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Community book club

Join the community book club and together we will read a range of books about the craft of writing and the business of being published.

Not wanting to overshadow the monthly read, but I'd like to share the book I'm reading right now because I think it's great for people to dip in and out of.


It's a series of essays/talks spanning 20 years all on the theme of storytelling. They can be read in any order, though I've started with the first and will probably continue as per usual because I don't like to break the rules too much :-D With 32 essays in total, I'm aiming to take one per day like a vitamin pill, but if I get a bit buzzed, I might take days off to let the essays work their magic.

My favourite quotes from the first essay 'Magic Carpets: The Writer's Responsibilities' are:

"When it comes to imaginative language, to rich and inventive imagery, we have to beware. But what we have to beware of is too much caution."

and one especially for Children's writers:

"There's fast-food language, and there's caviar language; one of the things we adults need to do for children is to introduce them to the pleasures of the subtle and the complex."

Who is reading Getting Published and what are your thoughts so far? What's been the biggest takeaway for you?

Who has bought a copy of Getting Published? Any one keen enough to have started reading it?

For any of you who enjoyed John Yorke's book. I'm hoping to watch this. I've heard his talks are very good. 

Hi everyone! For October and the first half of November, we're going to read 'Getting Published: How to hook an agent, get a deal & build a career you love' by our very own Harry Bingham. I'm going to read it alongside you and ask questions, though please don't wait for me to ask and start conversations too! 

And if you've already read it, you can still join the conversation :) 

You can buy it here: 

Hi Community Book Club bods. I joined a few days ago. I'll be interested to know how the book club works - do you read exclusively books on writing or books in general? I've recently learned how to use Borrow Box to borrow ebooks from my local library. You can't alter the settings like you can with the Kindle app, but it's nice to be able to borrow from the library again. 

Now that we're into September, and I'm back from my 'holiday' (I didn't go anywhere) it's time to pick a new book! I'm going to post up some suggestions in a poll and see which one comes out on top! 

Free advanced copy of How to Write a Novel: that will sell well and satisfy your inner artist

We have a really exciting opportunity here, and you’ll need to be quick to grab it!  

Ahead of the publication of Harry Bingham’s How to Write a Novel: that will sell well and satisfy your inner artist, we are offering trusted community members a FREE copy in exchange for an honest review on Amazon within 48 hours of the launch date (28 August 2020). 

To take part and join our ARC (advanced readers’ copy) team , all you need to do is email

Subject line: How to write a novel - arc team

Content of email: Mention that you are a member of the community book club and tell us which country’s Amazon you are a member of (e.g.,, etc). 

Any catch? 

There’s no catch, it’s totally free and we want you to be completely honest in your review. Amazon do have requirements for reviews though, you need to be an existing registered customer and have spent £40, or equivalent in another currency, in the last 12 months. Full info is here: 

Apply before Midnight BST on Friday 31st July.

Hi Everyone relatively new to Jericho and new to this CBC.  I have never heard of Hive but I will use them in future when buying books.  Is therea book reading for July?

Many thanks

Thanks for sticking with us, everyone! I hope to have some exciting news soon about a book choice with a difference... But please, in the meantime, do keep sharing book recommendations and discussions! 

Plot Embryo or Story Circle - whatever you want to call it. Has anyone tried it on their real-life books? How did it work out? 

I watched some of the videos online and tried it on my WIP to try and fix some structural issues and quite liked it. As a Pantser (really hate the term so please can we come up with something nicer?), it gives a bit of framework but doesn't feel overly limiting.

I know it's not a BOOK as such, but it's a method and Googling gets you a good idea of how it works and those who can't afford the time to read a whole book and participate might find this do-able. And since there's no June book...why not?

Hi everyone and welcome to our new members! I've not chosen a book club pick for June as the festival is sucking up all my time at the moment (in a nice, fun way!) but please do continue to chat about any books that you're enjoying, that you recommend or that you feel don't quite hit the mark. We will have some exciting news soon about our own publishing endeavours so hold on to your hats for an announcement soon!