The Short Story Exchange - Share, Read & Comment.

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The Short Story Exchange - Share, Read & Comment.

Let's galvanise an energetic, experimental and enjoyable short story group.

I would love to read your work, give comments and get the ball rolling: so send them through!

The idea is for it to be open to anyone, writing in a general, literary style. But as long as you're proud of it and excited to share, genre is quite irrelevant. Get sharing, get sharing, get sharing!


I'll kick things off with a story I wrote.

After seeing someone on the tube with ridiculously glorious hair I thought, phwoar, I bet everyone in his office fawns over that perfect mess of follicles on the daily. And went from there. 

Hope you enjoy! 

P. S. This is a place to comment. What you like, why you like it, where you think could improve.

Great idea! Look forward to reading some short stories!