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All about self-publishing

For any self-published authors and those curious about self-publishing to share ideas, tips, gripes and successes! 

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Can anyone tell me about StoryOrigin? Is it any good? Does anyone have experience with it? Thanks in advance! :)

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Has anyone used Draft2Digital for formatting or other services?

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Hi folks...This is a question that has been asked before but times change. I am a first time writer with a proofed MS, a website and good feedback from test readers. The book is a 110K word genre fiction novel. I don't need an advance. Should I go through the waiting process to try and get an agent or just self-publish straight away?  Is there any advantage in the traditional route (in the unlikely scenario that I can interest an agent)? 

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Has anyone here ever used Vellum? I have now read several blogs on how it works, and it does seem possible, if a little complicated. Just wondered if anyone had actually used it, and if not did you use an interior book designer? It may be that I am over-complicating things and in fact WORD works as well as anything else. But I don’t have the experience to know. Thanks.

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I would like to ask some questions about self-publishing. I’ve looked at Reedsy, IngramSpark and Fiverr and I see their 8 steps to publishing but there are still a few things I’m confused about.

1. Is Vellum for book formatting?

2. Is book formatting the same as interior book design? 

3. If you print with IngramSpark can you still have distribution on Amazon and vice versa?

4. If you get a cover designer are they designing back and front covers?

5. Has anyone tried the print on demand versions of books. Are they nice? Ugly?

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Hi Caroline

It's a shame you've missed the opportunity to grab e-mail addresses from your existing readers, but I think getting a website up and running would be sensible a a first step. Your e-mail marketing and thereby your e-mail list can all be done from there too. I used - not perfect but satisfactory for my short - medium term needs.

You would need to put your website address in the back matter of your existing books and offer something free to future readers who sign up to your list.  

If you have social media at all, then I would ensure you let everyone know about your new website once it's up and running, but preferably only once you have written something from them for free to download to encourage them to hand over that precious e-mail address, otherwise they may just read your blog and leave.

I only have one book out and using Harry's method, I have been able to already build a small e-mail list - around 50 members (should be double that by the time my second book comes out), but I know for sure these are people who liked my book and will almost certainly buy the next one...and of course I have their e-mails to be able to let them know when that will be available!

Hope that helps


PS I don't have Facebook and am playing around the fringes with Instagram.

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Fellow writers I'm after some advice. I have self published two books now. Initially I have shared my books because I wanted to see how well received they would be. The first one has received some really good feedback - early days on book 2. 

I haven't got a website yet and thinking about when to take that step. Does anyone out there have an email list without a website or do you need a website before you can build your email list. Appreciate any comments and suggestions. 

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The first time I self-published on Amazon, I did it out of convenience and impatience. I didn't know much about the nitty-gritty of publishing and didn't invest much time in marketing or anything else. The book sold moderately okay but I didn't think I'd want to self-publish another book.

Well, my second book is coming out in September. What a journey this has been! Jericho Writers were such an important part of it too. Last year's Summer Festival of Writing got me thinking about what I really wanted with my writing career and what was the best option for the kind of stories I want to tell. Joanna Penn's and Roz Morris' courses were amazing and I watched most of the webinars and courses on Jericho. I learned so much more than I ever imagined, about publishing, writing, editing and how to produce a great book that I can be proud of.  

This gave me enough courage to write the kind of book I always wanted to read. Dark stories for foodies. Even though short stories aren't supposed to sell, even though it's kind of cross-genre and hard to pin down.

I'm super proud and excited to share with you my collection of culinary noir 'Add Cyanide to Taste'. All stories include a culinary element, from food being used as a setting, as a motive, a murder weapon etc. There are recipes too, all cyanide-free and for dishes featured in the stories. 


And because I wouldn't have done it without Jericho Writers, I thought it was fair to mention this in the acknowledgments. I hope it encourages others to join and get the writing support & empowerment they need.

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Does anyone here have experience of using ProWriting Aid? I know I will have to find a good human editor, but running my draft MS through an AI editing tool first seems like it could be a good idea. 

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Really excited that my second novel is now published on Amazon as eBook, paperback and Kindle Unlimited.

A Costly Affair is a psychological drama with a twist. Madeline has everything she wants. Husband, kids, career and money. But a chance meeting turns her world upside down. What will she do to hide her mistake?

As with my first novel I have done everything myself - not in this to make money but just for personal satisfaction. I did get a friend to proof read for me which was invaluable. There is no feeling like it when you press Publish Now!

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Well, I thought I'd share the exciting news ... I have officially got the ball rolling with the publication of my novel! I have selected my cover designer/interior formatters/methods of publication/etc, and am beginning the process of getting my cover made for me. It's very exciting because I have been sitting on this manuscript for far too long. Time to get this book made! If all goes well, I hope to be able to release it sometime in November. 

So yeah, just had to get that off my chest, haha. 

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Hello everyone. I have just joined this community and getting used to the platform - forgive me if this is repetition and please point me to the correct page. FORMATTING Help! My manuscript is ready. Edited, proofread, proofread again. I have pre-orders and thought I was ready to publish on 1st July BUT this week I feel totally confused and let down by Ingram Spark upload and self-format option. 

I am quite tech savvy but having faffed around for a few hours at a time this week I do not feel confident to format my memoir myself. I thought I could use software to make my own PDF but I time is short and life feels pretty full at the moment.  I am willing to pay someone - I had a quote for £300 which seems steep for a few hours work to someone who knows what they are doing?  Another for £1 per 1000 words but he wouldn't supply me any testimonials so I'm hoping for some reliable recommendations. 

Anyone used Ingram and got really good instructions?! Or experience of one of the "easy to use" upload softwares?  Or a wonderful human to recommend? 

Thank you

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