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Hi all, I should be bouncing around all over the forum, but for some reason I'm notI was on the verg…
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  •  · I still haven't made a decision (rolls eyes) and they haven't responded to any of my questions but I…
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Hi - I've reached that point, finally, when I need to upload this mofo onto KDP.  My cover designer …
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  •  · Good luck - how did it go - I plan to do the same in October but feel very nervous about getting the…
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I mean, how big is too big?I've learned lessons since I joined this forum, but the one I struggle wi…
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  •  · Oh my days...that was hilarious. I don't have Barbie dolls but I could use amiibo. A romantic dinner…
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Hi all.  I need help with my blurb this time.  I am finding this incredibly difficult.  Here it is;L…
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HiWould be really grateful for some feedback on the first 3k words of my novel "The Broken Seal".  I…
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  •  · So basically, the message I'm getting - whether people liked the prologue or not - is that I'm takin…

I'd love to work with Sapere but alas, none of my wips match these briefs either.  Good luck to anyone who has a go!

Wow, thanks for such a detailed reply, wish I could "like" it twice. To be honest, I'm pretty ok about taking criticism of my MS on the chin as I've had to get used to rather a lot of it!  I was expecting the level of structural/developmental you outlined as I'd had all that done professionally before submitting.  What surprised me was such major stuff like change a backstory, or give this person five kids, make your heroine a go-go dancer instead of a professional gardener, which could basically almost involve an entire story rewrite. That has been something of an eye opener.

That really is a very good question to ask, btw -edits/vision.  My questions so far have been about marketing based on some of the feedback I got on here (see, I do listen to you guys), and who my main point of contact would be - an assigned editor or whoever. Not difficult questions I would have thought, and I asked them three weeks ago. You're right, it's a red flag.

I've picked up something else. Seems the conversations, such as they are, are a bit one way only, which was certainly my own experience. They're also very focussed on boxed sets of three, and fast turn out. My spidey sense says I'll be asked for two a year at some point, because this seems to be the model. >runs away screaming

I have a hunch that I won't get much more interest with this book. I was lucky to get any interest at all. This may be a terrible gamble here, but I might put my eggs in the Book II basket - perhaps it will pay off and I find something I'm more comfortable with. There's an agent out there who thinks I can write well so I just need to hang around Jericho and learn more nuts and bolts stuff.

If it goes tits up and this is my one and only opportunity - which I'm probably just about to blow out of the water - well, I'll have written two books instead of one and at least I have a nice website.

Every time I post here I talk myself out of this contract a little bit more. This is a great counselling service, guys!

Well, that definitely answers the question!  I didn't realise changes could be THAT significant. Blimey.

I still haven't made a decision (rolls eyes) and they haven't responded to any of my questions but I have managed to get hold of one of the authors. He was relatively positive and could understand why I might have found the main guy a little brusque. He's happy with his lot, though. I am wary of what the society of authors said, about giving away rights for five years, which they felt was quite long and perhaps three would be nearer the mark.

Also, not a lot of marketing work until you get to box set levels - more marketing than I would do, sure (although to be honest, if I pulled my finger out, probably not), but that means I'd be waiting for about three years before they truly went in hard on flogging it.

One thing I wouldn't mind knowing, from anyone who has been published via an agent or publishing house before. How much control do they exert? Sure, the cover and possibly blurb etc, and some editorial stuff. But say my heroine was, I dunno, a medieval midwife who solved crimes and never wanted to marry or have children. Would a publisher say no, make her a nymphomaniac, or a widow - those sorts of things would massively change her back story, and her general outlook. That's considerably more than making the prose tighter, or maybe cutting back on extraneous"telling". I'd be ok with the latter, but not something like the example I've given.

It's the "goblet of fire" thing, where that whole book is so much looser than the previous three Harry Potters and where I skip read the first quarter - but none of the characters fundamentally changed, it was just that it waffled on a bit. I'm all for de-waffling, but not asking to have Harry Potter get on really, really well with the Dursleys. That would completely change him.

I'm rambling now.  I hate, hate, hate making decisions.

Well, can I just confirm what you all know already - which is, join the Society of Authors (thank you for the push, Kaile!).  They've done a brilliant job of going through my contract and have raised a couple of things which they think I should ask to have changed and questions I should focus on.

I did raise some questions with the publisher a week ago but have had no reply as yet.

I think my next stop now is to talk to some of their authors. Fortunately I'd friended one on twitter ages ago so it won't look too opportunistic!

Oh I can write 800 words a day. 2k even. The point is - they wouldn’t be any good. 

Sure - Sharpe Books,  They specialise in historical novels which is perfect as that's what I write!

Yeah, pretty much what I did in the end.  To add further to the confusion I spoke to someone in the business (another publisher who doesn't publish my sort of book but knows book selling inside out) - he told me to take up the offer.  GAH!  He said their strategy is good - he also likes their covers (I still don't!).

I'm going to collate all the questions on here that I haven't already asked, get back to Mr Contract man and see how it goes on a second attempt.  Ho hum.

But how in the name of all that's holy do you write a book a year?!!!

Hi again, thinking about this over the weekend, and what everyone has said, I'm kind of veering more heavily towards saying no. I know this might be a terrible mistake, but there we go. I do think it's a good idea to mention that the book has had interest when making further submissions though.  However, how best to frame that?  "Hi, please have a look at my fantastic book, guys.  By the way, I had some agent interest and got as far as being offered a contract by a publishing contract but it wasn't for me".  In which case, wouldn't they end up thinking "she sounds like the might be a bit fussy, and why did the agent go no further?"  I agree that's it's a positive to indicate interest from other areas, I'm just not sure how best to do it without sounding like a potential nightmare.

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