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I'm a retired teacher, with three grandchildren and have written a debut novel Unsuitable Girl and I've just finished the sequel, Outsiders, and at the moment I'm working on a third draft. I am searching for a literary agent, with the help of Find an Agent on Jericho Writers. I have a website www.unsuitable  that nobody visits, I'm on Twitter and Facebook, and have an author page too on FB, but it seems impossible to spread the word. I post little videos on my author page now and then, but have I've run out of steam. I have a blog on my website that few people read an I've stopped blogging as it's discouraging to talk to a void. 

This does read rather a sorry posting but I love writing and think this place is a treasure trove for writers.


A question: I've removed my debut novel from Amazon and Kindle as ir was just sitting there mostly. Had a few nice reviews in the year was launched but it just sits there. So I'm now doing the search for a literary agent, and have followed the advice on Harry's videos. I did not mention it had been on Amazon...should I have done so? 

Hello...not being seen it would seem. I keep getting the message 'access denied' though I am a member, and there 150 in red by my profile picture, top right of the screen. Anyone?

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