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Crime, Mystery & Thriller Authors

For anyone currently writing - or interested in writing - crime, thriller, mystery and suspense novels. Let's talk about police procedures, twists they won't see coming and the darker side of characters...

Good Covid morning everyone,

Whoa I’d like to say I’m back full time but things are fluid here. I’m sure everyone has seen the riots on television. Nothing in our immediate vicinity where we live but Kansas City proper isn’t good. Such a shame from the incident till now.
I now have time to read something other than data on infection control. Moving about the city has become much easier but most venues aren’t open. We’ll see a lot of unemployment here in the US.
I hope all is well where you are in the world. 

Hi everyone

 I’ve been sending my book out to Beta Readers and I’m in the process of putting together a submission package to agents. 

My problem appears to be genre. I’m writing a series with two main characters and started out with the ‘Falco’ or ‘Sam Wyndham’ end of the ‘investigations’ spectrum in mind. I thought I would fall between Crime and Cosy Mystery. My readers however are saying they like the ‘gritty realism’. Should I be pitching at either the Crime or Murder Mystery markets? Or both?


Hi, I've just completed editing my first novel and am in the process of submitting to agents.

Hi Everyone 

Thanks for letting me in. I’m not sure if I qualify as my new book would probably fit in the ‘cosy’ mystery category. That said I’d be happy to exchange work for swap reads. (Or post here for group critiques). 
My first published novel ‘A Bruised Reed’ was crime fiction - a cop investigating sexual abuse in a school.
I hope you’re all staying safe and keeping well in these testing (no pun intended) times.

Best wishes.

Just a quick hello to everyone and introduction. I'm Chris and I write military/spy thrillers. I live in the south of England and spend a lot of nights in hotels, writing. I have self-published in the past but I'm now looking to head down the traditional route. Looking forward to getting to know you.

Noir at the Bar has moved online due to the current situation. If anybody's interested it runs every Wednesday evening (UK time) and each week 5 different authors read from their latest crime/suspense/thriller novel and answer questions. It's free to attend and you can register here for details: 

Anybody interested, the At Home Literary Festival has a panel about Women & Crime tomorrow, 10th April from 5-6pm and then a conversation from 6-7pm with Samantha Downing about her psychological thriller My Lovely Wife. For more info: 

I'm currently working on my third crime novel - the next instalment in a series featuring DI Matthew Denning and DS Molly Fisher. I have the basic story, but still need to flesh out some ideas.

Does anyone want to post a piece of their WIP, maybe a scene? The first, middle, or last X pgs.? How do we operate in here other than to say hello and mention our work? 

I may be doing something wrong. I don't see any forums or posts. Is it me?

Hi. My name's Eric - a new member. I also live in New Zealand as per the previous post. I have completed a novel  called TOMORROW'S RAIN Will Wash The Stains Away. I have classified it as a thriller. After reading a string of very mediocre books I said to my wife I could write a better book than than this. 'Put your money where your mouth is,' she said. So I did, but it has to be good enough to be picked up by a traditional publisher. No self-publishing, though I'm wavering as after many submissions I've had no luck.I entered the story in a competition for unpublished authors and was short-listed to the final 5 from 508 entries. This encouraged me to engage an independent New York editor to guide me through story enhancements. She gave it the thumbs up, as have other readers. Agents are another matter.

I'll keep trying. Regards, Eric    


Hi all. I'm Trudi and I live in NZ but am a regular at the annual JW festival in York. My WIP is a crime/coming-of-age crossover that is more about the hero's journey than the crime that propels it. Recent readers and professional assessments have variously described the book as a literary novel, a psychological thriller, a mystery, a coming of age story and most recently, reading-group fiction. So I've settled on the crossover above for now.        I thought it was finished last year but can't stop tinkering with it.

'Editing is Addictive' could be a forum topic.