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I love reading. A couple of years ago I decided I want to write too. At first, I wanted to write for myself, a story I like and does not end if I want to read more. But later I decided that I would like to make some money with my writing too.

I enjoy reading all kinds of books, but have a tendency to read more fantasy and romance.

I work now on a fantasy book. I want it to be a series.

I did not start to write my first draft yet. Still work on notes. Characters, places, structure, backstory... I am a planner.

Other than that, I am from Republic of Moldova. Married. Three children and the youngest one with some development problems.


Thank you, Emily! Already registered. I am so exited for the new year!

Thank you! This is amazing news!

Hi, Emily and JW Staff,

The Self-Publish month was amazing! I have learned a lot. Each and every workshop was of high quality, informative, explicit and the month covered the subject quite exhaustive. It is too early for me to apply the knowledge, but it was an amazing month.

And of course SFoW. I hope you will have at least some form of it on line after the COVID madness ends and the Festival goes in person again.

Thank you so much for your great job! It changed my work on my book and my life.

Nice to meet you, Andrew Christopher!

Hi, Emily!

Be well! I hope you get passed Covid with ease. 

My goals for 2002 is to finally finish my draft, attend JW Self-Editing Course. Improve my draft and may be even start working with an editor.

I could tell there is more. 😁

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