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I'm consciously making time and space in my life to be a writer now... it's been a long time coming! Unfortunately, the day job means I am only really able to focus intensively on writing in fits and starts, with August and December (school holiday months) being the only real times I have a sustained block of time. It means it's currently taking me YEARS to finish a book :-(. Consequently, I am trying hard right now to learn more about the craft of novel-writing, in order to be able to minimise rookie errors that slow my progress. I am in awe of writers that can bang out a slick MS at pretty much the first attempt, and those who write an entire book every month. HOW??? Clearly, there's a way, so I'm on a mission to find it.

I would say that I write women's fiction: the sort of stories that explore "What If..." questions and dilemmas. I'm on story No2 right now.

I'm originally from Dorset, but am currently living and working in KL, Malaysia.

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So, the Lucy Cavendish Prize deadline is looming. I think my entry is ready to go, but I really need…
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An email from this new website called "Bay Tales" just landed in my inbox. https://baytales.com/It d…
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Hello lovely people,I just saw that The Blue Pencil Agency are running a 'Pitch Prize' (https://blue…
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Hi Alison. My WIP is (I THINK!!) a "speculative women's fiction", although it also has a romance in it, and would arguably be deserving of a "bookclub fiction" label, too 😂 

I have only ever had a full MS assessment once, a long time ago with my first draft of my first novel. The feedback was not especially in-depth, but to be fair, there were so many 'big' structural and developmental issues with the novel at that stage (I should never have sent it for assessment when it was still in that state! I was so naive back then...), the editor would have been wasting her time if she'd tried getting into that sort of detail.

For the sort of feedback needed while you're drafting and crafting, I have found the feedback from fellow members on the main forum to be really helpful. Yes, it's only on excerpts, but if you pick your excerpts carefully, you'll be able to harvest feedback that you can apply across your novel more widely.

I also scored a FANTASTIC beta-reader/mentor of my whole novel through Facebook, via group called 'Writing Bad'. The group runs a 'Writing Mentor' programme, and you can select someone from the list of profiles there. They specify what sort of material they want to read, and what sort of help they like to offer (eg. with character development, plot arcs, etc etc). They offer this completely for free.

The guy I picked ended up giving me soooooooooo much incredible and insightful developmental and structural editing feedback! I couldn't believe how lucky I'd struck with him. I would definitely recommend checking the group out.

In conclusion, I would say that having objective and detailed feedback is extremely valuable... but, before paying large sums for it, explore what options are available for free. In my limited experience, I have found the free stuff to be just as helpful (actually, more so) as/than the paid stuff.

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Saw a recommendation for this podcast for anyone self-pubbing looking to go 'wide'.


This page explains self-publishing a print book: https://www.thecreativepenn.com/how-to-self-publish-a-print-book/

and this page explains self-publishing an e-book:  https://www.thecreativepenn.com/how-to-self-publish-an-ebook/ 

Easy info for total newbies!

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So, the Lucy Cavendish Prize deadline is looming. I think my entry is ready to go, but I really need someone to slap me round the head with some reality checks first. Anyone else entering, in need of some feedback on their entry, too?

Oh look, I'm levitating :-D

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An email from this new website called "Bay Tales" just landed in my inbox. https://baytales.com/

It describes itself as, "The place for crime and mystery writers, readers and anyone else who loves some wrong-doing in their writing!" and promises it will be, "Featuring the best and biggest names in fiction as well as the brightest up-and-coming stars... bringing you interviews, panel discussions and debates, workshops and much, much more." 

It's not really my bag, but I thought I'd pass it on as I'm sure there will some of you or other people you know who might be interested.

For the crime and mystery writers among you, they're hosting a series of live interviews and features with different crime authors. I'm not sure if they'd be willing to feature newbies, but it could be a good place for you to seek some exposure....????

Enjoy! :-)

Happy New Year, everyone! Catching up with your posts in my 'writing space'

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Hello lovely people,

I just saw that The Blue Pencil Agency are running a 'Pitch Prize' (https://bluepencilagency.com/bpa-pitch-prize-2020/), but the deadline for entries is this Sunday!

I've thrown this synopsis of my current WIP together, and would love some feedback if any of you have the time and inclination (NB. The synopsis must be a max of 300 words; this one's 277, so I only have a weeny bit of wriggle room).

Thank you in advance! 


Sadie is 52 years and 4mths old - the same age she’s been for the last 65 years, thanks to her unprecedented reaction to the anti-ageing treatment she took in the past.

Sadie lives on as some kind of matriarchal relic from her own past. Her 35 yr old great-grand-daughter Kasia is the closest thing she has to a friend these days. Sadie has a more difficult relationship with Kasia’s mother, Odette: 53, divorced, menopausal and embittered by the cruel blows life has dealt her, Odette resents Sadie’s enduring presence in their lives, seeing her as some kind of usurper to her own crown.

Sadie’s last-surviving child Ebony (Odette’s mother) is dying of cancer. In her final months, she urges Sadie to add someone new to her life before she outlives everyone who knows and loves her. 

Sadie begins dating 56-year-old Zander, who is unperturbed by the age gap between them and the truth about her bizarre genetic condition. Zander offers her the opportunity to reinvent who she is at last.

But Sadie is finding it harder to throw herself whole-heartedly into a relationship than she’d thought; up until now, staying single had always been an agonising but conscious choice: People I love can’t leave me if I don’t let them in to begin with.

Meanwhile, it becomes horrifyingly obvious that Odette is attracted to Zander as well, and that they would make a perfect match. If she really wants her grand-daughter to find lasting happiness, Sadie needs to step out of their way.

The plan succeeds in bringing them together, but leaves Sadie desolate, and once again convinced of the inevitability of the fate she most dreads.

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