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I'm the Community Manager for the Jericho Writers community. I'm also a bestselling author and I co-host a podcast called The Honest Authors.

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Welcome to the Jericho Writers Community, we hope you’ll really enjoy your time here. In case you’re…
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Hi everyone,Some of you may know that we have a very simple (basic!) webchat facility on our communi…
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  •  · Ask the author would be great. Also I think someone suggested like a writer's circle or something wh…
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Well, when I asked at the beginning of March what your writing goals were, I had no idea how differe…
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  •  · I was sucked into a 3rd person style because I come from a screenwriting background. Essentially, it…
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Please do join and share any tips, resources or primal screams! https://community.jerichowriters.com…
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  •  · When we were kids we learned musical instruments. When I started writing, I used to write about food…
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Hi everyone,Ordinarily, I feel strongly that this community should be a creative haven away from the…
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  •  · While my husband is at home, he has hours he HAS to be working. 9.30-11.30 and 14-16.00. How else he…
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Please do come and join! https://community.jerichowriters.com/page/view-group-profile?id=35 
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  •  · Sure. That's my present area of work so glad to learn and discuss.

Hi everyone,

Some of you may know that we have a very simple (basic!) webchat facility on our community. I would like to arrange some webchats for you all, but I'd like to know what you might find useful. For example, would you like the opportunity to ask questions of authors like myself and Sarah Juckes? Would you like a guided chat about, for example, character or plot? What kind of one hour text based webchat would would most benefit from and enjoy? 

For paying members of Jericho Writers we have a fantastic range of webinars, so this is not to replace those at all, but a fun extra for the community. Do share your ideas! 

Well, when I asked at the beginning of March what your writing goals were, I had no idea how different most of our lives would be like by the end of the month.

I had a mixed month in March, days of not being able to write due to either kids needing me or just general panic and anxiety, other days where the words just poured out and I found a lot of peace and solace in living in an imaginary world for a bit.

I hit 50,000 words yesterday, my hope for April is to hit 70,000 words... 

I am hoping to finish this lean draft (75,000) in mid-May, and then edit it for structure, then character then prose. Only then will I send it to my agent as I've decided I would like to go this one alone. I can't really articulate why, I just want to get my head done and get it done!

What about you? 

Tips, advice, helpful resources for keeping kids occupied and happy while we're trying to write... and of course, a space to have a really good moan when it all gets a bit too much.

We've turned our Getting Published Day into an extended online event: Getting Published Week! We’re not letting self-isolation stop us; join us on March 28 for 10 days of interactive webinars, tutorials, & networking with top agents, authors, and publishers. 

Featuring online webinars from authors Harry Bingham, Sarah Juckes, James Law, Debi Alper and myself, Holly Seddon. Plus agents Laura Williams (Greene & Heaton), Hannah Weatherill (Northbank Talent) and Megan Carroll (Watson Little) and Sam Jordison co-founder of award-winning publisher Galley Beggar Press. 

This is set to be one of the most comprehensive and useful Getting Published events we’ve ever done. We're excited to bring you interactive content that will help you get your book out into the world, straight from your living room. There is a networking group on the community available solely for ticket holders too. 

Buy a ticket to our Getting Published Week here!

Members of Jericho Writers get 10% off and it's currently free to join for a 14-day membership

We hope to see you there!

2020 has been quite the whirlwind so far. And at times like these, we find it’s best to stick together. 

If you’ve not yet joined Jericho Writers as a member, we are giving away FREE 14 day memberships.

This exclusive open-doors event will give you access to hundreds of hours of professional video courses, masterclasses, webinars and agent-search tools you won’t find anywhere else. All from the comfort of your sofa. 


For 14 days.

There are no lock-ins, hidden clauses or sneaky details here. At the end of the 14 days, you’ll be free to stick around or take your leave without charge. To make use of the offer, simply follow the link above before 31 March 2020. 

Please note that this is totally separate to your Jericho Writers Townhouse membership, which is always free. You will need to set up a new login and choose a password on the main Jericho Writers website if you do not already have one. 

We can’t wait to show you around!

See you in there,

The Jericho Writers team

Ps: Having trouble with the link? Try copying this URL into your browser: https://members.jerichowriters.com/bazaar/full-membership-14-day?utm_source=TH&utm_medium=Blog&utm_campaign=14_day

Hi everyone,

Ordinarily, I feel strongly that this community should be a creative haven away from the demands of real life. A space for us to put our creative selves first, to support each other's writing and encourage each other along the journey from idea to (hopefully) publication. 

But right now, real life is just so very real. 

To pretend otherwise is fast becoming impossible. 

I want you to know that:

You're all very welcome to talk about your experiences of writing while social distancing, or isolating etc. 

You're welcome to talk about how the uncertainty we're experiencing is affecting your ability to write, or what you are writing. 

You're welcome too to talk about how you're writing more than ever, because it's your outlet, your safety. 

You're welcome to ask for help, inspiration, a rallying cheer. 

You're welcome to offer help, inspiration and a rallying cheer!

You're welcome to avoid any and all talk of real life, and ignore all of those posts. 

This week, my personal focus is split between making sure that I do everything I can to help the Jericho Writers community, and trying to navigate working from home with my husband also here working, and all four children in lock down with us. In Holland, almost everything is closed. It's eerie and frightening, but I'm trying to see the positives. My family is healthy and we're together. And this community is the nicest place to work that I could hope for. As for writing, I don't know. I don't know if I will find the headspace or the time. But I hope so. 

What about you?


Chancellor  Rishi Sunak has today announced that the VAT charge on ebooks, dubbed the “reading tax”, is to be abolished. VAT will no longer be charged on digital books as well as newspapers and magazines after 1st December. 

Sunak told the Commons: “Digital publications are subject to VAT. That can’t be right. So today I’m abolishing the Reading Tax. From the 1st December, just in time for Christmas, books, newspapers, magazines or academic journals, however they are read, will have no VAT charge whatsoever.”

The Publishers Association have been campaigning to remove the 20% charge for a long time. Today, CEO of the Publishers Association Stephen Lotinga said: “We are delighted that the Government has decided to zero-rate VAT on digital books and journals in the Budget. It’s fantastic that the Chancellor has acknowledged the value of reading. 

“The decision to axe the reading tax will bring an end to the illogical and unfair tax on those who need or prefer to read digitally and should contribute to an increase in literacy in the UK. We want to thank all the parliamentarians, organisations and individuals who have supported this campaign and helped make the case for change – we look forward to continuing the important work of making reading accessible for all.”

Will this encourage you to buy more ebooks? Did you know that VAT was currently being charged? Would love to know your thoughts! 

Hello Holly, is there a group or forum for thriller writers, genre Tom Clancy or Gerald Seymour or similar?

After a creaking start, it feels like we're rattling through the year and now (somehow) it's March! 

I managed to finish my page proofs last week (thanks to some late nights and early mornings) and have written up the changes in a Word document as the publisher asked for that. With the last three, I sent the hard copies back which was a lot quicker!

Now I'm waiting for the queries from the proofreader, which I'll need to address, and then book four is officially finished! 

I'm 35,000 words through book five so I hope to be hit 40,000 words by mid-March then edit that and send it to my agent and publisher to give me their feedback so far. This is nerve-wracking but I'd rather do it this way round and find out if I'm going a bit awry so I can fix it sooner father than find out at 80,000 that I've gone VERY awry!

So what are you goals for this new month?! 

Just checking out the Book Club book choice. It seems mostly geared toward screenplays. Those of you have already started it, have you found the book to be helpful in novel writing? Thanks. So many books, so not much time. 

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