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Recently retired from working 35 years in financial services. From a young child I have been obsessed by books. I love to read and develop stories but never had the time before. In the last 18 months I have completed my first novel and currently trying to find an agent / publisher before considering self-pub. 


I have enjoyed the experience of self-publishing so would recommend.

I have published two other books which have sold reasonably well for self-publishing. I think its very true that the more books you have the more you can sell - cross sales etc. I have started to do a price drop each month which increases sale numbers and I pay for an advert to generate interest.

I am not too constricted by genre which is probably not the 'done' thing. I write what comes to me. My current WIP is a bit more ChickLit for a total change and I have a historical novel in my head which may well be another time-split.

Have you written / published yet?

Hi, I have done most of it myself. I have a really good friend who edits for me and I have commissioned the cover but the rest of it is all mine. This is my third book published and the last 3 months have been really good on the sales front. Its lots of hard work doing the marketing etc but I'm not in it to make money, its all about sharing the stories. Have sold about 50 copies of this book since I launched it late Feb.

Hi Neil, I have self-published two books via Amazon KDP. I tried the traditional route first with no success and decided to go it alone. I do enjoy the control you have over your product but it's hard work marketing and trying to drive up sales. You have to have a social media presence and I am doing something every day to market. My third book is due out in the next couple of weeks and I haven't even tried to pitch it. Just went straight to self-pub.

Obviously if making money is the objective then self-publishing is unlikely to make you a millionaire unless you are really lucky. 

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Caroline

Hi Carol

I have self published two books over the last year and I agree with Helen, writing the books is the easy part. I have found that the dreaded social media has been my best avenue to sales. I have tried Facebook Ads and sometimes you sell enough to cover the costs but not always. I have joined a great group of writers on Twitter where I have met loads of lovely writers who are so supportive. Through that I have virtually met some book bloggers and done a couple of writer interviews. 

I need to set up a website but that has been on my to do list for a long time now!

I haven't sold heaps of books but I guess most of us are not in this game to make money but to share our stories with others. Good luck with the launch.  


Good luck with your goal Karmen. I have two books self-published and this year I am going to take it a bit more seriously. Was a bit too much hobby writer so far. I have another book in the proofreading stage and another being written so this year I am setting up a website and marketing, marketing marketing! 

Will do. Just need to decide who to use and how to do it but will get it done before I publish my next book.

I have found something similar this month. The last ad I did in August was worth doing as I got double the sales versus the costs but I did one about a week ago and sold barely anything. Didn't achieve half the clicks or views. 

Thank you Alisa. Apologies for delay in replying. Been busy moving house!

Thanks Helen. I guess I was nervous about launching a website when I wasn't confident I would do more than just one book. I think I have the bug now. I have a strong FB and Twitter profile and sell most of my books via there but think I will need to bite the bullet and get a website. As a non techie person - is it fairly easy to do?

Thank you so much Sue. Really glad you enjoyed it and would very much appreciate a review.  Hope you had a lovely holiday. Caroline 

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