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For writers of historical fiction and for those who love history in general, whether it be historical knowledge, books, or films. 

Hi all,

About 10 years ago, I interviewed my Belarussian Jewish grandfather who was 11 when Germany invaded the USSR in 1941. It's a harrowing story of survival that needs to get down on paper, and now is the time.

I look forward to learning what you all are working on and getting inspired by other writers of the genre.



Hello everyone,

I'm just about to self-publish my first historical mystery set in late 15th century Seville. It's been a long journey of rejections and the proverbial steep learning curve. I'd be interested in finding a beta-reading partner for the second book in the trilogy.


Hello. Lovely to join JW and this group. It's interesting to hear what everyone is working on.  I have a completed manuscript set in 18th century St Kilda. After excellent feedback from an agent and others, I decided to send it to a literary consultant for an overview, having had great advice from her on two crime novels. Oh dear. Apparently it's 'over-faithful to the setting and history', it doesn't 'subvert lifestyles and social conventions', and I've made the mistake of 'tidily marrying everyone off'. It was her opinion that publishers just wouldn't be interested in that kind of thing nowadays. Suffice to say, I don't know what to do with it now. It's taken years to get to where it is, and a major edit is unappealing. It's all so subjective, I guess. I read HF that subverts social conventions and I love it, but I also like HF that is true to the setting and time. Luckily I have other projects on the go, so this one is resting for now. Time will tell!  All the best, Helen

I'm working on a novel that I plan to set in late Roman Britain.  I'm just in the initial planning stages.

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I've been researching HF markets to submit to. Haven't tried any of these yet, but I thought I'd share as there don't seem to be so many opportunities for HF short fiction out there:






Hi All, as someone new to attempting the noble art of writing historical fiction I've joined to gain understanding from your experience. I got hooked while on holiday in Morocco. I'd always known that the general who defeated Boudicca had crossed the Atlas. After our trip over the Atlas I started scribbling, but checked in Pliny and was bowled over by the fact that Pliny's description exactly matched the rocks and mountains that I had seen. I'd be interested to know how you pick up on the pictures from the past and compare them with the sights today?


Hi everyone,

I'm sorry there have been no comments from me for a while - I've been immersed in editing a chunk of my work, and have only just got back from the 5th century. (You might have to be into history to sympathise :-))  )   I can see that numerous new members have joined the group. I'm still a relative newbie myself, but it's great to see so much enthusiasm for HF, and I'm looking forward to reading all the posts.


Hi everyone

The Matchgirls Memorial poetry & flash fiction (& phone film) competition is open until 31 December. Entry £2 to raise funds for their cause. Their website has great research on the history of the trade union movement and feminism in the UK in the late 19th century. Link below. K.

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I watched a great live interview with my favourite HF writer Bernard Cornwell, last night.

He gave an interesting tip for writing HF. He has a big story and a little story, and he flips them. So in Sharpe the big story is the Napoleonic Wars and the small story is Sharpe's. In the Last Kingdom the big story is the making of England and the small story is Uhtred's. He flips the big story into the background to act as his setting, and brings the small stories to life.

I was also delighted that he's a complete panster. His technique is to put his hero in a tricky situation and then write to find out how they get out of it. From that a story then develops. 

It was run by Fane, and they have a lot of interviews coming up if anybody wants to check them out.

I'd love to know what eras you're all writing about? Do you tend to stay within one period or move around? 

Thank you for letting me join this group. Historical fiction has been my favourite place since I was a child, and when I eventually gave in to the call of writing it was due to particular story from my city’s past that I wanted to tell. I spent a year mulling over the idea, and another year devoting a day a week to research and getting to know the archives, the city council minutes and the joys of 16th century handwriting and language. I loved it! Towards the end of that year  two things happened to stall me: attending a couple of writing workshops which gave me feelings of inadequacy, and needing a new job that could actually pay some bills. Another year on of adjusting to my job and then pandemic, lockdown and homeschooling, and I’m finally making a start on my first draft. Exciting and daunting and all sorts of other feelings. 

Hello, and thanks for approving my membership. I love to read historical fiction but when I write things they tend to come out more on the speculative side rather than the pure historical side! I'm also in the self-publishing and poetry groups here.