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Happy Friday everyone. Not even looked at my writing for a couple of weeks. Had to go into work on my days off and busy family stuff at weekends. Just sat down with a rather acceptable pinot grigio and allowed myself to think about it again. I am waiting for feedback on my latest edit from some very harsh critics (my kids) so hopefully a step closer to submitting. May be asking you all for your expert views again soon. 😀

Feeling very confused! Agents seem to be saying different things! Feel,like giving up but I won’t!


A virtual festive shindig/Q&A on 10th December 2020, details here: 

Sitting in the blue chair today. Haven’t done any writing, engrossed in  painting the house. Have booked two one to ones. It will be interesting to see if they say similar things. Starting to feel despondent With the publishing world! 

In the words of Jimmy Buffet - It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

1000 words today and I'm flagging! pen down - wine o'clock - cheers.image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=293&dpx=2&t=1605281727

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Wine o'clock?

(please don't judge - bear in mind I'm on European time and bars are now closed from 6 pm so we've got to find our fun somewhere ;-)

Have thrown myself into painting the house having sent my manuscript off! Trying to ignore the nagging urge to look at emails every ten minutes to see if any acknowledgement good or bad! I’ve even resorted to asking for a sign. I’ve had many signs over the last few days, the dog barked at the laptop (must be a sign), the biscuits fell from the shelf ( must be a sign), the sink blocked (must be a sign], it started raining..... you get my drift! Unfortunately my signs just seem to be everyday occurrences, oh well I’ll carry on kidding myself!😂😂😂😂😂😂

Hi all. Well it’s Saturday night and I’m on my third gin! Have sent my manuscript off to a fair few agents and feeling impatient. It’s such a horrible time waiting. Just a no is better than nothing! How is everyone?

Jane Turner
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Does anyone else have trouble ending a book? I don't mean resolving the plot or tying up the loose ends, but actually finding a good place to stop & type The End.

No one wants the kind of cheesy "feel good" effort that the US TV series used to serve up, but I feel there should be some little neat twist or comment to leave the reader happy, rather than a general wind down or, worse still, a fizzle. 

It's not something you can generally plan for but I always hope that as I get there, something will suggest itself.

This time, so far, it hasn't 😏 Hmmm...

Hi everyone, are any of you planning to take part in NaNoWriMo this year? We've started a new group on here for anyone taking part, curious or looking to support those who are having a go! 

Hi everyone, I have something here that might add a bit of sunshine to this gloomy Tuesday! To thank you all for being so brilliant and for really helping to make this community such a lovely, supportive and interesting place, we're giving a special 10% off all editorial products especially for Townhouse members. It's only until Friday so hopefully if you were considering taking out a manuscript assessment or submission park or any of our other editorial products, this will be a nice surprise. Just add this code when you check out: Townhouse-flash-editorial-discount 

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What's the one thing that helps you work through a plot knot? For me, it's getting into water (no phones, no distractions). I'm so hoping the swimming pools don't have to be closed again because my writing will definitely take a hit!