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For anyone currently writing - or interested in writing - crime, thriller, mystery and suspense novels. Let's talk about police procedures, twists they won't see coming and the darker side of characters...

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Hey everyone, 

I received an emaiil from ProWriting Aid that they're having another Writing Week, but this one is on Crime. It's from June 20-24, 2022. Here is the link to sign up if you're interested:

Happy writing


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After having worked on my thriller for 3 years (those revisions never end, do they?), it's really gratifying to read this rather positive BookLife review which just made the rest of my year. 

Are there any other review/crime fiction sites people would recommend engaging with in the weeks prior to publication?

Thanks in advance for your advice

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Hey there, 

Wanted to let people know about CC Gimartin's website, where you can download a FREE copy of the reader magnet before the launch of the brand new Colin Buxton crime series. Would be delighted if you can take a look. 

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Is anyone here taking part in CrimeFest this year? I'll be there, so let me know - happy to meet up

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If you live in the South West, the Exeter Authors Association has organised a promising event called ‘An Afternoon of Crime Fiction’ at South Molton Library, Devon on Friday 6th May from 2-3.30pm. It includes four interesting talks about different aspects of writing thrillers, horror and crime. So if you have the chance, you know where to go!

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Hi all!

I just wanted to share with you a great opportunity from Greene & Heaton that they recently told us about. It's exclusively available to unagented crime and thriller writers!

Details below!

The Greene Door Project 

Greene Door is back! Following the success of our mentoring scheme in November last year, we are thrilled to announce that we are reopening applications from writers from under-represented backgrounds to receive a Zoom feedback session from an agent at Greene & Heaton – but this time, we’re specifically looking for crime and thriller writers. 

Greene Door is committed to discovering talented writers and help increase diversity of representation in the publishing industry. This opportunity is open to unagented crime and thriller writers who are under-represented in terms of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability or socio-economic background. We’re keen to hear from any writers. 

  • We are offering ten promising writers a Zoom session with an agent for feedback on their work, with the opportunity to ask questions about the industry and learn more about how to be successful within the crime and thriller genre. 

  • We are inviting writers from under-represented backgrounds to submit a covering letter, synopsis of their work and up to 5,000 words of the opening of their novel to be read by one of our agents. It is not a requirement to have a completed manuscript at the time of applying. 

  • Please send your applications to All submissions should be at least 1.5 line spaced with page numbers and clearly marked with your name and contact details on the title page. Please include ‘The Greene Door Project’ in the subject line. 

  • The closing date for entries is Wednesday 28th March 2022. 

  • Successful writers will be contacted by a Greene & Heaton agent by Wednesday 20th April 2022, to schedule a thirty-minute feedback Zoom session in May, depending on the writer’s and agent’s availability. Feedback may consist of editorial advice, answering any questions the writer might have about the publishing industry, or general guidance for how an author may progress towards publication. 

  • We can only accept applications from unagented writers. We hope the feedback sessions will be valuable opportunities for writers to receive support and advice from an agent. 

  • We’re only looking for crime and thriller submissions at the moment – but we’ll be offering opportunities for other specific genres later in the year, as well as another mentoring scheme for all genres in the autumn. Crime and thriller subgenres can include anything from police procedural to cosy murder mysteries, from psychological thrillers to high-concept suspense, from historical detective stories to literary crime.

Good luck!

Savannah :)

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Hi Everyone! I have a question regarding protags with addiction issues. I'm writing a psychological thriller in which the MC has experienced childhood trauma, which manifests in various ways, including alcohol and pill addiction. It isn't all about her addictions, but these obviously influence her character and decisions, etc. I recently received some feedback on my synopsis from a published thriller writer who said that she liked my writing but warned me that drugs and alcohol have been "done" and that editors will ask you to remove any references to alcohol abuse and pill-popping. As someone who has been sober for 10 years, I naturally gravitated towards creating a main character who struggles with addictions and must overcome them, but my novel isn't about me, so I'm not above altering these details. She has plenty of other issues! Just curious whether any of you have been told something similar?  Thanks!

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I'm in the final stages of a novel. Would anyone care to go over the first three chapters, take a look at a synopsis of each of the 29 chapters plus Glossary, help me finalize a name and advise on how to write an overall synopsis of a complex plut in such a small allowed number of words?

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Dear Crime & thriller writers - I'm sharing this invitation to submit for a ghost anthology, in case some of you write (or want to try writing) a ghost story for middle grade. The short stories and flash fiction accepted for publication will be published in 2023 by Idle Time Press. There's also a little reward for the best story/flash fiction. Submit until May 1st 2022.

Idle Time Press Announces Submission Opportunity

Project: When Ghosts Come in From the Cold, a collection of short stories and flash fiction for middle grade readers (aged 9-12)

Genre: Scary stories containing ghosts, with plenty of things that go bump in the night, ecto-plasma, orbs and poltergeists, sinister characters with ghastly secrets who reside in the most unexpected places, or just plain scary ghosts. Short stories of not more than 3000 words, flash 300 – 500 words will be considered. Humour is good. Violence and foul language not good. Romance is okay, sex not okay.

Payment: One (1) cash prize of $100 USD for best story and one (1) cash prize of $100 for best flash. Three (3) copies of When Ghosts Come in From the Cold to all selected for publication.

Submission Criteria: All short stories and flash must have gone through rigorous editing process prior to submission, in other words, it must be ready for publication. Before submitting, ask yourself, “Would I recommend this to someone I like?” Writers may submit up to three stories or flash for consideration, but only one (1) may be accepted for publication. Simultaneous submissions okay. Previously published stories and flash okay with written permission from previous publisher. We cannot guarantee your submission will be accepted. 

Send your submission as text in the body of an email to In subject area write: GHOSTS. Be sure to include your contact information and a 50-75 word bio that includes previous publications as well as why you like this genre.

Submission Deadline: 1 May 2022

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Hi everyone ! First novel and first book in a new murder mystery series is now out in ebook format. Print versions in the works.

Title : An Evil Planned. By Theo Faurez (c'est moi !)

Ancient Rome. Murder, mystery and magic in the reign of emperor Trajan.A Greek heiress murdered in broad daylight; uncooperative family members; a rejected suitor; an elusive Roman blackmailer; back-stabbing Greeks. Introducing Captain Antonius Sabas and his teams of amateurs out to catch a killer. But what secrets from the Captain's past threaten his future ?

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Hi everyone, this year I published my first crime fiction book, and am super proud to have finally ventured into the genre. The Ebook is still 50% Off at the moment Hopefully the next one follows in 2022.

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My novel is coming along, now I would welcome being able to send chapters 1 - 3 to a few interested readers for opinions. Look forward to hearing from anyone.