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I have often read that every word should count and everything that does not should be deleted. But h…
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  •  · I agree with Rick's analysis. Make everything count at least twice if you can. In addition to the ro…

I gather it works like every other rule: once you understand it inside out so that you know why it exists, then you can go and break it. 

It's a little like a jigsaw, isn't it? That's a lot of the fun.

I watched that one too the other day! It was good to confirm I'm on the right track and get more techniques to improve. I do a lot of the plotting in my head, and although it's working fine it isn't a sustainable way, given I have a Dory-graded memory. My whiteboard is my best friend.
I'm watching a webinar on characters and POVs next Monday, it'll be very useful for my current wip.

I think how you call the character depends more on the image you want them to project. If they're approachable, you tend to use the first name -after all, you're sharing so much personal information about them as the narrator! If emphasising the professional environment, you may prefer the surname. Whatever you do, please be consistent. I once read a book in which the author kept switching from name to surname with no apparent motive and it felt awful. I guess the author thought it'd be better to keep it varied, but it really sounded like a cat down a blackboard.

Hi there neighbour, I am in Devon and write crime too.

My mantra is "write what you would like to read and have fun doing it". Aside from that, I don't have any special requirements aside from having any recording materials available.

Also I wouldn't self-publish, but because it's way above me: I don't have the stamina necessary to bear with such a huge workload. Otherwise I might try.

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That sounds promising.

Then I only see one problem with that: the appeal factor. It's exactly like when the author says that if only readers had the patience to read on, it soon gets much better. But for those willing to try it, it does sound good.

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I am not too keen on this style. Why? Because I am not in the head of the writer. I want to be engaged, as a reader. If you start like this, it is impossible to relate until you have plodded on well into the first three or four hundred pages, because you have to bother to put the puzzle of these free thoughts together. And every person has a different way of creating their own thoughts. I think it's interesting, just not the type of interesting I want to waste my time on.

No, I never liked Ulysses either.

Rules are tools, as others have mentioned before. When you start out at something, rules are the strong holds you can rely on until you're comfortable moving around in the new environment. Once you know them and understand why they exist, they become guidelines. Then you are free to experiment and break them. But one thing that should be always present is that these guidelines are there to create a common area where everybody agrees what exactly these rules are and why they are there. If you not only ignore the rules but also the reason of their existence, as in you overrule those general conventions common to the group from which they sprouted, then... there is going to be no communication.

White wicker chairs gleamed in paths covered with foliage.

Keep it simple. Also comparing all the sentences it looks improbable that the author wanted to convey the meaning of the word "lined" into the sentence, so I'd rather skip that. I might try "along" instead of "in" though.

When translating it is very important to do it in context. When choosing among the options, context tells you what style you should go for to stay true to what the author wanted. Even the syntax is affected by that -I wouldn't choose the more forced versions myself, but what about the effect the author wanted to obtain? Only by knowing the source language well can you know if the syntax is natural or trying to be more "literary". Language ornaments can be subtle, but they must be respected in order to keep the spirit of the text unchanged.

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I finally decided on a realistic commitment for myself. By July 1st I am going to have my daily schedule sorted so that my day is structured and I can work on what I need to do. That includes working on my current manuscript and developing my graphic novel's plot.

That's actually a lot of work. It's going to be difficult -it is not a simple matter of time management, I have a lot going on. But I'll keep trying so that in July I'll be able to say there is a positive difference in my life. Fingers crossed!

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I have often read that every word should count and everything that does not should be deleted. But how much (how little) detail is too little?

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