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Retired, (finally - I hope) from a long and massively interesting and wild international career - so if I can help anyone with that experience, just ask. My wife and I are leaving our business to our son and moving to Spain, where I hope to have the time to work (again) on that first thriller.

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Just joined and still finding my way around all the pages, blogs and forums (forii?) This is incredi…
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Just joined and still finding my way around all the pages, blogs and forums (forii?) This is incredi…

Competition for unrepresented writers. Some weeks ago I saw a post about a competition in the spring this year, I thought I had noted the details but if I did, I do not know where. Can anyone help?

OK, 1st novel finished and peer reviewed, rewritten countless times and corrected. Pitch also written and finalised. Now, what is the next step and how do I go about it? Do I search for a likely agent and send an e-mail anquiry letter with the pitch? With the first 5.000 words of the MS? As I live in Spain it has to be by e-mail really. Concept for follow on novel and bits of this written also. But I feel a bit lost in the wilderness. Need a map and compass.

Sounds great. So far I have concentrated on the writing - that has taken long enough - and only now am I thinking about the publishing. One thing at a time.

Good morning everyone, I have finally reached a suitable end point of my international polit thriller. I just need to polish a few bits here and there (and there, and there) Question, what is the usual length of this type of novel? Is 90.000 words enough? I plan on linking to a 2nd book for which I have most of the material and would be of similar length. If anyone is interested, I am looking for people to read some or all and offer (constructive) criticism


Well, lass, I feel a certain affinity. For myself, i am fluent in German and French, lived in Germany for over 30 years, wife French, lived in France for several years also. I read Franch and German books and magazines but writing a novel in a foreign language is daunting - writing in my mother lanuguage is tough enough!

All I can offer is my sincere congratulations.

i certainly contemplate sometimes using either my own life or that of my father in law, or one of my aunts in my stories. But it is as you say, Georgina, it is tricky partly because you cannot hope to get the nuances right. Just one short example. My aunt is a legend because she drove tanks during WWII, delivering them to the front line units. But I realised she was only 18 when the war ended and 16 at the time of tank driving. When I pointed this out and asked how she had managed it at 16, she just answered "A lady does not tell, and a gentleman, David, would know better than to ask!" That was telling me.

Have a great Christmas, you have done a wonderful job all year, dispensing a positive attitude and making constructive suggestions. Til next year

This is exactly what we all needed to spur us on this weekend, to stop making excuses, stop procrastinating and get pen to paper. Thank you.

The problem reminds me a little of one of Agatha Christie's books, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. There, the narrator never lies but misleads throughout the book. Very cleverly done. The best lies are close to the truth. Don't know if that helps

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