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All about self-publishing

For any self-published authors and those curious about self-publishing to share ideas, tips, gripes and successes! 

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has heard of or had any experience with Spiffing Covers - good or bad? I am considering hiring them for the design of my book cover, typesetting and international distribution.

Thanks guys.

Hi, Fellow indies and hybrids! I write fiction and poetry and haven't actually self-published anything yet. I have lots of theory and no practice.(Also no platform, but I'm working on remedying that. I'm also in the historical fiction and poetry groups here. 

Currently sighing at the fact that this phrase is true when it comes to self-publishing: 'Spend money to make money'. Have had to keep the project on hold for the time being as I save up. Anyone else feeling the same way?

HI Just thought I'd say hello - I'm traditionally published but looking to self-publish some writing that doesn't fit with my publishers. Never done this before so hoping to find out lots of tips and pitfalls to avoid...thanks

Hello All

I am looking for an individual or company that can design the cover of my e-book and paperback. Ideally they would also be able to format and help me get it onto Amazon, as I am technically fairly incompetent! I have a decent budget and would want to be shown two or three options.

I specifically want to go to someone with a proven track record and experience of my genre (women's commerical fiction). Ideally they would also have worked with and achieved book sales for a debut author. 

If any of you have got any recommendations based on your own experience I would be most grateful.

Many thanks


This is so, so interesting and helpful to anyone publishing on KDP! From Rachael Cooper who heads up our publishing arm.

Hi All - I'm new here.

Apologies in advance for my first post being on a tedious subject but I hope that you can help.  As part of my self-pub strategy I was thinking about setting up a simple website with a blog.  I haven't finished my first draft yet but optimism essential? I'm confident about the actual website set up but I wondered about publishing / bloggers insurance? 

Does anyone have a similar set up - do you have / would you recommend insurance 

Any thoughts or comments gratefully received.


Hi all.

I was just wondering if anyone can shed any light on Rachel Abbott's current status quo? I had always been led to believe by JW that she was self- published and yet when I looked at her latest book, it would appear that she has been published by Bookouture???

I am confused. Is Bookouture not a publisher? Do they not make authors go through the usual submission routes to publication?

Any comments gratefully received.


Hi there,

Glad to have joined this group! I have started on a self-publishing project of a collection of short stories. The interior formatting for both the e-book and paperback were more or less finished then my friend, who had volunteered to handle the technical demands of interior formatting, pulled out. I have tried looking on fiverr for someone to finish the project but the freelancers there don't seem keen. I don't have the original as MS Word. The ebook and paperback are intended for Amazon only.

Does anyone know of an interior formatter who can and is willing to edit a PDF file and an e-pub file?. It's basically just a question of adding five pages at front and back of book. Thank you!

Hi all,

Happy to join this group and learn more about yourselves and self-publishing.

I've just released Memoirs of a 20th Century Gentleman, currently available as a free giveaway until the end of the month, please follow the link below or visit our website for more info.

I'm learning a lot about marketing, book bloggers and more and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge within the group.

Many thanks,


James B. Hansom

Can anyone recommend an App that would make a 3D image of a book from my 2D book cover, for use as an image for FB Ads? I work on a MacBook Pro. Thanks!

For What It's Worth:

I have spent the best part of the past year researching both the traditional publishing route and the self publishing route. I have watched the entire video series on self publishing by JW. It seems to me that if you want to self publish, then Ron is right, marketing is key (says so in JW video series). The issue for many of us more mature folk (!) may be that digital marketing is anathema to us. I abhore social media and technology yet it is clear to me that I have to have an author website, build up an e-mail marketing list (very very difficult indeed for debut authors) and engage at least to some degree in FB,Twitter, book blogger sites etc. I am not going to do it. It will kill me before my book gets read by anybody! Instead of prostituting myself in this way, I have decided that I am going to get a pimp! I will invest my money not in a full manuscript assessment but in a year's worth of marketing done by a digital marketing expert, overseen by me. I will do some face to face PR and radio if I can get it. I have confidence and faith in my writing and truly believe that this is what will get my writing seen, along with a very well designed book cover and jacket blurb.  It was only when I read the stats about what authors can earn SP rather than the trad route that I truly understood why the trad route must be on its knees. I have been a business woman all my life and as far as publishers and literary agencies are concerned, I don't think I have ever seen a more unsustainable way of operating a business.  

As a newbie and debut novel writer, what does intrigue me, is that a really rubbish book, if marketed properly can still get good sales but those readers are unlikely to buy the next in the series I am guessing? So the debut novel does have to be really good, you need to write a lot of free stuff, and preferably a series if you want long term success and ongoing and relentless marketing is pre-requisite. I suspect younger authors find this much easier. 

I would be intrigued to know what others think.