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I'm the Community Manager for the Jericho Writers community. I'm also a bestselling author and I co-host a podcast called The Honest Authors. My latest book The Hit List was published by Trapeze/Orion on 28/8/2020 (ebook and audiobook) and will be out in paperback in April 2021.

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Hi everyone,One of the reasons we chose to build this community on this platform, is because it's ve…
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  •  · Thanks for this! Coincidentally, I just found this page for myself and changed all my settings. I'd …
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Welcome to the Jericho Writers Community, we hope you’ll really enjoy your time here. In case you’re…
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  •  · Paul hope your writing is going well. What sort of stories do you write?
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Hi everyone, as some of you know, part of my role here at Jericho Writers is to make sure that we're…
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  •  · Hi. As mentioned above navigational issues make the site not particularly user-friendly and also the…
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Hi everyone! I've had two weeks 'away' (at home) so I'm a little later than usual in asking what you…
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  •  · 15k down... I need to work on the last woman's introduction and the first act is almost DONE! I may …
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Hi everyone,I had to double check I was writing the right month then, it doesn't seem possible that …
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  •  · It’s something I’ve been working on for about 15 years + it’s grown up with me, it’s probably pants …
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Hi everyone, last month I told you that I'd taken some time off in May and blitzed through and got t…
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  •  · Just back in the loop after being absent for almost a week. I have two goals for July. To achieve 80…
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For September, ambitious. 

Just entered my short story 'Anna's Team' in a competition. Topical, I hope. It harks back to the Battle of Britain, eighty tears ago.

Trying to finish another, around 5000 words. That's a story about an African cohort in early third century Britain.

And then: Finish the nth. edit of my novel 'Ironmaster' set in Tudor England, per my earlier blurb.

Hi everyone, as some of you know, part of my role here at Jericho Writers is to make sure that we're providing a community platform that helps you on your writing journeys, inspires you and introduces you to fellow authors and new friends. The current community definitely has some limits (and some great functions) and I know there are some frustrations. I'm very aware of those but what I'd really love to know is - big picture - what would you love this community to do and to offer?

Don't worry about suggesting tweaks to what we already have, I mean sky's the limit, what would you love to see? 

I can't promise we can deliver it all(!) but I'd love to factor all of your hopes into my thinking and my plans. 

Thanks so much in advance! 

Hi everyone! I've had two weeks 'away' (at home) so I'm a little later than usual in asking what your goals are for this month?

Part of the reason I originally booked two weeks off were to finish my work in progress. I actually finished the 'first' draft just before my time off. I sent it into my agent, thinking that I'd be able to relax (lol) and spend a couple of weeks with the kids and also focusing on my latest book that was being published on 28th August. 


My agent's assistant read the new work in progress so quickly that having sent it on the Friday, by the following Monday I had extensive notes. I could have just left them for a bit but that's not really the way I'm wired! So I've been working on those all week and just this weekend I sent it to my agent to read. She would ordinarily have read the previous version at the same time as her assistant but she was on holiday. 

I'll likely get edits from her in the next couple of weeks, so my September will hopefully be spent polishing book five and then hopefully, it will go to my editor. Back in May, having aborted a couple of versions of this book, I had to ask for a deadline extension. Bizarrely once I'd done that, I ended up writing this one really quickly (from mid-May to early September) and almost hit my original deadline anyway. I'm sure a psychologist could explain that one but either way I'm very glad as it was becoming quite a worry. 

Aside from this book, I've started working on my little side project children's book for my youngest son (all about a battle of the bands between a dog rock band, a barbershop quartet of huskies and two fox DJs) which is a nice balm after all the murder and mayhem of my adult books! 

All of which is preamble to ask... what are YOUR writing goals for September? 

Hi everyone, I'm taking some time off and I'll be away until 6th September. Of course, as is the nature of 2020, I'm going precisely nowhere but I am attempting to be away from my screen and spend some time with my kids before school starts up again. If you need any help while I'm off, please email info@jerichowriters.com and my lovely colleagues will be happy to help! 

My latest book The Hit List (https://bit.ly/TheHitListhollyseddon) is being released in ebook and audiobook on 28th August and I'm going to attempt a launch day Instagram Live event that evening so feel free to 'come along' (you just need to keep an eye on my Instagram account (www.instagram.com/hollyseddonauthor) and otherwise I will see you on the other side! 

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Friday Night Live long list announced! 

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to the Friday Night Live competition as part of the Summer Festival of Writing. We had over 500 entries – the highest number we’ve ever had for this competition by far – and the quality of entries truly blew all our readers away.

We’re so pleased to announce the sixteen writers who have made it through to the live event finals, taking place on 31 July and 21 August.

If you don’t see your name below – don't feel too disheartened. As we’ll reveal in the live events, the judging was incredibly close. We’ll even read the names of the 48 entries that missed out by a whisker and share some exciting statistics on the submissions as a whole.

Congratulations to the Friday Night Live 2020 Longlist:


Rachael Dunlop – His Mother’s Son

Jane Carlton – Before

Paul Campbell - The Descent of Chloe Jackson

Wiz Wharton - Ghost Girl, Banana

Marian Smith - Answers to Absolutely Every Question

William Wittenberg - A Murder on the Border

Kat Hill - The Shieling

Carys Shannon - Truth Like Water


David Congreave - Moonshine

Nollaig Frost – The Mothers

Tamara Henriques - Love With Strings

Nicola Dahlin - Double Agents and Other Crap Ideas

Lucy Kilbey - Roads to Rome

Fiona Muxlow - Reasons Why Doris Wants To Kill Me

D.C. Smith - The Last Bird

Johanna Spiers - Social Death

Get your glad rags on for a black-tie celebration

We’re hoping to capture the truly unique atmosphere of the Friday Night Live events whilst we’re all distancing. This is a great opportunity to dress up in your best, open the tipple of your choice and celebrate other writers – as well as everything you’ve personally achieved so far, and what’s to come.

Share your pictures on Twitter using #SFoW and here on the Townhouse. 

We’ll hear recorded readings from each of the longlisted writers and you’ll get the chance to vote for the three entries from each event that will go through to the live final on 4 September – the last day of the Festival.

Thank you again for your wonderful entries. We’re so excited to celebrate with you at the first event in two weeks!

Hi everyone,

I had to double check I was writing the right month then, it doesn't seem possible that it's August already (although conversely it feels like the longest year ever...)

Last month I started on 46k and hoped to get to 60k but I ended up hitting my stride and finishing the first draft. It stands at 79k so it's at the shorter end for a thriller (it should be 90-95k when I finish, my contract says 90k - not that anyone checks that precisely). 

Although I asked for (and received) a deadline extension, my original deadline was 1st August and I think that pressing down on me a bit and     helped push me over the line. So this first draft I have is clumsy and mushy, lagging in places, rushed in others. It needs work on character, back story, pace and the prose needs to be tightened. Oh yeah, and the end needs to be scrapped and totally thought out again. Eek. But it's a start. It's my big ugly lump of clay, now I need to get sculpting! 

What about you? How did you do with your July goals and what are your plans for this next month? 

You are inspiring too, Holly

Inspired by Kazuo Ishiguro's four week 'crash' to write the first draft of The Remains of the Day this club is for everyone who plans to write fast, write loose and get as much done as possible, as fast as possible.

Share your progress, ask for advice, seek inspiration. On your marks, get set, GO!

Hi everyone, last month I told you that I'd taken some time off in May and blitzed through and got to 42k words. So it may surprise you that a month later I'm at... 46k. BUT that's because those blitzed words were quick and dirty and they took a lot of wrangling and editing. So the 46k that I have now is a much better, richer, less typo-strewn chunk than the 42k I had last month. 

I still need to pull my finger out though as I'm hurtling towards my deadline. 😣 

This has been such a bitty stop-start book, but it's finally taking shape. So my goal for the end of July is to get to 60k decent-ish words. That way, I can hopefully get to the finish line at the end of August, just in time for my fourth book to be released in ebook. 

Then all the editing will start! Busy summer...

What about you? How did you do with your June goals and what are your plans for this next month? 


Connect with some of the biggest names in global publishing plus a thousand other writers at the Summer Festival of Writing – now with up to a third off ticket prices!

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Whatever your writing goals this summer, this Festival gives you the opportunity to learn the craft of writing and editing direct from top tutors – as well as connect with indie experts and literary agents, too.

Join us live for July, August and September and catch up on all events via replay.


Don't miss another word. Top July picks... 

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Join an award-winning screenwriter for this exciting workshop

In-Conversation with Amazon Publishing
Connect with two senior fiction editors from the publishing arm of Amazon in this special live event.


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We wanted to create the ultimate novel writing course. A course that contains all the traditional tutoring of a professional MA, but super-charged with mentoring; events and genuine opportunities to get work published.

Starts: 1 October 2020 

Duration: One year


This professional vocational course is for writers who are serious about writing a viable book in their genre. 
You'll work closely with four expert tutors to develop your idea into a publishable manuscript, then receive help and opportunities to get your novel published – traditionally or independently.

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Find out more

Monthly one-to-ones; two life-changing events; a full manuscript assessment.
No other course in the world offers this level of professional tutoring, feedback and industry-based opportunity. Applications are now open. To find out more and apply, please download the course prospectus below.

Download the full prospectus

If you'd like to speak to us about the course before applying, we'd love to hear from you. You can phone us on +44 (0) 345 459 9560* or email info@jerichowriters.com.

Our very own Laure Van Rensburg (L.) is in The Bookseller today as her debut novel, The Downfall has been acquired in by Michael Joseph after a six-way auction. 

From The Bookseller:

Editorial director Clio Cornish acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Juliet Mushens at Mushens Entertainment. North American rights were sold at auction to Wes Miller at GCP by Jenny Bent on behalf of Mushens. German, Norwegian and Italian pre-empts were concluded even before the English language rights were sold and the novel sold at auction in Brazil, Finland, France and Holland.

In The Downfall, "Ellie – a young, inexperienced student – is preparing for a romantic weekend away with Steven, an older, charismatic teacher. Excited to get to know one another better away from prying eyes, they escape to a remote cabin. But when a snowstorm strands them it becomes apparent that they both have dark secrets – and that only one of them will escape the weekend alive."

The book will be a "major" launch for Michael Joseph, publishing in hardback, e-book and audio in early 2022, with a paperback to follow.

Huge congratulations from everyone at Jericho Writers, L! 

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