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Hi everyone - please bear with me as laptop has packed up, so typing this on my phone. I have just r…
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  •  · Wonderful, that's really inspiring. Congratulations and here's to your (virtual) pen.
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Hi everyoneAfter joining Jericho Writers in September last year, I can only say good things. I have …
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Hi Sophie, hopefully I'll be able to watch this. Have to confess that I am lucky enough to have the wonderful Elizabeth Haynes as our leader as I live in Norfolk. Hoping to meet up with my old crew (probably via Zoom this year) and will be doing more of my re-write of book two (after its recent MS assessment). Love NaNo and have done it for years. 

Added a comment to Hi, All 

 Hi Pauline, welcome, there are some very helpful writers on this site, and everyone is kind. Enjoy....

Hi Daggilarr, yes there is, it's under Groups, Crime, Thriller and Mystery writers. See you there!  

You need to pin this somewhere L, and I have to admit I didn't know about the * to denote change of scene....

Hi Jack, I've never waited six months, about four was the longest for me. However more than half of them didn't reply at all this is oner the period of five years with two books. I've had standard replies, and four or five very helpful comments. Keep hoping and positive. 

Hi Sally, as the others have said, carry on with the one you love. I don't write children's fiction so could not comment on which one is the more commercially viable, but I think that we all start writing a story which we want to tell, with characters and situations which interest us.   

Like you, two years ago I was in a dilemma, my first book had been rejected on two rounds of submissions and the second I was in a mess with. I joined Jericho (recommended by other writers via Twitter) and haven't looked back. My suggestion would be to watch all you can on the Harry Bingham courses, the old Festival videos where they have agent panels, published writers telling their story, etc.  If you can't get a MS appraisal (I feel your pain, it took me ages to save for one) then try for a beta reader, I found a great one, which helped me enormously. 

Go with your heart. It really does pay off. Eventually I drafted out book one again and sent it to a writer I'd met via NaNoWriMo and she helped me edit it. It's now going to be published in March 2022. So don't give up. However quickly or difficult to define as a genre (as mine is) all you need is a great story with characters and belief in yourself. 

Jericho has loads of help. Most of it free if you're a member, and the people on here can help you more with feedback. Good luck. 

I was so looking forward to Julie's webinar, if only to find out how she created her recent playlist for music in her book! Hopefully she'll be better soon. I have a page on Facebook but most of his is family stuff, I follow a few authors on there, but Twitter for me is where book people are at. I have learned loads on there, found some great contacts and bought loads of books on recommendations. I owe my membership of Jericho to a fellow author group, so yeah, Twitter has been massive for my progress and is a safe, and informative haven. Yes, I have other interests and debate stuff but the book world is both welcoming and helpful.  I follow people on Instagram but don't post on there much.  

Hey Lynn see I told you you’d do it 🎉🎉🎉🎉 massive congratulations. Can’t wait to read. 

Hi Daggilarr, - I found this really difficult too. My first book was a bit of a mix to tell the truth, and I could't think of a recent comparable, so was advised by more experienced authors to concentrate on the themes of the book (be they family, greed, love, revenge etc) and you can also use TV or film. To be fair the past few new books I have read have all been in a well defined genre (be it historical, crime, whatever) but there is always something different about each one, like the setting or characters or style of writing. Try searching for some of the Festival of Writing webinars from authors (or agents), there are a few on the main site where this is discussed. Best of luck, none of this is easy and I'm dreading finding compatibles books for novel two (all of mine are TV or film so far).

Hi Sarita, it's not just for new work, I've done many re-edits (not sure exactly what the rules are, but it's 50,000 words in November. I have done first drafts and re-writes in the past 6-7 years I think it is. I think it's quite common, I always put up a bit of a bio when I start, saying re-working, so far no one has said this is not allowed. November is about the best month to write, long dark days etc, and we meet (until the pandemic) in our local library and cafes. I've met so many great people this way. 

As Lynn said, JW members can have their query letter assessed for free (I have had this done twice now) but I think it's a max of two a year (please correct if this is not true...).

Some great advice from Emily and co too. Also you can find many event videos full of agents or published authors with advice. Good luck Daggilarr 

Hi Holly and best of luck with your builders getting the house done soon. Don't worry too much, it's all going to be fine in the end. All new builds are delayed in some way. Hope your kids settle into their new schools well. 

Book One is due for publication with SpellBound Books in March 2022, and I'm currently waiting to do last edits on that, very excited and looking forward to seeing it for real for the first time. 

Book Two has been through a Jericho MS appraisal and I need to do some significant changes and plan to do most of these during NaNoWriMo, as find this motivates me to write more than anything and I am in the best group in Norfolk (with Elizabeth Haynes). 

I want to do a crime book next so am thinking of dong a crime writer course, but not sure if Jericho do one, or plan to? 

Hope everyone gets to write or edit in September, best of luck to everyone.

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