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Screenwriter, tentatively exploring the world of novels.

Long-listed in the live-streamed, COVID-locked-down, Friday Night Live competition at the Jericho Summer Festival of Writing 2020, with an extract from my WIP, The Descent of Chloe Jackson.

Now trying to write more of it.

Planning to finish it one day.

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Hi Pete.

I faced the same conundrum. I'm still in the middle of writing my first novel, but I decided to get a web presence out there (website, Twitter, Facebook, mailing list, reader magnet) so that I can (hopefully) build an audience who will be primed for when I publish. It's been a massive distraction from the writing, though, and I'm only now getting back into a writing routine. I'm pleased with what I have, though. Even if I don't have huge numbers of visitors yet (unsurprisingly), it is somewhere to direct anyone who shows an interest. And I still have plenty of time to build that mailing list...

Take a peek at    

Happy to chat, if you want on advice on the technicalities etc.

Thanks, Carol. It is something of a challenge to entice people in when you don't really have anything to sell yet. But I'm going for it, with fingers crossed.

Thank you, Maria. I get generally good feedback on the site, but not so many signing up for the free ebook and the mailing list - I suppose people are quite wary of signing up to yet another newsletter!

Only just found this thread. Some excellent sites here.

It's a scary business, putting yourself out there where everyone can see. And that's before you reveal your limited tech-savviness, or the fact that you haven't actually written (let alone published) a book yet.

So, I'm experimenting with trying to build an author's platform and mailing list in parallel with writing my first novel. Not sure it's going to get me anywhere, and it definitely counts as "constructive procrastination", but it's been quite a fun way to keep my writing experience fresh.

I'd love any thoughts, and, of course, I'd love you all to sign up to the newsletters.  I'm at

It’s 1896. The dawn of the motor age. Sarah Quicke, the wilful daughter of the Rector of All Saints, Harnham, plans her escape from the weary confines of village life.

What Sarah doesn’t know is that her story is a mere chapter in a bigger story. "The Descent of Chloe Jackson" will have thirty such moments, when an ancestor of Chloe makes a decision that could change everything, even the fact of Chloe’s existence.

This book is still in the making. If it sounds like your kind of thing, please encourage me to finish it. Check out my website to join my Readers’ Club, and get excerpts, updates and the warm glow of having made my day.

Hi Ida 

So, it took me longer than I said, and you've probably forgotten about this little exchange. But here's my website...

I know we're in the sci fi Group, and this isn't sci-fi, but we were talking about whether or not to have an author's website. This is my shot at it. I'm not publicising widely until next month - just giving it a while to bed down, and for any awful mistakes to emerge.



Added a comment to Saying hello 

Hi Tom. Historical lit here too, but only about 30k into it at the moment. It's going to span the 20th Century (and a wee bit either side) but I've only got as far as 1910 so far! What are you doing with your 145k? Hawking it around, or still fiddling with it?

I have very little direct experience to speak from, Debbie, but my impression is that self-publishing is the easy bit. Actually getting anybody to buy and/or read it is the real challenge, and I don't think any paid-for service is going to achieve that for you. So, I would say keep trying to get a proper deal, and if it doesn't work out, then go for the self-publishing route, but bear in mind that if you self-publish, you have to self-publicise too, and you need a strategy and a plan for that. 

Anyway, that's my plan. But what do I know?

Good luck, whatever you decide.

P.S. I love what you've done with your website. Mine's a bit more functional!

Thanks, Ida. Will do. In about a fortnight's time, hopefully.

I'm summoning up the courage to launch a website. It's there - I just need to click on the "publish" button. I don't have anything published yet, but the Work in Progress is going to take me a long time, and the idea is to slowly build up a supportive mailing list, so that I'm not publishing into an echoing void when the time comes. The WiP is made up of short stories, so I'll be publishing some along the way to show off my wares. I'm just doing a final edit of the Reader Magnet chapter, and then I'll go live, probably at the beginning of February. I'm thinking of going for a soft launch to make sure it's all functioning properly, and then press the publicity button in the Spring. I've used WordPress, and found it fairly straightforward (and their support service is excellent).

I've just had a look at the free editing tool on Reedsy, and it's just as bad as D2D. 

Also looked up the price of Atticus - $176.40. Hmm. Maybe I'll try the 30 day free trial...

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