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I love reading. A couple of years ago I decided I want to write too. At first, I wanted to write for myself, a story I like and does not end if I want to read more. But later I decided that I would like to make some money with my writing too.

I enjoy reading all kinds of books, but have a tendency to read more fantasy and romance.

I work now on a fantasy book. I want it to be a series.

I did not start to write my first draft yet. Still work on notes. Characters, places, structure, backstory... I am a planner.

Other than that, I am from Republic of Moldova. Married. Three children and the youngest one with some development problems.


Hi Rob,

I love these covers! Much much better. 🙂

Hi Lesley! Nice to meet you. I am a new writer too. Working on my first draft. 🙂 On schedule too after too much research. 😁

Thank you! I will definitely read them.

I work on my first draft at present. It is a fantasy book. But I will publish for sure. At that time I will proudly shout about it in TH. 😁

😁 It might happen that in time you will have some favorites.

For me is such a pleasure to see people published! 😀 It gives me hope.

Do you have other published works? Where can I find them?

Thank you Carol! 😁 I really needed to hear it. 😁

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Hi. I'm a sort of hybrid planner and pantser myself. I use a rough diagram with lots of notes scribbled on it to plot the inciting incident, climax and end with the most important events jotted in at appropriate points. Then I try to put myself into the characters' minds and start writing. I find that by trying to understand them as thoroughly as possible, I know how they'll react in the scenes I create for them. 

If I have an idea for a scene, I just go ahead and write it, even if I discard it later. After all, no-one but me will see it. 

So, I guess I'm saying don't spend too much time planning and overthinking your work. Get writing.  If nothing else, it's good practice of your craft.

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For me, they do not stand out. I feel there is need for more color or contrasts.

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