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All about self-publishing

For any self-published authors and those curious about self-publishing to share ideas, tips, gripes and successes! 

Hi Xiaoxing

Welcome to JW! Like Michael in the post below, I have also been on the steep learning curve that is self-publishing. My book The Mystery Shopper & The Hot Tub is finally published tomorrow!

I had never even heard of Self Publishing School until I read your post. 

Jericho Writers has been an invaluable and I think trustworthy source of information on all things to do with self-publishing - especially their online self publishing course free to members.

However, I will say that learning about marketing the book has been the most difficult part of all. It is an overwhelming minefield of information, which you have to assess as to its professionalism and trustworthiness - there are a lot of cowboys out there. There is a plethora of articles, podcasts, books, videos and courses to read and watch that tell you how to do it. However in the end what I really wanted, was to pay someone to actually do the marketing for me, but I have yet to find anyone. I have paid a publicity agent, but they do a slightly different thing.

It is very tough and extremely time consuming and if you are at all non technical and anti social media like me, then it is nigh on impossible without help.

I wish you luck and would certainly advise becoming a JW member and looking at their self publishing course as a starting point.


I am new to self-publishing. I have a finished novel and considered joining a marketing team to help with self-publishing on platforms such as amazon. My question is does anyone in this forum have experience with companies like Self-Publishing School or other companies?  Thank you

Hello everyone,

this is my first post here. I'm just about to self-publish my first novel set in late 15th century Seville 'Blood Libel'. It's been the really steep proverbial learning curve. Happy to pass on my experiences and point people in the direction I've found successful. You can see more about me at

Best wishes


Happy new Year all. As part of my writing commitments this year, I have decided to do some critiquing work for my fellow townhousers. I'm going to do one review of up to 3,000 words per month on request. This month's slot has already been taken, but if you would like me to look through something next month, please let me know. 

Please do note that my critique is direct though I will always give you a positive or suggested alternative where possible. PM me or comment if you're interested.

Hello everybody! I‘m Julie from Kick Tech. Just wondering if anyone is interested in publishing their completed works in our new community of novel fans. We are currently building an open, rich and inclusive platform to engage quality works of all kinds. If you have any completed works, do not hesitate to contact me via, or find me on twitter(Julia Tian). No exclusive copy right is required. We only need your permission to publish the works on our platform. Looking forward to your reply.

In case this is useful: the LondonBookFair has a three ‘Selfie’ categories for anyone self-published this year. But, you need to be quick. The closing date for applications is 1st January 2021. Good luck.

Should have added - other than Amazon

Apple Barry

Print on demand

wonder if anyone has self published in shops using any print on demand companies in the UK.   Barry

Here is a link to a free, promotional copy of Elisant’s Gift, on Kindle.
Elisant reluctantly embarks on a voyage to Nigeria from London, circa 1967. Her inner spiritual trek continues as she learns more about her innate power of healing after accidentally hurting her mother. Can she learn enough before the Nigerian civil war overtakes her, or the U.K. Doctors pull the plug on her ‘incurable’ mum?

Hi All - can anyone give me any advice on how to ensure my self published book gets into the right Amazon categories. I have read so much about it I am getting confused! The categories I think I want (and which must exist as other authors have their books in them) don't actually appear anywhere in the drop down menu available on KDP?! Any advice would be most welcome. Many thanks.

Does anyone have a view on the Indie B.R.A.G medallion? It's a badge of quality for self-published books awarded by the Book Readers Appreciation Group in the USA. You pay $75 for them to read it and, if they like it a lot, you win a medallion to display as part of your marketing materials. I'm trying to gain traction for my recently published book in the US. Will this help or is it a waste of time and money? I'd love to hear from anyone who has experience of this. Thank you!

After spending a good 6 months trying the traditional publishing route without success I decided to have a go at self-publishing. I did everything myself other than getting my daughter to read my book for constructive feedback.

I have to say that I enjoyed the experience of self publishing via Amazon. The KDP process takes you through it step by step and I even used their cover creator tool to develop my cover. My debut novel is now available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback, A Mother's Loss by Caroline Rebisz. 

Initially I have used social media to launch and in a couple of weeks have sold over 30 copies. Not best seller status by any means but it is amazing to read reviews. Any other suggestions on marketing are welcome.