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I love reading. A couple of years ago I decided I want to write too. At first, I wanted to write for myself, a story I like and does not end if I want to read more. But later I decided that I would like to make some money with my writing too.

I enjoy reading all kinds of books, but have a tendency to read more fantasy and romance.

I work now on a fantasy book. I want it to be a series.

I did not start to write my first draft yet. Still work on notes. Characters, places, structure, backstory... I am a planner.

Other than that, I am from Republic of Moldova. Married. Three children and the youngest one with some development problems.


Hi Rebecca,

Your synopsis sounds interesting. But, for me personally, there are too many words related to mating and sex. May be I am a shallow person, but it distracts my attention and for me it is difficult to get the synopsis. 🙂

When you describe your book as a Sci Fi erotica, I think, everybody understands that the main plot is a romantic one and there are a lot of sex scenes. May be it would be better in the synopsis to talk more about relationships and conflicts of the book?

I am not confident in my feedback because I did not get so far in my writing. I never wrote a synopsis.

Hi Kori,

I was able to get what you wrote in the synopsis only after reading Basic story idea.

The situation you created is interesting, but it did not sound special to me. Two kings are at war. Each has two children. A pair of children from both kingdoms team up to take down one kingdom and another pair of children from both kingdoms team up to end the war. May be something in your world-building is special? Or something else?

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Welcome, Twinkle M!

Hi C Beale,

I loved it. I can not give you any editorial advise yet, but I liked it a lot, it got me interested and I want to know more.

I am working on a fantasy book. I plan it to be a series. Still working on my first draft, but it comes out nice. And I plan to self-publish, so this month's webinars are of great importance to me. 

What are you working on?

Thank you Anna! That was a great webinar. So far the whole self-publishing month is amazing. Informative. To the point. The speakers not just knowledgeable, but passionate about what they do.

I like a lot of covers, but first that came on my mind is City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments Book 1) by Cassandra Clare.

I will be coming! 🙂 Thank you for doing it! On line is the only way I can attend the Festival. Well, until I will become rich and famous. 😂 

Last year festival was AMAZING! I learned a lot. I learned what information there is on writing and the industry. And I learned a lot about where to find the best and most reliable sources on writing and publishing.

It helped me a lot with my WIP too. I am better organized, I know what to do so far and had a great progress this year.

And it gave me the courage to start communicating with other fellow writers.

Thank you so much, Sarah and the whole Jericho Team! You do a great job!

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