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Hi everyone - please bear with me as laptop has packed up, so typing this on my phone. I have just r…
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  •  · Wonderful, that's really inspiring. Congratulations and here's to your (virtual) pen.
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Hi everyoneAfter joining Jericho Writers in September last year, I can only say good things. I have …
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Hi Catherine, definitely yes, both my books so far written have themes. The first one, Cielo is around the themes of addiction and how it can either destroy or hold back a life. Both my MCs in this book are addicts, and as a result of this the story explores loss, trust, and ultimately the ability to hope and love. Added to that there are the character's own passions in life which help them through, as well as each other. I gave them each a massive obstacle, one had caused the death of his son and the other has been in prison. All of this is given the added bonus of two dysfunctional families, and a serial killer sibling to boot.  The second one, Hunt for Delphi has loss and the steps people take in life to escape their past. Also big theme of loneliness and isolation of where they live. All of this is again wrapped around trust, love and the fear of dying. I've also gone to town on some unlikeable characters and the efforts people go to in oder to get what they want.   Both of these books started with a setting, then the characters and their motives, so themes are deliberate from the start, though as I am writing it out (I don't plan too much from the start), others can emerge as I go.  To answer your last question, yes, both of them reflect things and people I have experienced in life. I think that's almost inevitable. 

HI Adam, I don't have a kindle either, so you are not alone. I still love the feel and smell of a book, though I am running out of space now!  I am afraid I have zero marketing skills and with a full time job I don't have much time to devote to promoting a book therefore am going with the halfway house so to speak which is digital publishing/indie publishers. I have been lucky so far in that my debut has been signed up by a indie digital publisher but it will be available in paperback too. I am still intent on getting a trad deal with book two though, I like to look at all options. IF I had a marketing background I would definitely self publish, or have the enviable position of not having to do a. day job, but alas. Best of luck with your book, 

Hi Anne, agreed, this site takes a bit of getting used to, I have had lost posts in the past, plus sometimes you hit reply and it does two to three copies!.  Yes I am many saving for a MS assessment. Should be there around the end of June. I have got nowhere with book two. The agent who had it has sent back a two line email saying although "you write well" she doesn't want to take it on. No feedback, nothing, which is disappointing but after listening to the Honest Authors' Podcast (highly recommended) I can't say I'm surprised. Therefore the next step for me is to have someone here look at it, a professional editor. I think after writing something for maybe up to ten years you know it so well you can't see what others can. 20 pages though, that's amazing. I am so looking forward to doing this with mine. I know the beginning is good (agent only read 10 pages and requested full) but it is a complicated book with dual timelines and three POV, so I need help. Many times I feel like giving up, totally but I've got the first book to publication, so I will do it with book two. Meanwhile, I have started on book three. Enjoy your editing - it must fill you with resolve and confidence now, knowing the best way to take it forward. 

I don't know what browser you are on Blakeney, but at the top RH corner of my web page is an arrow at the top of a box, you click that and it says bookmark, then you can add it to whatever your bookmarks are. I only know how to do this on Safari. Once I have logged into things, the next time a reminder comes up in log in/user name and password. I can't do links either and this website is hard, it's not just you and me.....

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Hi Sarah, boy if ONLY you were an agent, you speak such good sense. Yes, I couldn't count the amount of times a TV series suddenly changes course and adds in whatever the flavour of the month is to the story. Diverse voices I think is whatever you take it to mean. Diverse to an agent and publisher is (trying not to be brutal here) someone who is not LIKE them. Which probably counts for 99% of the population. 

Back to Glyn's historical novel, every time I am in a bookshop there are TONS of historical fiction books on the tables and in the windows. I am sure it's got more chance of selling than most. The market is, as we are told, always looking for the next big thing and if they don't know what it is, how do they know what it isn't?  Given the book tells a story well, who is to say?  

Hi Anne, thank you for posting this, I have saved almost half of the money for my second book to have its appraisal/critique, I am very much looking forward to an expert looking through it and helping me hone it more for an agent to really engage. I'm not sure what's wrong with it to be honest, I have edited it several times now and need a fresh pair of eyes. An agent has the full MS at the moment but not sure she's really interested and I am keen to know what more I can do to make it stand out. Every book is a very long process isn't it. I am very encouraged by your post and will check on Megan Collins-Hatfield's bio to see what kind of books she looks at. Best of luck with your reworking. 

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Your book sound just my kind of thing Lynn, I want to do a 70s theme too, I can remember the power cuts and three day week, alas not really the '63 winter, but the food, oh that would be fun....

I am crap at websites and things Blakeney, so I have a bookmark for Townhouse and another for the main site to watch webinars etc, same on my phone. It works for me, I am on a Mac and Safari not sure if this matters....if only I could do IT things. 

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Hi Glyn, i am yet to pluck up the courage to take part in a 1-2-1 so congratulations on doing this. I am a bit puzzled, why this agent said that history doesn't sell and also that it's all down to what sells in America?  Have I got this right? Are you writing for the US market more than the UK?  From what I can see, and writers I know (most of them write historical fiction) it sells well and agents love it (UK). I would be guided by what Rick says, and all the writers, agents, publishers etc who have appeared on JW webinars - it's the story that sells. I don't write historical fiction but read some of it, and it's on every single book shelf in every shop which sells books. So if you want to sell a book set in the Saxon era I think you would here.   

Funnily enough my first book is contemporary mystery/romance where both MCs are men - I was told by several agents they couldn't sell it (LGBTQ focus). I have just read several articles in The Bookseller more or less pleading for book like this (last month) and my book will be published by an indie digital publisher next year. Getting agent and publication interest is hard, it takes a lot of time and holding your nerve. Have a look around at indie publishers and submit to them. I can highly recommend doing so. 

Yes you will Georgina, it's taken me five years and two books to get 30 plus rejections, in three rounds of submissions. I feel though I'm getting nearer.....

Hi Angela, no you are not alone, the bigger agencies send an auto reply basically as soon as you hit send, however I would say that over half don't reply to you in person, either addressing you by name or just their blanket response (not for us, doesn't suit our list, blah blah). I have had some lovely rejection letters though (mainly by agents we see on the events on here!!), which does encourage you a bit. Like you, I can't think of any other companies who would ignore customers/clients like this. And yes, we're all busy, not just agents. 

Hi Harry. No it’s not vanity publishing it’s an indie publisher. They had open submissions at the start of the year - I haven’t had to pay anything. 

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