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I would like to start a group for people with spiritual interests.

I've written the first two books in my trilogy "Lucy Parker-Patel - The Odysseys"

Back page/ synopsis Book One - "In Search of Kindness" :

Lucy Parker-Patel, a brilliant seventeen-year-old, poses several awkward questions for her father, a theology teacher at a Roman Catholic seminary. He sets her some short essays on the world’s major religions. 

During her studies, Lucy befriends a mysterious young Buddhist monk named Janak Rai, who lost his memory in a recent terrorist attack on the British Embassy in Nepal. A clandestine group, hell-bent on causing chaos throughout the world, watches the young monk. Its members believe he is “The Sign”: one who will deliver a new message of hope for the world.

Lucy meets the beautiful and enigmatic Bridget Byron, the daughter of a billionaire businessman and the local MP. Lucy, Janak, and her friends embark on a quest to restore Janak’s memory and deliver the message of hope.


Welcome, Holly. It's great to have an administrator in the group.
FYI. Each of the two books I have written is quite long: 400 pages, and I'm struggling with finishing the editing.
I've got ProWritingAid which comes up around 90% correct. The thing `I find most difficult is this: the books involve lots of travelling and short essays (from the main protagonist's POV) on the main religions. It ends up with a lot of tell and not so much show. Any suggestions?