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Children's Books & YA Authors

A group to connect YA and children's book authors. 

I'm looking to swap picture book stories with someone. I'd like to provide and receive feedback, suggestions, thoughts, tips, etc. I currently have a story about two girls who get caught in a bad rainstorm on an island surrounded by a raging creek due to the storm. The story takes place at their rural home that a creek runs through and is called Someone Is Coming. 

Here is an overview:  

Eight-year-old Dana and her seven year old sister Amanda thought sleeping in a tent not far from their country backyard would be safe. That is until a sudden storm strikes in the middle of the night on an island surrounded by a fast-rising creek. Dana wants to cross the fallen tree with her sister and their dog Emily, but a dark figure appears on the tree; SOMEONE IS COMING. As the oldest, eight-year-old Dana feels it her duty to protect her sister and is not sure a flashlight, or their dog Emily, will do that.

SOMEONE IS COMING is an approximately 554 word suspense story meant as a picture book for ages 5-8. The main character experiences responsibility for others’ safety. The lesson of accountability is then strengthened through her father by example. I believe audiences will remember this story because of its character building abilities for children and its fast-pace.

Is anyone interested in swapping books for critiquing? I have an early MG (or reluctant reader) that's about 21,000 words that I'd like some feedback on and am happy to provide feedback to other's work.  

Hi everyone.  I'm new to Jericho.  I was born in Canada, currently live in Australia, but will be moving to the UK on March 17th.  Can't wait to be there.  I've already signed up for the publishing conference on March 28th in London.  :) To date, I have self-published my kid's books and have had quite a bit of success with them here in the land Downunder.  I have my PJ Mouse series - picture/chapter books for 6 to 10-year-olds, and my rhyming picture book series for younger kids (see if want to take a look.). Two of my daughters are my illustrators.  I'm currently writing a novel for YA based on climate change.  For my YA books, I would love to find an agent and publisher but I will self-publish otherwise.

Hi guys, I’m new and am writing middle grade fantasy/science fiction. I naively wrote a manuscript of 67,000 words to start with two years ago. I now realise this needs some heavy editing.

I have just finished a 14,000 word chapter book; I would love it if someone would beta read it for me.

I am currently starting a science fiction (word count 30,000 ish ) of which I’m really excited about. 

Hello.  I'm pleased to have the chance to join this group.  I'm new to Jericho Writers and seem to be introducing myself all over the place so sorry if you've heard this before.  I was born in the UK, became Australian and now live mostly in Ireland but spend Australian summers in Melbourne (where today is unseasonably cold, grey, windy and wet). I had some success with a picture book (The Worm Who Knew Karate) published by Penguin in Aus/NZ in 2015 but then perversely got interested in too many other things and stopped writing fiction. I have two manuscripts on hand - one middle grade historical/time-travel story was professional reviewed (Alan Durant) via Jericho and then got very close to being accepted by a publisher in Ireland - they discussed it at three acquisition meetings and then declined.  I need to try another edit and get it in front of more agents/publishers.  I also have a developed but not necessarily final draft of an early reader (6-8 year olds) which hasn't yet been seen other than by some young friends who gave it a thumbs up.  It's called "Lolly Saves the Allotment" and is about 4000 words.  If anyone feels they have the time to read and comment that would be great.  I'm happy to return the favour for short manuscripts or extracts. 

I too am new to the forum and appreciate being added to the group. 😊

Hi Everyone I'm new to the forum thanks for adding me to the group. looking forward to interacting with you all here.


I have reposted the first three chapters of my MG YA fantasy. I was doing a bit of editing on them last night and managed to delete it all, not quite what I intended.

If anyone has any spare time and would like to leave some feedback it would be greatly appreciated . I will of course return the favour.

The Genre is sword and magic fantasy.

Feedback on plot, pace, is it too cliched, is it just boring, is it just inane ramblings, would be most helpful. 

Thank you in adavance