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2020 Vision: Three months in Sydney, move to Oxford, complete the trilogy and get it published. Somehow.

2021 Update: Trilogy not completed... but the first is out there! 


That's fantastic that you're set to publish with the hybrid next year, and that you've been able to draw from your time in Prague. I can see why you would choose to go wide for such a readership.

I hired a cover designer and she did a fantastic job. She's fantasy, else I would recommend! I relied a lot on JW and David Gaughran for suggestions, editing with JW and using a formatter (BBeBooks), all of which were great services. Lucid dreaming is indeed fascinating, and I've been writing around that topic to support the marketing.

Oh wow, I'm sure the marketing professional had a wealth of information. I have an endless to-do list, and chip away at it for 30-60 minutes a day. Competitions are a great idea, though I've not had much luck with them myself. I'm sure the marketing professional has told you all about finding your target market, and what groups and podcasts you might try to get involved with. Being a YA author, most of my readers are on Instagram, so that's been a big focus for me.

Keep us posted and let me know when the novel is released!

Thanks Janet! I'm exclusive to Amazon, on KU, which is working well for me as about 25% is KU page-reads at the moment. Mine is The Order of Chaos. Do you have a book (/books) on there too?

Thank you Georgina, it's quite the learning curve but starting to get the hang of it :)

Thanks Caroline! Yes, I highly recommend the self-publishing videos here at Jericho, and also David Gaughran's 'Starting from Zero' course (and books) - check them out :)

This is so helpful, thanks DM. I have definitely been known to overuse such subordinate openers, and am trying to use them sparingly. I think I will go with 'Heart pounding, he picked up' which was my favourite construction.

As always, you have given me much to think about, Rick. Given yours and D.M.'s comments, I'm cutting the adrenaline. It's good to hear that there are no rules here - I was expecting something like you mustn't split the X and Y. On a re-read, the double 'with' was definitely an issue!

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