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I'm Head of Community for Jericho Writers. I'm also a bestselling author and I co-host a podcast called The Honest Authors. My latest book The Hit List is out now with Trapeze/Orion. 

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Hi everyone,One of the reasons we chose to build this community on this platform, is because it's ve…
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  •  · I never could figure out how this worked. I understand toggle buttons, USUALLY, but in this case I c…
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Hi everyone,Pinch punch, first of the month and no returns... I can't believe it's September already…
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  •  · Good to hear that recovery is going well, David. The novel's development will follow, have no doubt!…
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Wow, we've officially crossed the halfway point of 2021 and I feel like I've got whiplash! July…
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  •  · HI Holly, good luck with your move, I envy you, I absolutely love moving, and exploring new places. …
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Hi everyone! Well, May went past in a flash. If you saw my goals post for May, you'll know that I wa…
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  •  · Hi, Holly. I hope you've been able to find time to relax between so many important changes.May went …
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I've just finished the copy edits on my next book (the title of which has changed and I think I have…
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  •  · I read them first for the Agent information at this point but I love seeing the gratitude of an auth…
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Right now, I'm writing this from a little cottage where I'm staying in isolation so that I can then …
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  •  · Hi Anne, agreed, this site takes a bit of getting used to, I have had lost posts in the past, plus s…

Dear Andrew, I'm sorry to hear this. Which browser are you using? Could you try using an alternative to see if the messages are there? Thanks so much, Holly 

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Hi everyone,

Pinch punch, first of the month and no returns... I can't believe it's September already. So much has happened over summer, not just the SFOW but for me personally. We've moved back from the Netherlands to the UK and are currently living in a series of AirBnbs while we wait for our new house to be finished. It's a new build and the site has been affected by Covid so everything is delayed. We're trying to make the best of it and have stayed in some beautiful places but I'm so looking forward to getting settled. The kids start at their new schools this week so that will help, although we're quite far from the schools so lots of early mornings to get them their on time (not my speciality).

All of this is to say that I've not written much! I'm about half way through my first draft of book six but it's currently with my editor. Waiting to hear what she thinks before I carry on! 

My plans for September are mostly around getting settled and doing my work for Jericho Writers while the kids adjust to their new schools, but outside of this I'm itching to get back to drafting. 

What about you all?

Hi Holly

Some of the Writing for Children ( June 2021 class) are interested in taking a sequel class with Eleanor Hawken. How do we go about this?


Lorraine Murray

Victoria BC


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Hey Glyn,

Like L says, how long is a piece of string is pretty applicable in this case! There are various different forms of option, with various time periods i.e. they have a set amount of time to get it greenlit or they to either pay to extend the option or it's available again. And it hugely depends on who options it, and whether there is talent attached. Which is all very annoying to hear, I suspect!

Without betraying any confidences, I've heard of options for £500 right up to £15k and I'm sure there are some big names who have got far higher than that. 

The figure of $5000 sounds like it it refers to US-based commercial writers, plenty of people's agents accept less than this. 

It's rare to get optioned though the more commercial, the more likely. And it's far, far more rare to get greenlit so that anything will actually be made. It's a lovely bonus if it does happen, but I'd never bank on it.


This is good advice from Rick! Sometimes it just takes a little while to remove the first post from the main feed after you've deleted it. I can hide content from feeds if needed, so do drop us an email on community@jerichowriters.com if you're stuck and need something whipped down! 

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This is gorgeous! Can't wait to read! Do let me know if you have any proofs! x

Just jumping in to say that it was a SFOW webinar. If you're a ticket holder, the replay is already available via the programme. It should also be added to the member site after the end of SFOW!

You're so not alone. Finishing a book is a huge undertaking, and if this was anything else like that you'd give yourself a break. Think of it like a marathon, you wouldn't get up the next day and run another one! 

If you'd just run a marathon you'd take some rest, nurture yourself, eat some good food and tend your aches. Then you'd start doing a few recovery runs, gentle ones, and you'd listen to your body and build up to more.

I think writing can be the same. Maybe you need to nurture your creativity by reading a lot? Maybe you need to do some shorter pieces, some free-writing? Just letting yourself write rather than cracking the whip to finish something major? 

For what it's worth, I would say that leaving EVERYTHING open is unsatisfying to readers who have invested their time hoping their questions will be answered, but I think you can leave some questions (even big ones open) so long as there are some satisfying ends tied up. I hope that helps! 

My debut timeline was even slower than that, but my current timelines look slightly different (and quicker to publication) because I'm now published in ebook and audio first, followed by paperback. An example from my upcoming book (title still embargoed!).

September 2020

After several false starts, I finished the first draft.

October 2020

Finished my rewrite - draft two. Got feedback from my agent and worked it in.

November 2020

Draft three sent to my editor who sent back editorial notes very quickly.

mid-December 2020

Sent the latest version to my editor.

January to March 2021

Bit of a blur but I definitely did a few more rounds of edits on last little bits that had wriggled loose in the previous edits. 

April we spent choosing a new name. 

May - copyedits (I do these very fast - within three days as I just want them done - but I'm given a few weeks deadline) followed by proof reading notes.

June - page proofs (seeing it all laid out on actual pages is the last chance to make any little tiny changes).

July/August - cover design and then proof printing.

November - ebook and audio to be published. 

March 2022 (maybe?!) - paperback.

There are definitely times this process could be quicker, but only if my agent and publisher was solely publishing me. The waiting for notes etc is because they have lots of authors to juggle, and the scheduling ahead for publication is to make sure its coming out at a good time for me, without crazy levels of competition, or particularly slow periods. It's to make sure it's coming out at a time when the team publishing it can make it a priority, and factoring in time for publicity (old media runs several months behind)... 

Hi! I have some questions for Judy:

1. I'd love to know how she sees the publishing industry developing? With the growth of digital first publishers, the opportunities for self-publishing, but at the other side the merging of big publishers, it feels like it could develop in a lot of different ways!

2. Which book do you wish you'd published?! 

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