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Hello 🙋! My name's Sophie, I'm the Head of Marketing here at Jericho Writers and a writer of psychological suspense. I'm represented by Kate Nash of Kate Nash Literary Agency and my debut novel ALL MY LIES will be published by Simon & Schuster in April 2021.

I live in the Cotswolds with my husband Tom and our insane cat, Prim, and dog, Nellie. You can find me on Twitter at @sophielflynn.

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Seconding what Danny's said - not rude at all, definitely chase! Agents can be a nightmare with stuff like this unfortunately so you do have to keep on top of them. Good luck! 

One more to add, Zoe Richards is running an event on the 28th September which will no doubt include some Twitter info as she's great on there! image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=563&dpx=2&t=1631717422

Hi Janet, I'm afraid we don't know as Julie has hurt her back! So it will just be a case of when she is recovered enough to reschedule with us. I'm going to see if I can find any member resources we already have on Twitter for you to look at in the meantime - bear with! 

Hi Bridget! If you can manage chatting on Townhouse you can definitely master social media :) 

Oh no it went up to 280 quite a few years ago (I was working in an agency at the time and one of the client's we ran social media for was a boiler company, can you imagine tweeting about boilers all day in 180 characters? I was thrilled when they upped it to 280)

Reply to people as much, if not more, than you post! So many people jump in and start broadcasting about themselves without getting to know anyone and it feels very one-sided. Get involved in conversations with other writers and you'll soon find some supportive friends. 

Hi Claire, welcome! Love the sound of gothic psych thriller cross-over. If you've not already listened to it, Holly (who runs this community!) also does the Honest Authors podcast which is definitely my favourite.  I've also really enjoyed The Write Off with Francesca Steele which is about writers facing rejection - all big names and quite inspiring. 

As I've basically had the whole summer off from writing I should be raring to go but I am more than a bit exhausted at the prospect of starting again! However, I do have a fairly well-formed idea (for me, at least) for what I hope will be my third book, so I'm hoping to get at least the opening chapters of that written while I stare sadly at my empty inbox waiting for news of book 2 from my publisher. 

Good luck everyone! 

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Massive congratulations again, I love this cover and can't wait to read next year. The blurb sounds chilling! 

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This is such a good blurb! I love seeing the difference between how we pitch ourselves and how our publishers end up pitching us.

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