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Old age pensioner who now has the time to devote to getting the stories out of my head and onto the page.

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Patricia, I'm glad you liked it. I'll try to write some more poems that sound good aloud.

Oops! I've just been told that starlings migrate from scandinavia to here, and not from here to places warmer in the south. Well, I've learned something new today, but I'm not going to alter the poem, it's a testament to ignorance, my ignorance!

Thank you Fiona. It's been bothering me for some time as to what the picture was and who painted it. Well done for finding out where and when it was painted, and who by. 

I'll have to look it up now that I have a name for it, and find out a little more about how and why he painted it as a dance scene.

I wish I could write as well as that. No wasted words, and very strong emotional imagery. Very Well Done! 

My feeble efforts seem totally amateur by comparison.

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Here's a poem I just wrote. It's from my book The Xyancy Generation.

Entitled: Kabric's Escape

The world is dark

There is no light

I close my eyes

This weary night

I go to sleep

And dream the day

When I myself

Will shine the way

For I'm a star

The world's a stage

My spirit breaks

Out of its cage

I bend myself

In every shape

They'll stand in awe

Of my escape

As I blaze across the sky

Remember this lullaby


You can count on me 

Lazy eyes

One two three


Amazing guy 

Blazing by

Cage free 

Late one tonight, and not at all well thought out either. It's all I had time to do as I've got lots of other stuff going on right now.


The Adventure


I'm getting tired and need to sleep
but never mind I'm sure it'll keep
the story I was going to tell you
that if you heard you might enjoy

still, I'm sure you can wait till tomorrow
there's no rush I'm sure that you'll agree
the story's really not much of a tale
it's just another adventure you see
about a boy and a girl who meet
and how they eventually become free

free from oppression, free from anger
free from depression and free to roam
across the open plains and steppes
to somewhere they can choose as home

so join with me and hold my hand
I'll show you how it all pans out
as we go exploring through this land
and I'll explain what it's all about

there was a boy and he had a dream
to meet a girl to call his own
but though he searched he could never seem
to find her, she remained unkown

and so he went on his great journey
searching every town and city
talking to everyone he met
hoping that he'd find the one
the one he's meant for in his dreams
but somehow though he went for miles
he couldn't find her so it seemed

instead all he found was heartache
loneliness that filled his soul
an emptiness a migraine headache
a painfulness that took its toll

but one day when all hope was gone
he sadly sat and in despair
then happened to look up and there
she was the girl with eyes that shone

she smiled and sat down next to him
as though she'd known him all his life
he looked agog and wondered then
if she would one day be his wife

so hand in hand and side by side
they walked on out to seek their fate
taking on the world together
a new life to investigate

but as it's late I won't continue
I'm too tired to carry on
perhaps I'll tell you more tomorrow
if by then I haven't forgotten


Well, so far I've managed to put out some form of words as a sort of poem every day now since Jan 1st. It was on this forum that I committed to writing a poem a day from Jan 1st to June 30th. I've kept up the output, but for the first month or so they were very dire, so I didn't put any of them up here. However, I think they've improved a bit, although not by much, and I started posting them up here on the poetry forum from sometime in February if I remember. 

Anyway, I'm still plugging on and trying to think of a new subject each day (that's the hardest part!) but once I put fingers to keyboard the words start to flow, albeit hesitantly, onto the screen. 

I've recently got hold of a book by Stephen Fry called "The Ode Less Travelled" which is teaching me all about the different poetic forms that have been set up by people over the centuries, and it's been a good read. Although I don't think it's made much difference to my own output, other than to let me know that the poem I've just written is of a particular type that was invented by so and so in the twelfth century.

Ho hum, it's been a good exercise in time management if nothing else, and I do enjoy a good poem. Currently trying to read my way through Paradise Lost by Milton. It's heavy going and my eyelids get very heavy after a page or two as well.

One other thing as well regarding moons. As the planet in your book is your own invention, you could have it that the moons go the opposite way to the sun, or one of them could go one way and one the other if they have different orbits.

Regarding whether moons move from left to right or right to left. That depends on whether the person seeing them is in the northern or southern hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere they always go left to right, the same as the sun. In the southern hemisphere it's the opposite, they all go right to left.

It's something worth remembering for any historical fiction too. Sundials as we know them in the northern hemisphere won't work unless redesigned to show the time the other way, i.e. anti-clockwise instead of clockwise as the ones in the northern hemisphere work.

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