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Crime, Mystery & Thriller Authors

For anyone currently writing - or interested in writing - crime, thriller, mystery and suspense novels. Let's talk about police procedures, twists they won't see coming and the darker side of characters...

I am looking for "accurate" info on organized crime in Canada. Any referrals to docs or books would be appreciated. 

Here's something for all the crime peeps out there.


As an Intellectual Property solicitor (currently non-practising), I'd be interested to get some answers to the following:

Has anyone ever had any legal concerns/queries about their writing (such as copyright, defamation, or other intellectual property concerns)? If so, what were your concerns? What sort of thing would you like to know more about? 

Examples may be use of quotes, references, fan fiction etc. 

Thank you so much!

Thank you @L for the competition alert. I wish I could, but I don't reside in the UK.

Competition details for aspiring crime writers.

Hello, All, and Happy New Year!  I'm working on my "jacket blurb" and would love some feedback on what I have so far.  I appreciate any input, but I'm especially concerned about length and whether or not it's interesting enough to make you want more.

Thanks so much!!

Sam lives in modern-day Washington D.C. with a great job as an analyst for the NSA...until she is laid off in the wake of a long, drawn-out government shut down.  The lay-off came at a terrible time, just as she had a breakthrough on a strange case she was assigned regarding the disappearance of four hikers.  However, this twist of fate comes with a silver lining: a new job opportunity with a well-known government contracting firm, The Baxter Group.  Gaining a role there as a field operative would allow her to continue her work on the case of the missing hikers.  Being a field agent is her dream job—the job she’s spent years grooming herself for—but she must prove herself first in an extensive training environment.

Benjamin Baxter, the Director of Field Operations at The Baxter Group, was a field operative for nine years until his grandfather, John Baxter—the founder and CEO of The Baxter Group—pulled him out of the field and put him in the Director role.  Ben resents this new role and craves being in the field again.  When the profile for a field operative trainee, Evangeline Grace Sampierre (Sam), comes across his desk, he balks at her lack of experience, but through her finds a way back into the field.

Sam—focused, headstrong, and a recovering social recluse—needs to earn the respect of her would-be boss, Benjamin Baxter.  But her stubborn need to always be in control and self-reliant plagues her.  She is determined to solve the case of the missing hikers, but can she do it on her own?

Ben—smart, handsome, but painfully aloof—has to navigate his new role as a leader while satisfying his need to be in the field.  Will Ben give Sam a chance to prove herself?  

Sam and Ben—two people from two different worlds—collide unexpectedly under a shared purpose at Hampton National Forest.  What will they learn? How will they grow and change?  And to what lengths are they willing to go to get what they want?

I have just joined this sub-group of JW, so will provide some background.  I am writing a true crime story - I guess it qualifies as a police procedural/memoir.  Lots to learn and I look forward to interacting with the group.

Very excited to dive into my Christmas book haul! Did anyone else almost exclusively ask for books this year?!

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas! For these days of—hopefully relaxation—here’s a podcast that I really enjoyed listening to: Listening to the Dead, with Lynda La Plante. Lots of intriguing info. Very well done. 

Record of a death. This is a question for U.K. before 1995 ie prior to internet. If you knew someone was dead but only knew a name, date of birth and town of birth, how would you check if the person had died? Would you need to look at the register in the place they were born or would you need to know where they had died and go there? Did birth and death certificates tie together somehow? Would you look at them (1995) on paper or microfiche? Anyone know? 

Hi! I’m Marina, I’m Greek but presently based in France. I’ve written two detective/mystery novels, featuring rookie PI Fleur Addams. One is set on a yacht in the Aegean, the other in the world of international horse racing. Both unpublished. I would prefer to go the trad route, since I’d much rather be writing than flogging books, but, despite a few agents asking to see the full ms, I’ve not managed to get representation yet. Sigh... It all seems so random. A matter of luck, coming upon the right person at the right time. I don’t know if you guys agree? Anyway, happy to have found a group of like-minded loonies, and looking forward to picking the brains of some of you regarding police and authenticity matters. 

Hello. I've just joined JW. Great to be able to connect with other writers like this. I work part-time as a lawyer. I have had two police procedurals traditionally published. I now have two psychological thrillers (and one historical fiction and one contemporary fiction) ready for marketing, but no takers as yet. I'm considering self-publishing. It's a hard time to try and get an agent, I think, or maybe it's just me! Anyway, I look forward to engaging with you all and learning from each other. Take care. Helen