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For writers of historical fiction and for those who love history in general, whether it be historical knowledge, books, or films. 

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Hope everyone doing well, sorry haven't been active for a few months but have been away. Away inside my own head. Happy/relieved to be writing again. Anyone up for reading a just-over 300 word prologue for a historical mystery set in 1850s? If you are will message text to you. Cheers, K.

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Thinking of publishing my scripts in book format, either printed or e-book. Who knows, someone from a production company may read it and be interested in either of them.

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Hello everyone, I've been looking at and contributing to Townhouse for some time but have only just come across this group. I think I have been missing out! Looking forward to contributing.

My WIP is set in the late 1930's and the early years of WW2. 

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Hi everyone,  I’ve been a member of Jericho for a while now and have written one as yet unpublished novel. Great to pop in, read about your progress and what you’re enjoying just now.  Angela

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Finished this a short while ago, so its still not perfect, but would be interested in people's thoughts. The link should work, but if not there's a PDF of the peer to peer forum. So far early feedback has been positive. Maybe I can find a production company/agent who could be interested. 

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Hopefully this link works, but if not you'll find a PDF version on the Peer to Peer forum titled "To be the first". Be nice to know what people think or better someone who'll be interested in producing it! so far had a couple of companies showing an interest but nothing concrete as yet.

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Hello and thanks for allowing me to join. I've always been interested in history. Currently I've wrote two scripts about historical events. The first is about the challenge to become the first to successfully fly across the Atlantic non-stop (Alcock and Brown). My second is about Grace Darling. Currently I'm writing a feature about Hereward the Wake.

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This historical fiction competition, run by Sapere Books (who sponsor some of the Crime Writers' Association prizes), just popped into my inbox. Brief details & link below (and sadly my WIPs don't fit into any of the categories!!):

Sapere Books is looking for historical fiction writers to enter a competition with the chance to win a five-book publishing contract.

To enter, choose one of the briefs listed below and write up a full synopsis (no more than 2,000 words) and draft the first three chapters of the first book in the series (this should be 10,000-20,000 words in total). As the prize will be a contract for a five-book series (full length novels from 70,000-100,000 words), we would also welcome ideas and brief outlines for the next four books in the series.

The competition is free to enter and open to writers from all over the world.

Closing Date: December 31st, 2021

[NB Each brief has a series arc specified by Sapere]

BRIEF ONE: The Jane Austen Detective Series

BRIEF TWO: WWII Aviation Thrillers

BRIEF THREE: The Tudor Maid Diaries

BRIEF FOUR: Age of Sail Series

BRIEF FIVE: Borgias/Medici Crime Series

BRIEF SIX: Ancient Rome Historical Thrillers

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Just wanted to say hello to everyone! I've joined this group after completing the recent Self-Edit Your Novel course and discovering I have historical tendencies! My WIP is a coming-of-age thriller set in the 1960's, which I didn't consider to be historical as it's within living memory for many, but apparently it is. I'm finding the thought of trying to get it 'right' quite daunting. Research can tell you a lot about how people lived, how they travelled, what they wore, music, fashion, etc, but capturing how ordinary people spoke is more tricky. Do you have any good research tips for someone who needs to knock a rough first draft into decent shape?

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 A girl who is the product of two races, meets a girl who is the product of two species.

TOKEN STONE, The Girl in the Cage, is the first book in a trilogy about a cursed child. It is set among the warring tribes of north Wales and Ireland at the end of the Stone Age.

A disfigured baby girl, the result of an illicit union between the leaders of two opposing tribes, is born on a foreign shore. Her father has already been murdered, and her mother dies in childbirth. The only clue to her identity and her inheritance as chieftain of both tribes, is the token stone around her neck. There are those who are determined that this inheritance should not be claimed. All they have to do is find her.

The community into which she has been born regard her as a curse. She spends the next five years bound in a cage, devoid of all human contact. As a result the only instincts she knows are those of an animal. When the cage is finally broken open a banshee emerges, unable to feel or express any human emotion.

Things begin to change however when something that looks similar to a twelve year old girl comes out of the caves of the White Mountain and rescues her. What she doesn't know is that her new friend is already over a thousand years old.

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Hi everyone, I've been a member for a while but I realised that I have never said hello here in the feed. So to swiftly rectify that, hello! I am looking forward to hearing what periods in time you all are writing and just to discuss writing more generally (and history of course, always up for that). I am currently planning out a novela/novel (length to be decided) set around the turn of the century in America, in the gilded age, as Mark Twain so aptly called this period. Ida

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So, scene transition within a chapter that also starts with a change in speaker...advice? I'm all over the damned place...