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I thought I'd share this on here, for those who are mid-way through their manuscripts and in that st…
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  •  · Hi Jane, I'm an 'all over the place' person too - jumping ahead and back and forth and I write the e…
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HI I'd thought I'd post the first chapter of my WIP - any feedback very welcome thanks              …
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  •  · Hey Danny,I didn't have an issue with the head hopping (haha!) as did some others but I would have l…
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I was reading an article this week in a magazine that stated it would be unlikely the above would ge…
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  •  · Haha! oh, you guys!! 😂 👽 😼 
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I was talking to my brother about the joys and otherwise of writing, over the weekend, and he asked …
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  •  · I don't think it's vanity to want the endorsement of an agent and publisher. Self-publishing (as dis…
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HI EveryoneI've had my two pennyworth of feeding back on other people's work so thought I should pos…
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  •  · HI RoseThanks the feedback has been wonderful as usual - this project has been stalled while I finis…
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I've been quite active on here recently, mainly because the alternative is actually sitting down and…
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  •  · I frequently feel as though I'm going around in circles. Each day's work saved with the date in a ne…

Most of them don't know what they're looking for that's why publishing is so subjective - everyone's looking for the next big thing but nobody knows what the next big thing is...

LOL I really only do that so I don't send it to the same person twice (they probably wouldn't notice anyway!)

I just checked back on an old spreadsheet for my first ever submission and in total - over 6 months I sent out 43 queries, 22 never bothered to reply, and they weren't as busy as they are now. 

Hi Alice,

I liked it. It does what it needs to do - make the reader want to delve into the manuscript or the portion of the manuscript you are sending them. A synopsis is SOOOOO hard to write - you the writer are often too close to the project to do this adequately and perhaps asking a trusted reader to give you some pointers is another approach. But as it stands it makes me want to read on so I'd say job done. If I one piece of advice I'd perhaps include one or two pieces of key dialogue if possible just to give the heroine a voice.

Added a comment to Rules. 

I think the thing about rules are that: If you want to get published, you need to follow them - especially the rules laid down by agents and publishers. Once you get published you need to follow them if you want to build a career and get another deal. Once you are mega-successful you can make up your own rules. Unfortunately very few get there and by the time they do they've kind of forgotten what rules they wanted to change anyway so the status quo continues.

LOL we all get them it's a right of passage. I actually think it would be quite disappointing if the first person you sent a manuscript to signed you up, it would cheat you of the angst and the build up of increasingly tough skin you need to develop to survive out there...

Hi Jane, I'm an 'all over the place' person too - jumping ahead and back and forth and I write the ending long before I get there -gives me something to aim for. It probably makes life harder than writing in a linear fashion and does put extra strain on the continuity bit, but as you say it stops you getting stuck - usually. Good luck with the submission...

Hi Heather - I feel your pain - if I can make a suggestion, leave the holes and try and finish the first draft - holes and all - I think many writers never get a manuscript finished because they keep going back and fixing things or trying to fix things (I still find myself doing it - it's a compulsion). However, if you can find the discipline not to do this and just carry on regardless to the end you might find some of the holes have filled themselves in. You may also discover unfortunately that some of your earlier patches now need patched again (another reason for not doing it) - but at least if you get to the end (which might not turn out to be the end you were expecting) then you'll be in a better place to see where the work is needed. Also, don't bother with spelling and grammar and all that stuff in a first draft. A first draft, and if I'm honest the second and often third drafts are for your eyes only anyway.

Added a forum 

I thought I'd share this on here, for those who are mid-way through their manuscripts and in that stage of beginning to hare the damn thing. I go through that - At first when it's all shiny and new and enthusiasm is high, it's easy to write and you actually look forward to working on it and the narrative flows easily. 

Then later, sometimes during the initial draft it becomes a labour of love. 

Then, at some point, which for me is usually on the third or fourth draft it becomes a labour of hate. I detest the damn thing, I can't get certain scenes to work, one of the characters annoys the hell out of me so much that I end up making them vanish or I get other characters to 'Take over their duties,' and fire them lol. At this point I will procrastinate spend lots of time on Jericho Townhouse, writing something else or even cleaning the toilet begins to become more appealing. (At this stage I usually take a break from it.)

Then later, when I come back to it, suddenly it works again and despite the fact the first passions of love will never return the relationship with the story matures and becomes easier, I don't have to try as hard and editing becomes a breeze and the things coasts along to a conclusion. I'm sure others feel the same way, or perhaps I'm just very weird...I'll get my coat...

HI Nekolisha,

Jericho run some pretty good webinars and other sessions, some free some you may need to pay for, but I think these would probably give you the kind of foundation and development you're looking for. 

Everyone on here is incredibly helpful, but you'll only get little snippets not the kind of big overview that I think you may be looking for. L suggested a few of these on some other threads and I'm sure other kind folk on here may be able to point you towards some others, I haven't seen that many so I'm not in the best position to suggest which would help you the most but I'm sure everyone will step up and make some suggestions??


 HI Cat

I like this - quirky, funny and appealing - it would make me want to read more but I agree with L above, you probably need a more contemporary comparison - two books I read in the last year or two jump out - the huge selling - A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore and of course Reaper Man by Terry P but personally I wouldn't put my name anywhere near someone as famous as him - but perhaps that's why I'm not selling millions of books  lol aiming too low!!

Good luck.

I used to keep a spreadsheet when I queried agents - I did it until I got fed up sending emails. I found the whole query thing really tedious (harder work than writing)  and I've just checked - in the end I queried 31 agents and 11 small publishers. The quickest response was 5 hours a resounding go away we don't like you - the longest 15 months to say no!! 

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