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After World War II my father was with the British Control Commission in Germany. I attended a British Forces families' school in the British Zone and later studied in Hamburg and London. I worked first with the UK Atomic Energy Authority where I researched the radiation levels, following the Windscale incident and during the commissioning of the World's first nuclear power reactors at Calder Hall. I moved into Operations Research, held ICT director positions at Vickers and British Shipbuilders and then entered management consultancy, specialising in advising public sector bodies on business strategy. Among diverse clients were the Natural History Museum and the Admiralty Research Establishment. I became a professor at Girne American University in North Cyprus and was a member of its management board. Until recently, I was external examiner for Middlesex University's German-language DBA program. 

My research background has been key in assembling the facts for the debut, survival saga, Odessa 1919. It is a unique story of flight, survival and death occurring in an under-reported theatre of the Russian Revolution. Odessa 1919 has received a dozen excellent reviews. 


Hope to interact with anyone interested in: reading/writing historical/biographical/non-fiction; techniques/sources of historic research; flight from & hiding from terror & persecution; Russian-German heritage; Russian Revolution; Jewish involvement both as instigators and as pre-holocaust victims; Odessa and SouthRussia (Ukraine); Russian Front of WW I.

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