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Hi all! I would really appreciate your thoughts on this blurb (back of paperback and Amazon descript…
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Hi all! I would really appreciate your thoughts on this blurb (back of paperback and Amazon description). The book is called Selfsame and the subtitle is: When fascism, extinction, and genetics collide, the world goes backward and forward at once. THANK YOU!


Men dying off.

Women genetically altered to survive.

How long can fascism reign as the threats to Lower Earth multiply? 

Four hundred years since the Final War, genetics are Lower Earth’s lifeline. The number of men continues to decrease as the Mist, fallout from the biological weapon used in the war, continues to attack the Y-chromosome. Modifying DNA to survive drought, disease, and climate change, the women of Lower Earth grow stronger - at a cost. Few know the truth of their origins.

Ariane was created to lead the new order out of suffering.  Her genetic code goes further than any other. Based on the code of former Queens, her superior brain function allows her to interpret the blood, breath, and heartbeat of all who cross her path. She has been preparing her entire life for the moment she would be declared Queen.

But she’s not the only one.


With sweeping momentum and a society ever on the edge of extinction, Selfsame dives into the world where men are fewer than ten percent of the population, scientific research is the driver of progress, and oppression of the masses is the foundation for survival. 


ELYSIA NISAN is a Canadian writer, teacher, singer, and child rights advocate having received her M.A. in International Relations from Keele University in England. She has been recognised as a global expert on safeguarding, ensuring that humanitarian workers who harm, abuse, or exploit children or vulnerable adults are held to account.

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