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21 year-old writing Historical Fiction and Medieval Fantasy. In the process of working towards the publication of my first novel. 


Hello everyone! 

I have been ridiculously busy with study for my exam (I'll be done soon!!), but I thought I would pop in to say that research can be one of the most fun and enjoyable things you can do as a historical fiction writer. For example: I watched the movie El Cid recently (yes, the epic, the wonderful, amazing, one of a kind film that Hollywood just doesn't seem to make anymore) and as always it was excellent and remains one of my favourite films of all time. But... (as usual) Hollywood gets it wrong. And I know that. But then, I read somewhere on someone's novel blurb something that totally messed with the history in my head. I thought, 'That's not right.' So... I set off on a long path of fascinating research and procrastination from my studies... 😄

In short, I just wanted to find all the actual historical facts of what hapenned in the story of the great El Cid Campeador. And, well, I just got sucked in. The difficulty with famous historical figures like that is that there can be a LOT of legend and folklore that gets mixed in with the history and the challenge can be to try and separate the two and find out what is fact and what is fiction. Anyway, I ended up researching for like two full days and learned so much more than I was expecting. It read like the plot of a novel! You just can't beat history - it's the best. Fiction comes out of it. 

So... the verdict? El Cid the movie is awesome, El Cid the real story is even better! And, love your research. It will inspire you and you will learn so much along the way. Who knows? You may be researching something really small and seemingly insignificant but something that you need for your novel and suddenly: BOOM! you get sucked in and hooked and the research opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities. In the end, we are all storytellers, not historians. But the fact that there is a wealth of stories already there  to delve into tickles my fancy. 😄

That's all from me for today! I'd better get back to reading Shakespeare's Othello. 

Happy researching! 

Jordan S-C

The following synopsis is a completely edited for the back cover of my upcoming novel. It gives the reader a very well thought out idea of Daniel's tie to destiny's plan at his birth (1950). I also have the prologue on my website and I am proud of it. It foreshadows the tone of the novel well. 

White Bird-Book One: Among the Nez Perce


White Bird is a work of Historical Fiction, set to the background of West Central Idaho during the early stages of US Military escalation into the Vietnam Conflict. The birth of Daniel Knight on the storm ravaged slopes of White Bird Pass during the winter of 1950; presage the re-awakening of the “Great Animal Spirits” of ancient Nez Perce lore. 

Born to a native heritage from a woman of the people, who died in childbirth, and an Anglo-American bloodline from a father, who abandoned him at birth, Daniel comes of age in 1963 unaware of his ties to destiny.

In an event-filled one-year span of time, he must forge lasting bonds of friendship, face unforeseen enemies, and learn the true meaning of “Courage, Honor, and Loyalty to Love.” Tied to destiny’s path, Daniel will grow from self-imposed solitude into maturity as a leader of men and a warrior in the greatest traditions of his ancient heritage. 

There is much more about my second favorite character that I want to tell. Her name is Ninnie and she is very obviously Daniel's girl. It is also the opportunity to show a piece of the romantic in me. I did not see myself as a romantic until I wrote this novel. But that will have wait for another blog.

I have just created a group specifically for discussion of historical fiction. If anyone wants to discuss what novels they are enjoying reading, movies they have enjoyed watching, new knowledge they have discovered during research, or if anyone wants to share tips on writing historical fiction, then give it a try! Looking forward to seeing this group up and running! 😄

For writers of historical fiction and for those who love history in general, whether it be historical knowledge, books, or films. 

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