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All about self-publishing

For any self-published authors and those curious about self-publishing to share ideas, tips, gripes and successes! 

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Hi everyone! My new thriller is live on Reedsy Discovery and I'd be forever grateful if people could upvote it - it's super easy, just click the 'upvote' button. Reedsy might consider doing extra promotion for books that receive a certain amount of such votes (fingers crossed)

Massive thanks in advance - happy to return the favour :)

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Delighted to share my most recent book which I have self-published on Amazon. It is the prequel to my first book, A Mother's Loss, and is set in 1840s Norfolk. The book is based in our old house which was originally a Victorian pub. Mary meets and marries the man of her dreams only to find she must share him with his best friend. Unfortunately that friend is far too keen on Mary and her husband cannot or will not see the havoc his friend is about to bring to their door.
Happy for you to share if you enjoy it and, of course, always looking for readers to post a review.

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Overjoyed and still a bit dizzy from finding out that my short story collection 'Add Cyanide to Taste' won the 2022 IndieReader Discovery Award for short stories. And I was told that publishers aren't interested in short stories because people don't read/buy them...

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Hey there, 

Wanted to let people know about CC Gimartin's website, where you can download a FREE copy of the reader magnet before the launch of the brand new Colin Buxton crime series. Would be delighted if you can take a look. 

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Here's my latest attempt at a blurb for Fool - for an Amazon sales page and back cover of a paperback. I'm posting here because members of this group will know it's a marketing thing rather than a pitch for trad. publishing. Any thoughts? Or suggestions for improvements?  

FOOL (A dark fantasy horror novel.  Grey Places: Book 1)

Magic which can be horrific or sublime, but is always seductive. A woman who is not allowed to die.

In 21st century Britain, Kenna Alexander lives peacefully, using her gifts with compassion and keeping her secrets. But she’s a wanted woman. Her dark magician brother covets her magic to add to his own. The opposing forces of the universe, commonly called good and evil, are keeping her alive until she picks a side.  

The first move is temptation. Demons help her brother create a unique vampire, designed to lure her with the pleasures of darkness. In retaliation, the powers of Light send a healer-mage to keep her on the path of the righteous. 

They chose the wrong men to do their dirty work, and seriously underestimated Kenna. 

Discovering the extent of her brother’s ruthlessness and cruelty in pursuit of his ambitions, she realises that he can’t be allowed to continue.

With his organisation of world-manipulating mages to be broken, and the vampire’s soul to be saved, will Kenna risk the consequences of revealing her secrets? 

       The future of belief, magic, and humanity’s greatest freedom rests on her decision.

 If you’d enjoy a story which is dark and thought-provoking, and laced through with intricate and visceral magic, you’ll love Fool. 

 NOTE: Written for adults, this book contains bloody rituals, obsession, varied sexual activities, and the expressions of unconventional beliefs, any or all of which may be triggers or cause offence.  

 Reader comments: 

‘Conflicts…fuelled by passion, manipulation, lust, ambition, confusion and resolution, commitments and betrayals, terror overlaid with courage.’

 ‘…has the rare quality of being original, taking elements of classic literature and reworking them into an altogether new material.’

 ‘(Kenna’s) reality is unique among literary heroines…quite a feat in itself.’

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Quick question: Where does one purchase ISBN numbers? Guessing I'll need them if I use IngramSpark to distribute physical books.


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Hi All. 

I've been quiet of late because I'm busy working on book 2 of my series, working with a cover designer for book 1 while also creating a series style to carry forward, and waiting for my line editor to return book 1. Had to shift my hoped-for publication date to end of this year or early next so I can have both ready to publish together or in quick succession. All of you who have advised on series publishing - see, I'm learning :)

A question for those of you who have books out there on Kindle: What pros and cons have you found of doing only e-books (with or without unlimited), as opposed to offering paperbacks at the same time? 

I get paperback covers as part of my designer's package so I'm wondering if I should use them as soon as I publish, or wait and see how the first two novels do as e-books and add paperback versions later.


May not have said much on here, but I've been reading all the experiences which you've generously shared. Many congrats to everyone for all the successes. 

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Hi all. I`m new to the group and really here to learn more about self publishing. I`ve been traditionally published (non-fiction) in the past and hope to be again soon with a current WIP, but considering options with my novel. Looking forward to learning from everyone and hearing success stories about your own self publishing efforts.


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Serial Publishing

I've been struggling with the traditional publishing route and I'm really intrigued with serialized fiction publishing on platforms like Wattpad, Kindle Vella, Substack, etc. 

Putting a self-published book on Amazon seems to have a big build up, but then it is hard to keep interest up. 

A serialized fiction approach seems to have the opportunity for growing interest as the story builds (and the potential for subscription based income).

Each serialized platform seems to have its pros and cons. 

Have any of you looked into these platforms or know of anyone that has experienced success pursuing this route?

This is my first time posting and am brand new to Jericho. I appreciate your comments!

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Hi All

Quick question. 

Does anyone know the quickest way to find out lifetime sales to date of each of my books on Amazon? There is a lot of information available on the dashboard, but not this very straight forward statistic - how many books have I sold in total?

I only seem to be able to do it by a painful adding up of different months of sales.


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Hi everyone

I'm new to the forum and I'm hoping to find some like minded self-publishers with a bit more experience than me for guidance!  I'm a professional portrait artist and author, who has been lucky enough to have three books on how to draw with graphite pencils, published by Search Press. However, I've always had a burning ambition to publish a book on how to paint with pastel pencils.  I did approach my publisher but they had already commissioned another artist to do a pastel book so they weren't interested.  So, I took the plunge and self-published my printed book which was launched on Amazon Feb 14th 2021.

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster since which I'm sure many of you can relate to. Lots of ups and downs, doubts and worries and Amazon, I have to say, have made the journey very, very stressful.  I do have a great website which we are constantly updating where I sell my book as well but currently I'm mainly selling in the UK.  Has anyone out there who has self-published a printed book successfully managed to sell through Amazon in the USA etc?  The process is SO difficult I have given up for now, even though I have my UTR and my registered trademark.  Are any of you selling in the USA through an agent?  How is your marketing going - that's not easy is it either! :-)

Anyway, thank you for reading this and hope to hear back from any other self-publishers out there who bit the bullet and paid to have their dream book printed too :-)