York Festival of Writing Attendees 2022

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York Festival of Writing Attendees 2022

A group for everyone going to York Festival of Writing 2022! 


Hey all, just to let you know that we've changed the FNL deadline to give you more time to submit. The deadline is now 23:59 on August 7th. So if you were panicking trying to get your submission ready, you can take a deep breath - and then get back into editing! 


Pleased to see the computer glitch on the Itinerary is now fixed. Sorry to raise another problem. I have booked my Agent One to Ones but am struggling to find a link to upload material for the agents to see. Please would someone advise how to do this. . 

Just booked my train tickets for York. Can't wait to get there. Going to have some time before the start and at the end to look around the old place, I left my home in York to go to drama school in 1986, I wonder how much it's changed...

Hi, I'll be coming to the festival in York.  Looking forward to it. .Megan Brebner

Hello! Very much looking forward to this weekend as it'll be the first in person writing event I've done since COVID, and I only found Jericho writers in that 2020 covid summer festival - very definitely the upside and bright spot in a very bad year. I've got two finished manuscripts (both unpublished) and am currently writing a totally new, and very different for me, novel. The covid years were initially great for having time to write, then awful for having too much time and getting lazy. So real life, and real people, coming back is grand.  I'm based just outside Glasgow, close to Loch Lomond and yeah, I know how lucky I am :-)

Alright. Come clean. Anyone else tempted to use Jericho's free query letter advice service to obtain feedback on query drafts?

No longer scribbling alone!

Looking forward to this weekend very much. I won't mind much if my work is not what anyone's looking for - nor if it dawns on me that I'm not the writer I'd like to be.  Just the opportunity to participate in workshops and to be surrounded by other people facing the same demons as I am, is grand by me. 

Meanwhile - these 1:1s. I've chosen an agent and a book-doctor/publisher and am happy with my choice. Here's the rub - I'll try, but I doubt I'll even finish my first draft of 90k words although I'm on 65k now.  So, I wouldn't normally even approach an editor, let alone an agent at this point. Is anyone else in the same boat? I'm wondering whether to be frank up-front in my query letter, or tack it on apologetically at the end 8-)

I confess to embarrassment that it took me a year to get this far!

Hello everyone! This will be my first visit to York (and my first writing festival). Coming from Geneva, Switzerland, but am originally from the US. I've got two manuscripts I'm querying/revising, one thriller set in Cambodia and a sci-fi book about refugees. Looking forward to meeting you all and making some new friends and contacts!

Hello everyone.  This will be my third visit to York and to those who haven't been before you will not be disappointed.  I have managed to successfully book 1 to 1 sessions but when I try to reserve places on the courses and save each session separately, everything works fine until I confirm the itinerary and then it comes back with "No Selection"  Their appears to be a glitch or am I the only one experiencing this problem.  

Hello Everyone,

I'm super-excitedly looking forward to the festival and meeting you all! Is anyone else going for the first time too? Finally done choosing my courses and agents (phew!)

Not sure where my post has gone ... but I'm coming too! This is both brave and foolhardy because I'm a wheelchair user with fatigue issues, and don't normally go anywhere without my beloved in support. However, the thought of spending a whole weekend with my "Tribe" was too much of a temptation, can't wait to meet everybody! I'm the crazy lady in the pink wheelchair so please come and say hello if you spot me - it's not easy to begin a conversation when you're a bit shy and sitting down at the level of other people's navels! I write women's/commercial fiction and currently submitting my third novel.

Hi Guys. Well it's official. I am an idiot! Have now managed to book all my sessions and 1:1s. Would advise everyone to get cracking on their bookings, especially 1:1s as they are going fast.

I just hope my writing is better than my pathetic technical ability!!

I am writing a memoir of my career teaching prisoners "inside". What's everyone else writing?