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Having noticed a few profiles that refer to poetry I thought it might be a good idea to have a group in  which we could share or comment on each other offerings or just discuss the subject of what often seems to be the Marmite of literary forms.

Alex Falconer
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Does anyone here have a poetry blog they'd like to share? Or is anyone an insta-poet(!)

Alex Falconer
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I suppose you could call this a late-period pandemic poem - I think I'm suffering from remote-connection buildup, even for the more traditional forms like the phone.

Calling Godot

we are sorry that you must wait

your call is important to us

why not call at a later date

thank you for not making a fuss


your call is important to us

while you are waiting here’s a tune

thank you for not making a fuss

we will be with you very soon


while you are waiting here’s a tune

now what else can we do for you

we will be with you very soon

you are moving up in the queue


now what else can we do for you

why not call at a later date

you are moving up in the queue

we are sorry that you must wait


Roy Ingamells
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I like to write a little poetry about things around me.

The  Deer Park

By Roy Ingamells.


The deerless deer park 

Beyond my window lays.

Its untold acres, over hills and dales,

Where King John used to play with

Unhooded hawks, which swoop to catch their prey.

And as I walk the now silent sward,

An unmolested pigeon, in panic, flits

From ancient grass, soughed  softly 

By the winnowing  wind,

To safety in the bright blue beyond.

Alex Falconer
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Is everyone aware of the AskAlli Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast put out by the Alliance of Independent Authors? It comes out every fourth Friday at 1pm but of course you can catch up with each podcast later. There's also a Facebook Live thing which also appears on YouTube.(I don't do FB!) It's a broadcast by Orna Ross, the Director of Alli, who's also a poet, and fellow poet Dalma from Publishdrive.Definitely worth a listen.

I have always dabbled in poetry but never published. I probably write the best when in a low mood! I recently wrote this for my friends, who I hadn’t seen since lockdown. Hope you can read it .


Warning - by Jenny Joseph

I love this, it’s definitely me!

Jaye Sarasin
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What's your favourite poem?  Or does it depend on the day, of the weather, or ther mood?

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Pockets ready
Money in hand
Feet content
To follow on
The steps of others

All those roads not yet walked

Hands open
To be held
And to hold you
In an embrace

Pockets ready
To be filled
With sweets and sand
And loads of dreams

Dreams of grandeur
Dreams of peace
Dreams of beauty
Dreams of green

Pockets ready
To be filled

David J Hall
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My first poetry post - my credo - I welcome your feedback.


Let me not live a luke warm life

A careful, tepid, safe existence

Free from chaos, risk and fear

Let me not live an invisible life

Quietly creeping through the corridors of years

Not waking or shaking the shadows

Neither making a mark nor disturbing the dust

Let me not live a life of lies

Pretending, performing and pleasing

For the sake of fairground prizes

Trading truths for trinkets 

and honesty for petty preferences

Let me not live a loveless life

Shunned by warmth and cold bedded

Unwedded or dead headed

in a war torn wedded winter.

Let me live a dangerous life

Dancing on the dynamite

Juggling the gelignite 

With dreams and hopes 

That may or may not shake the world

Let me live a life of laughter

Pranks and jests at anyone’s expense

Let it reverberate around me like a playgrounds song.

Let me live in hope and expectation

Of bursting days and nights of passion

Smiles and sunshine

Health and friendship

Deep and rich as fine old wine.

Children with their dreams fulfilled

And may I be their hero and they mine

Let me be the best me there can ever be

Proud of who I am and what I do.

Happy with my thoughts when that is all I have

Strong enough and wise enough

To walk the forty days and nights 

With humility and enthusiasm for the quest

Let me not live a luke warm life

But one so on fire the strongest rains cannot extinguish

And when my last day wakes me

Let me face it with the satisfaction 

That all that was placed before me 

Was seized and shaped into a life

That I can be proud to leave

And may my epitaph be carved upon

The hearts of those who journeyed with me

And may it say

He shook the tree of all its fruit

And made good pies and wine

The Downright Hooligan 2005

Holly Seddon
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Hi everyone, 

This might be of interest to you: https://poetryarchive.org/poetry-archive-now

"Introducing Poetry Archive NOW! WordView 2020. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of our first recording this new, contemporary collection will showcase the poets writing today so their poetry can be preserved and shared with the millions of people who visit and love the Archive - let your voice be heard!" 

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I can't figure out how formatting works in these posts, so I'm posting a poem in a comment to see if that works.

Purple Witch
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   One of my more  recent  poems - which had  to  include   three prompt words and  be 100 words or less


Star-strapped, and bound with luminescence, curled around a speckled moon,

the orb-light, hangs, drooped and disappointed in devotion;

caught fast within the darkly crusted curl of sky.  

With graceful awareness, plucked secretly from the flow of years, 

the sphere stretches, distends, and curving,  sickle-sharp, neatly  

 culls comets, crackling and droning, and trailing low

 against the singing blade of darkness, rising and falling.  


Fragments, hard and ferrous, cascading

 bright as grasshoppers, soar over mothy mountains,  

  or roll into emerald seas, where  green light shadows into dark

  and the wheel of  time, crusted in gemstones; jingle-jangling,

portions out the passing of days.