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Having grown up with an analytical mind, I have a ceaseless passion for statistics and for measuring things. As I write my novels, I find myself tracking my progress in various ways. Some of those tracking tools may be simply curiosity-filling. But one in particular leaves me wondering how I compare with other writers when it comes my productivity. Roughly speaking, I find myself writing my first drafts at a rate of 400 to 500 words per hour. On average. Yet I have no perspective on whether that’s:

•    Atrocious

•    Not horrible

•    So-so

•    Good

•    Great, or even,

•    Too hurried

Does anyone else have a sense of how they’re doing on this metric? I’d be interested in your feedback. No judgment to be made here; we’re all unique. Just looking for some perspective.

I live in California. Weird and wonderful at the same time. One of the first books I ever read was Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Treasure Island'. Now, fifty+ years and one career later, I find myself drawn back to the world of pirates. It was an odd and completely unexpected path that brought me here. And can someone please explain how on earth I ended up with a young woman as my main protagonist?!! Creativity is an inexplicable force, isn't it? One of my golf buddies is fond of saying, when referring to his next shot, "I never know what's coming out of the barrel". Same here. I just sit and write, anxious to find out what's going to happen next. No gameplan. Just flow. Now, two and one-fifth novels in, I can't stop myself. I love writing. Nothing published yet, but somehow that doesn't seem to be the point. At least not yet, anyway. I just genuinely like the characters I'm befriending. Who knew? As I said...weird and wonderful. 

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