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Good morning from sunny Wakefield. And, for those who remember the great musicals of the 1950s perhaps This is our once a year day! (About a strike in a mid-west pyjama factory). I've been writing for my own pleasure for six or so years and eventually joined JW. What I knew about writing a novel could be found on the border of a postage stamp. Still, the 194,000 words I removed created the back story. Nothing ever goes to waste. I have one completed manuscript going out to agents and I have submitted it to three writing competitions: The Daily Mail first novel 2019 - zilch. Now re-written to The Bath Novel Award 2020 and the Goldsmiths First Novel Prize 2020. I've crossed everything I've got two of. They follow the career of Brian Blake, a young police constable whose father, a serving detective sergeant, was murdered whilst on duty. That is dealt with in Other Men's Daughters. I have a couple of sequels in preparation working titles: Slushpile and Machello. Any offers from Beta readers gratefully accepted. Still find writing a synopsis a pain in the arse! 

E-mail: friendlypig@spamarrest.com

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I prefer to write in first person. However, my current novel has twin POV. The storyline demands tha…
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Warning: This is a link to the whole novel. I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to comment!!
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Last time it was just the first chapter, now it's three. I changed the POV in the GREEN chapters to …
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Thanks Georgina. The two POV in this case are a) a detective and b) the last of five murders victims who is made aware that he is a target. the chapters during the build-up alternate. I've just got to be careful.

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I prefer to write in first person. However, my current novel has twin POV. The storyline demands that they will coalesce on two occasions, albeit temporarliy before separating once again. So, do I use first person for each, when the storylines are separate, deferring to the primary character when they coalesce (My preferred option) or, Keep the secondary character permanently in the third person?

I've been very quiet in The House for several months, not simply because I'm anti-social but, I have been busy.

Through LinkedIn I met a Ghostwriter who, after several exchanges said he would like to read my first completed novel - Counting the Dead. The story of a young police officer whose father, a serving detective sergeant had been murdered whilst on duty. He liked it to such an extent he introduced me to an independnet film producer in LA. 

Since then I have written a prequel to Counting the Dead, An Introduction to Murder taking the story back to the day the young constable was sworn as a police officer. The full manuscript for An Introduction to Murder is also in LA and so far, no-one has said NO!

Now, that is no guarantee of success, but it is coming up to Christmas and I know what I would like in my stocking.

Just a note for those struggling to find an agent.  Elsie (Jericho Writers) gave me a link to Harper North (http://harpernorth.co.uk), an imprint of Harper Collins. Based in Manchester they concentrate of northern authors. They accept unagented submissions and want to read the full manuscript.

Why not check it out?


Angela, as Mr Punch would have said. 'That's the way to do it!'

There's no definitive right or wrong way to do it. It's whatever is right for you at the time. Mix and match, if you like. you're not wrong.

Hi Angela, welcome to the mad house. There's a very good book written by Blake Snyder on Screenwriting which you may find useful; it's call Saving The Cat. There's a parallel between the disciplines.

The are two approaches: Planners and Pantsters. I'm one of the letter, I don't tend to plan. I fly by the seat of my pants. I get an idea and start to write. When I see what's in front of me, then I build a picture. It is never fixed. At least as far as I am concerned. Others will no doubt differ. It's what is right for you.

Jane Austen's version she mentioned in Pride and Prejudice she called aneosis - to sink into the feeling - where nothing else matters.


Not what I expected to post on here but this man is a potentially serious danger to your financial health. The voice of experience!

www.ecomarkets.com is a fake crypto currency trading platform, although it appears genuine. According to the website which is very professional, it is based in Amsterdam.

Daniel Sorkin - suave and very professional - self-styled Senior Account Manger, and his sidekick Julian Voss. Probably false and may present themselves differently to different people,

If anyone has taken the step, wave goodbye to whatever funds you think you have deposited. Your haven't.

I hope Rick, that was with tongue in cheek.

A corset is defied as a close-fitting undergarment worn by wome to shape the torso.

The torso is defined as the trunk of the human body.

And the trunk as a person's body excluding the head, neck and limbs.

So, by the authority of the Collins English Dictionary you're fine!

In this country a definite NO! 

They might find someone who would break the Official Secret's Act and slip them what they are after but the consequences for those concerned if it came to light would be onerous. 

When the police release information, quite often certain things may be withheld for operational reasons. Should that information be leaked into the public domain it could seriously damage the police enquiry.

However, it's your story! It might add a useful twist to the plot.

I am a writer and have been for almost seven years, just never said it. I have always said that I have written whatever, but not made the claim. It was when my unpublished novel was read by people I didn't know, in the United States and by those in the UK by those who didn't know that I wrote who told me how good they though my work was that I began to really believe. There, I've said it.

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