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Crime, Mystery & Thriller Authors

For anyone currently writing - or interested in writing - crime, thriller, mystery and suspense novels. Let's talk about police procedures, twists they won't see coming and the darker side of characters...

If anybody is interested I'll be attending the Noir at The Bar online event on Wednesday where I'll be reading an extract from my debut novel along with seven other crime authors. If you'd like to attend you can use the following link to register, and you should then receive an email at the  weekend confirming the speakers where you can RSVP (it's a free event)

Hello, all!  Sorry I've been so quiet.  I'm looking for 1 or 2 beta readers to read "Book 1" of my writing project (calling it "Book 1" because I haven't decided on a name yet).  It's about 80k words.  Brief synopsis: 

"Sam has been working for years to solve the disappearances of seven hikers through her job with a US Government agency.  Just as she had a major breakthrough, a Government shut-down hit, which causes her to get laid off.  She is then hired by a reputable Government contracting firm and, after an extensive training program, is re-assigned to the missing hiker case.  But when she receives a tip that leads her to Hampton National Forest and to the person possibly responsible for the missing hikers, she soon discovers that solving the case would come at a price."

I'm happy to read something of yours in return!!  Let me know if you can help me!

Hello all. I’m new to the group. I’ve just finished my SFD (shitty first draft) which is a domestic noir thriller (I think that’s how to describe the genre) and one of the things I’d love some help with is understanding my genre choice - how do I know how to define my genre when ‘thriller’ has such a broad scope? How do I know I’m selecting the correct genre? I’d love any help you can give me please.


Without giving away any spoilers... which book's twist or big reveal shocked you the most? 

We are writing crime novels so at some point we need specific details from all sorts of experts. Who do you go to for your criminal research? I write psychological crime, not police procedural but I still need information from the police. Would it be useful for us all to share info or have a kind of Q&A slot?

Hello, all!

I am about a month away from finishing book one in my series (books 2 through 4 are already done, though book 5 hasn't been started yet; I'm just going back and filling in a portion of the story that I left a placeholder for, intending to come back to it). Would love to line up a few beta readers, if anyone is interested! I'll read yours, if you'll read mine! 😉

This is my first time doing anything like this, so I'm really anxious to get feedback, especially in regards to pacing, plot holes, and how to make my twists twistier!

Hi guys. I'm new to the group. I'm a published author writing crime thrillers but seeking new representation. I look forward to chatting with other, like-minded, people. 

Hello, I've been blocked by some traumatic experiences from writing for almost 30 years. Crime has many faces. Starting to write, whatever the outcome, or even finishing a novel, l feel like righting something outrageously wrong. It's deeply satisfying. I keep coming back to crime, mystery & thrillers, because life tends to sparkle in its most beautiful fashion when death is just an inch away.  

 I live in the (too?) tidy city of Munich. English is my second language, please have mercy.

Hello fellow crime, mystery & thriller writers. For those of you writing novels, do you find that you have all three elements in your writing - crime/mystery/thriller? 

Hello everyone,

I'm working a third draft of my mystery thriller after an experienced editor tore into it. She has been so helpful and suggested I query five agents after the rewrite and let her know what they say. She was complementary of my story but that it required work. A lot of work, but with her assistance I'm on it. Excited.



I'm new to this group. I have a techno-thriller I am currently querying with 3 MS requests so far, but no one has taken the bait yet. 

I was 27 years a criminal prosecutor and for the last 10, I specialized in cyber-crime, on-line wiretap and digital evidence. I would be glad to assist anyone with police procedure and investigative questions (to the limit I am allowed to).

Looking forward to hearing from others trying to break into this market.

Question. In my book, the investigators are FBI. I chose that agency as very few agencies have the ability to do what I portray them doing. What do people think about whether that is a bar to signing with British agents/publishers? The plot moves around all over the world.



My debut novel Night Driver was published in 2018 about German serial killer Fritz Haarmann and I've just completed a second novel The Crossroads Bones about ancient injustice for those who were executed or subject to deviant burials at the crossroads.