a crowd. He cuts his tattoo off his hip. The authorities call his loyalty turnwat (gay) and have him executed. 

To quell the violence, Deyu's seich makes a public speech stating they will forgive Xy for faking his mark. This makes the Xyancy happy. However, they also warn people not to cut off their mark. It's a sign of devotion to the seich. This makes Traditionalists happy.

Deyu tells Xy she wants another son. He goes back to the holding room and picks out a potential that will bring music and dance to Thix. However, the mother is not Deyu. When Poenivae finds out Xy plans to cheat on Deyu, she castrates him from the inside. Poenivae and her brother are killed. 

However, Thix is still better than it was. Through Poenivae's actions, Xy learns not to devalue women. Men and women mate out of love. War has been averted. And now he doesn't have to cheat on his mate. He intends to live out his days, loving Deyu and raising their son Jor in peace. 

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Another member Jo gave me a formula for writing a synopsis. I plugged in my book to see what it looked like. Comments?

I am writing to seek your representation on my first novel The Xyancy Generation. This scifi erotica adventure is set on Thix, a desert planet that is just as devoid of sex as it gets rain. Xy hears the voices of his unborn children in his head, and must navigate the moral landscape to conceive the next generation of leaders. Otherwise, Thix will fall into another cycle of war.

I chose you as an agent because you work with other erotica titles.  

Thix is a very male dominant planet. In order to mate with Deyu, Xy must wear a tattoo of her family crest on his hip. The only way to receive one is by getting permission from her father. And Deyu's father is dead. To make matters worse, she's already promised to another man who wears the mark. When the couple goes through a mating ceremony anyway, it triggers a controversy between the Xyancy who worship Xy and the Traditionalists who follow the old ways. Tension rises, even within Deyu's own seich. And when a baby is born, Xy must settle the feud or his child risks being abducted by smugglers.

The Xyancy Generation explores the origin story of a character who may or may not be a god. Throughout the novel Xy discovers new sexual skills that make him more seductive than an average man. Seen from the eyes of the godlike person himself is rare, and the reader will understand Xy's point of view as you follow him through the holding room, where his children are spawned. I always thought Sci Fi offered stories that could benefit by a more adult element. My demographic is older women who have interest in erotica that goes way beyond the missionary position, such as bag sex, android sex and negathermal fire sex, or anyone who has a curiosity about alternative erotic powers.

I am a 48 year old married woman who got a surge in hormones when my doctor cut my medication in half. I had to do something with my crazy libido. I either had to write an erotica novel, or I risked cheating on my husband. 

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Hey all, I haven't posted much in this group, but do enjoy seeing the support and help the members offer each other. So I thought I would throw my story idea out there and see what you all think. I love the worlds of Tolkien and Brooks and hope to be able to create something close, albeit on a smaller scale. I don't have a working title yet, but I've been working on another project for a year and half and just came up with a title for that one, so I open to suggestions, but it's not an important issue at this juncture. I really would just like to see if this idea is interesting enough to warrant investing my time into, or if I'm completely off the mark.

Thanks all!

Short Synopsis:

An Elf Lord out to rule his world as a king, a princess who wants to rule her world as a queen, a prince heir who would give his kingdom for the princess and two young princes born as enemies who forge a friendship to save two worlds. A battle rages for a land of elves and fairies and all manner of mythical inhabitants. A battle that will either end with Ardoz in ruins under the rule of a blood thirsty king set to bring about the fall of the human world, or; the salvation of Ardoz and a return to peace for all who dwell there, and the human world none the wiser.


Basic story idea:

The Shadow Elves of Tynan pledged allegiance to Lord Draven Dade and the Dark Elves of Hellebore. Together they have spent the last 100 years laying waste to the remaining Elven armies of Ardoz. The Draven Guard, comprised of Lord Draven’s elite warriors and blood thirsty War Beasts, work to wrest control of the only remaining Veil Gates to the human world while his army marches on Arden. Lord Fullbright Kendal has pledged to hold Arden or die trying as it is the last bastion of hope for the land of Ardoz. Princess Avarice Dade, heiress of Hellebore, seduces Prince Oran Kendhal, heir to Lord Fullbright, in a bid to take Arden from within. Prince Xavier Kendhal and Prince Dyrk Dade, younger sons of the warring lords, form a friendship out of a desire to see the constant waring end. Dyrk knows that the fall of Arden will not sate his father’s lust for blood and war, and only his defeat can save Ardoz and the world beyond the Veil Gates. 

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Need a good plot for a fantasy novel? Here's one for free that will sell well. It involves money, sex, religion, greed, wellness experiences... (don't ask me) and all sorts of interesting quackery. (Just remember to change the names of places and characters...)

P.S. Ah... and vagina eggs apparently (no? me neither...)

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Hi guys. 

OK, so I have finally (well 14 months ago) started to write this 'thing' that I have been promising family and friends since I was 13 - yes, I know, slightly precocious! (Please don't tell Harry I used the !). So, at 52 it has taken perhaps longer than I originally thought. In my defence this thing called life (and work, and parenting etc.) seems to have kept me a bit busy.  What I am asking you guys for is what fantasy in the epic/high genre from the last decade should I have absolutely read to ensure I am not being derivative? 

What are your favourites, and what must I ensure I haven't missed. I know there will be loads, so I really would value your suggestions. Thanks

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Just saying hello and glad to join this group. The first drafts of my Dark Fantasy series were written almost 40 years ago, then life got in the way and they were shelved. But the characters kept nagging me to tell their stories and the recent restrictions on doing other things gave me the opportunity to give them my attention. Major rewrites necessary but my first book will soon be ready for professional editing. Books 2 and 3 and a spin-off novella are in various draft stages. I'm much too old to wait months and months to hear back from agents, etc. so seriously considering self-publishing. Lots more to write about magic and cosmic battles for souls; heroism, sacrifice and compassion; love and loyalty and some steamy sex, before I'll be ready to discover for myself what comes after this world!

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I would also like some feedback about the synopsis on my book The Xyancy Generation. Here it is: 

After winning the war over corporate rule, Xy, The Standing God went through a biological transformation. He no longer was just a warrior, now he had unique powers that enhanced his ability to procreate. Amongst many divine features, he could hear the voices of his unborn children in his head. Though his daughter Poenivae was first in line to be born, Xy had to thwart her birthright to conceive the next generation of leaders. Otherwise, planet Thix would fall into another cycle of war.

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Hi all, just posted about an 'opening dilemma' for my YA Fantasy 'Lifesong' in the peer-to-peer critque forum. I'd be grateful for any thoughts.
Thanks in advance

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My book is too long. Around 250k words total. Right now it only has one main ending. Should I try to split it into two books, or should I pare it down?

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So, I have a planet in my book that has two moons orbiting it. I assume if you look out the window on the planet, you would see two moons with the same phase. AKA both are crescents. Or could one on the left of the sky have a half moon and the right moon have a crescent? If so, which way would they phase if they are moving left to right? Or does a moon always orbit right to left?