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For writers of historical fiction and for those who love history in general, whether it be historical knowledge, books, or films. 

Hello, and thanks for approving my membership. I love to read historical fiction but when I write things they tend to come out more on the speculative side rather than the pure historical side! I'm also in the self-publishing and poetry groups here.

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Very, very deep breath. I'm on the HWA Dorothy Dunnett Short story competition long list!!! :D

Hi everyone. My work-in-progress is set in the 16th century, in Germany and England and points in between. I had planned a research trip in England for the end of March 2020 and one in Germany for October 2020. Both cancelled due to COVID and to be honest I am feeling less enthusiastic about travelling than I ever have before. Although hardly anything I would see on those research trips is the same now as it was back then, I still feel there was something to be gained from "walking in the footsteps". So it's either give up on the ground research, or delay indefinitely. I suppose there is always t'internet especially Google maps and street view. Anyone else having to deal with this?

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This might be of interest to anyone who likes to write Historical Romance.


Hello, everyone. I'm writing a novel set in Denmark, 1856- 1872, or thereabouts...the period of the second Schleswig-Holstein conflict.  Not much hygge (yet), but a fair amount of drama, both personal and national.  

Right now, I'm trying to stay focused on the edit. However, when I'm further along in the process, I'd love to get some feedback—and will happily return the favor. 

I've sent a request to join HF. I've been a history addict through 57 years of engineering. Now I spend most days thinking and scribbling would-be novels and short stories. Harry says master short stories first. I've completed a course of 7 modules - the crit on each telling me I should write novels, not short stories. Has anyone else a similar experience?

Hi all! 

Just thought I'd pop in to let everyone know about a website called 'The History Quill'. They offer a lot of useful services, (historical fiction editing, beta readers, editorial reviews, ARC reader service etc.) They also run blogs, have a book club, and are packed with useful information. Everything is related to and geared towards historical fiction. 

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Hello folks. My current novel, currently wading through endless rewrites, is a modern-day horror yarn. I suppose. But I am anxious to make a start on a piece of historical fiction. So here I am in the Historical Fiction Group. I may not have begun yet, but this seems like a good place to start the process!

Hello all, I've just joined the historical fiction group - it's good to be here. I'm not a great social media expert, so if I press the wrong button/send something to the wrong place, etc, please bear with me! I was born in Swansea, South Wales in the 50's and have spent most of my life living on the Gower Peninsula. My daughter and son live there with their families, so this is still where I spend most of my time. I read English at Cambridge, but this didn't greatly affect my career path - in my time I've been a farmer, hotelier, publican and nightclub owner. However, studying medieval literature did get me hooked on the Dark Age, and that's the setting for my historical fiction. If anyone is interested in hearing any more, do get in touch. I'd love to hear from anyone who's in the same boat, trying to get something published, or indeed from anyone who's into history and would like to talk about what they're writing, and why.

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This looks like too much fun not to post up. Open call for short stories set in 1921. The only catch, your MC has to be a furry! https://www.goalpublications.com/short_story_submission_calls.html 

I've come straight from Imogen Pelham's webinar in the Summer Festival, where she said if your book is 100,000 it's ok for historical fiction, but anything above that is for Sci-Fi / Fantasy, and your book shouldn't be that long.
Do you have any experiences in relation to this? Tips on cutting down a long manuscript? I was hoping to get away with 120,000 but I suppose I should really push for 100k now!

Hello, everyone, I just signed on. Kate: Glad to be aboard. Jordan: Please don't eat me. I have a specific question, and I was hoping I could get some advice and suggestions from members of this group. I've just finished a Civil War historical novel. The novel is set in Richmond, Virginia, and it involves the "Richmond underground," the pro-Union spy ring operated by Elizabeth Van Lew. However, my novel is told from the point of view of young Josey Holmes, the daughter of one of the members of the ring, and it purports to be her memoirs written years later. I'm trying to find titles of books that might be similar to mine (for purposes of querying agents). The chief issue I have is not topic but tone. There are several recent books on point in terms of topic, but I'm not sure they make very good comparables. My book in many places is comic (I hope) and there's a great deal of whimsy. Josey engages in good-natured banter with her love interest, a captain and a Union scout, who in turn trades barbs with his Scots sidekick, a doctor who's given to making references to obscure Celtic saints, whorehouses, and prostitutes, and who enjoys a "wee drappie o' the malt." Although there are serious matters--an escape on the part of Union soldiers from a brutal Confederate prison in Richmond, a Union raid on Richmond in the late stages of the war, and in particular an assassination plot against Lincoln that Josey helps to foil--there's a strong undercurrent of humor and jocose irony, with lots of repartee. (Let me mention here that my all-time favorite novel is John Barth's The Sot-Weed Factor, and I think the style is heavily influenced by him and that book.) I believe what I was trying to accomplish in the novel was to suggest that even in times of crisis and tragedy, people make human connections with others through humor and raillery, as well as through love and admiration. So, any thoughts? Can anyone steer me to one or more books that might be similar?