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I write long and short fiction. Some of my stories have been published online.

'My Girlfriend's Sister', Fairfield Scribes, Issue 9

'The Darkness Has a Damp Bite', Fairfield Scribes, Issue 17

'A Horse, A Queen, Some Crockery', CafeLitMagazine, 3rd June 2022


Good luck, Georgina! 

I was looking for a champagne emoji but could only find congratulations expressed in beer. So here we are, and just as good, - cheers! 🍻

Thanks for The Power of Language, Elsie -- and Sarah. I enjoy doing the relevant research but am not good at talking to people before I write. I'd rather write then show it to someone to see what they think. I get anxious about not wanting to seem to search other people's experiences for story ideas.

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Heaps better! I can really see him now, and the description is very emotionally evocative and affecting. It fairly pulls at the heartstrings.

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Hi Richard

I enjoyed this. The situation felt very real and there's some lovely writing such as "in a voice like I should be thankful."  I did find the boy hard to picture. Part of my brain was busy trying to work out how old he might be as he still fitted into a child seat and his feet didn't reach the floor. I felt this lack of a specific age also affected his voice which moved from being very well done and convincing, to sometimes sounding too adult: "Beneath them the typical uncared for mess dotting the floor." "The sum total of my life being worthy ..." 

I hope this helps. I did like the piece.

Hi Catherine 

If you think I can help I'm happy to look at the first couple of pages of your ms see if I think your novel is women's commercial fiction, contemporary fiction or literary fiction -- and why. I'm not an expert but at least you'll have my workings out!

I don't have time at present to look at more, or do a swap -- though thank you for your kind offer, but the first 500-600 words should give me a good indication. If they don't, that will be useful information in itself. 

If you'd like to send me your first two pages, private message me and I'll send you my email.

Thanks, Neil. For non-JW members I'll check the video later and see what it says about indents.

Thank you, Julie and Georgina! Julie has seen some of the story before so I'm glad it works in full. Georgina - this isn't my usual type of story but was written in response to a writing course I did recently. I'm very pleased you enjoyed it.

Cafe Lit publishes a lovely wide range of stories, including a very good one by Townhouse regular Glyn Carter.

I'm very pleased -- CafeLitMagazine published my story 'A Horse, A Queen, Some Cutlery'  during the Jubilee weekend :)

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