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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Authors

A group for Sci Fi, Speculative and Fantasy authors to discuss the genres, and critique each other's work. 

Let's try to get some activity in here...

What is the worst fantasy book you've ever tried to read?

Word count! Yes, that again! :D

I thought this Twitter thread on word count/length for debut epic fantasy books from James Long, one of the chief editors of Orbit Books, an industry leader in fantasy publications, might be interesting. Especially since we're often told that any book over 100k is problematic!.

His 'rule' only applies to debut novels, traditionally publishing, and specifically epic fantasy, although he does say that it applies to 'space opera' as well. He is (as you'd expect) more concerned with the overall quality than the length, but is generally looking for books between 125k and 175k.

As he says... length can always be fixed!

Hey all! For my new years resolution I'm trying to be more active on here, so wanted to say hi properly. 

I'm Hazel, I write urban or low fantasy -  akin to Holly Black or Melissa Albert. I admit I find high fantasy quite hard to read, although I really adore well developed places and worlds!

I have also written cyberpunk/sci fi short stories that have been published in a few anthologies.

I live in Oxfordshire, but grew up in Norfolk, where my current fantasy WIP is based. I have a day job as a marketing copywriter (not in publishing, sadly) and have worked as a creative writing teacher both freelance and in a school, an editor and in publishing / at literary agencies

I'd love to hear from some of you and to get some great conversations going. 😊

Hello fellow Sci-Fi and Fantasy writers.  I'm a new member of this group.  My name is Tracy and I live in Germiston South Africa about 20 Kms outside of Johannesburg.

My current WIP has at its core the Simulation Theory.  I was wondering if anyone would be prepared to be a beta reader for me once I get to that point of course.  I anticpate having it ready for beta reading by mid February.



I've included a link so you can read the first six chapters of my novel. Its set in the 2070's and is about a woman who is involved in a terrible accident and has to be turned into a cyborg so she can live and how becoming one affects not only her but her family as well. I've made her to be as human as possible with virtually no special powers or abilities. Not only would she have changed physically but mentally as well.  

Happy new Year all. As part of my writing commitments this year, I have decided to do some critiquing work for my fellow townhousers. I'm going to do one review of up to 3,000 words per month on request. This month's slot has already been taken, but if you would like me to look through something next month, please let me know. 

Please do note that my critique is direct though I will always give you a positive or suggested alternative where possible. PM me or comment if you're interested.

Greetings, Fellow Earthlings and Otherwoldlings!

My genre is erotic fiction, and a good part of my work so far is erotic science fiction or erotic horror. I'd love to read folks' stuff if you want to drop it on me. I have some works I can share with y'all, as long or short a snippet as you'd care to give me your opinion on. The premises of stories I'd love feedback on:

* Erotic SF - "Founders" - A NASA doctor is chosen for the first colony mission to Mars along with eleven extraordinary women (113,000 ww so far).

* Erotic SF - "Cacatata" - The friendship between a woman and a non-humanoid alien turns into love (2,695 ww).

* Erotic Horror - "Pseudopod" - A female exobiologist, humanity's first encounter with alien life, and the terrible ecstasy that erupts from it (4,715 ww).

* Erotic Horror - "My Ripening" - Sequel to Pseudopod. A girl begins service in a future last vestige of humanity ruled by terrible ecstasy (4,585 ww).

It's likely that the first $$ manuscript I'll write will be in the Erotic Science Fiction, Erotic Horror, or Erotic Fantasy genres, though I am also fond of Erotic YA Mystery Parody (think Nancy Drew + funny + erotic), Erotic Historical Fiction, and Erotic Espionage genres.

Hello everybody! Such a pleasure to be a new member in the group. I am Julie from Kika Tech, and a student majoring in Lit too. Now we are preparing an open and diverse community of novel fans, to engage quality works of various genres and subjects, published or still wanting more readers. If you are interested in giving us the permission to post them on our new platform, to get more exposure, as well as your expectant pay, please do not hesitate to send me a message;)

not sure if this link has worked. Got a message about item may not exist or is no longer available. 

May I introduce myself as a newly active member of Townhouse and this group? 

I write in the Historical Fantasy genre; a medieval world in the style of Guy Gavriel Kay (e.g. The Lions of Al-Rassan) with touches of George RR Martin (Game of Thrones). I hope members will forgive me positioning myself alongside literary greats; it helps to show where I'm aiming.

I have a completed 110k word ms in this genre and am working on the sequel. The current elevator pitch for the completed ms is:

'Raised by a pagan grandmother, sent to a nunnery for loving a priest, and forced to flee as a boy; Adelais van Vries is either adored as an angel or hunted as a witch. Both may be true.'

Looking forward to interacting and contributing where I can help.

I've got my work saved onto Onedrive, but unfortunately not sure how I can attach a chapter as link onto this group. I've tried to copy and paste the URL but that doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions? Thanks